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Grand Rapids, Michigan


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While in college, I started my first ever business which involved selling books online. This initial venture allowed me to graduate from college debt free, but also provided me with some “free cash”, enabling me to pursue interests in both the stock and real estate markets.

After graduation from The Ohio State University with a B.S. engineering degree and a minor in economics, I moved to Kansas City, MO for an engineering job with Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies as a process engineer.

During his time at Honeywell, I started a marketing firm focused on helping small companies accomplish their goals by marketing themselves to the public. I leveraged the talents of four other people to run the daily marketing operations. The company was a success. After less than a year, I was able to put my engineering job aside and focus full time on my consistently growing company.

Having no family connections in Kansas City, I moved back to my wife’s hometown of Grand Rapids, MI.

With the positive cash flow from my marketing business and the money I had been putting aside, I was finally able to jump into the real estate market.


I run a real estate investment company in Grand Rapids whose primary objective is to build a positive cash flowing portfolio of seller financed homes. I also enjoy teaching people about private lending and how it can truly be a hassle and headache free strategy to invest into real estate.

Real Estate Goals

Create a passive income stream portfolio made up of land contract (owner financing) properties.

Currently Seeking

Private money lenders who have an interest in private mortgage investing.


Grand Rapids

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