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I am a Registered Nurse who cant wait 20 years to retire ;) I am investing in Residential rentals in the Hampton Roads, VA area. There is a large military market here and looking for VA Vendee finance which apparantly has been assumed by someone other than BOA! Came here initially to find out who has it.. ?anyone? definitively.. ? and saw all the great information here.


One investment property by default. I owned a great property in Yorktown, VA and then got married, got a new house (foreclosure) (still in Yorktown) and decided to rent out my townhouse rather than selling it.

Real Estate Goals

I am looking to accrue 2 or 3 more townhouses in the Yorktown, VA area. Start an LLC

Im considering owning a franchise

Currently Seeking

information on VA Vendee financing and bargains/foreclosures in Yorktown Area





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