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I believe it doesn't have to be hard for Real Estate Business Entrepreneurs and in my mind, there's just too much information & not enough dedicated guidance. I find too many are overwhelmed with trying to find the right answers and create chaos that affects more than their business.

I'm on a mission to help as many entrepreneurs I can possibly attend to personally, get more customers (JVs, tenants, etc.) by getting absolute clarity and focus & extremely productive with time managment.

I know what it feels like to "abandon" my family and friends for "business" and it's the reason I choose to coach others today, dedicating my business knowledge and life altering lessons as a lifetime entrepreneur to guide others.


My real estate experience is building foundational wealth with a simple, repeatable system that reduces chaos in my life as well as my joint venture partners. I've been a full time investor since 2008.

Real Estate Goals

Have a fully sustainable portfolio that provides my family with lifestyle income of 15,000/m. I want to continue to help other people create their ultimate lifestyle plan through joint venture partnerships speaking engagements and my coaching guidance.

Currently Seeking

Joint Venture partners with liquid capital of at least $100k looking to stop losing money in other investments. You are someone who wants to own real estate, but wants to be hands off the daily stuff. You want higher than average returns and long-term growth.



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