Tamika Bunnell

  • Property Manager from Tampa, FL
  • Infinity Management

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Joshua Dorkin
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Michael Martinez
Real Estate Investor
Tampa, FL

I am the owner o a new property management company based out of Tampa who is looking for advice and networking.


Property assistant for 3 foreign investment groups.
Forced place insurance liaison & Insurance consultant

Real Estate Goals

I recently started my own property management company & I am ready for action.

Currently Seeking

I want to assist investors and banks with leasing and property management services on the newly obtained property due to foreclosure to help minimize HOA, City and county fees and liens due to lack of upkeep. I also want to reduce the liability they face as well by mandating renter insurance coverage into to monthly rents. This will not only give the property holder a piece of mind but this will also help retain value to the home as well as reduce the total loss on the loan.




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