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Michael Lauther
Residential Landlord
Hampton Bays, NY


Trevor Fulkerson
Real Estate Investor
Lubbock, TX


David Morrow
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Springfield, IL

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Tom Harrington
Canton, OH


Chas Phillips
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Fort Hood, TX


Walter V.
Medford, OR


Dalenna Klingelhoets
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Phoenix, AZ


Andrew Lanoie
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Los Angeles, CA

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Brian Burke
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Santa Rosa, CA


J Scott
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Ellicott City, MD


Karen Margrave
Orange County, CA

Father and husband. Real Estate entrepreneur.


I invest in multifamily residential real estate. Most of what I do are long-term investments, but I have done enough flips to know that this is the hardest work in all of RE and I just don't want to work that hard. My specialty is creative finance. My preferred mode of acquisition is 100% financing. I work extensively with private capital. I am a Realtor. After helping so many people get started, I recently developed the Cash Flow Freedom University - an educational program with an emphasis on creative finance.

Real Estate Goals

Until recently all I wanted out of life was to own 120 units - this would enable my life to do what it needs to do. Then I decided to enter the game of syndication...:)

I am passionate about the opportunities that real estate offers to ordinary people who are willing to educate themselves. To this end, while I am on my way to achieving my own investment goals, it has become increasingly important to me to reach out and educate folks. Relative to this, my goal this year is to work with fifty students who have the dedication to understand real estate intimately and put them through my Cash Flow Freedom University and on their way to success. Since I offer unlimited access to me for 90 days, I can not handle any more than 50. There are currently 15 openings available.

Currently Seeking

I am currently seeking like-minded investors to syndicate with. I am also seeking investment opportunities - 100+ units.



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Ben is one of the smartest guys in the room when it comes to understanding how to value and buy real estate - especially with creativity. He's also a good friend and trusted advisor to me.

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