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I bought my first investment property in November 2009. It was supposed to be a Fix N Flip, which after losing a sale to a low FHA Appraisal, turned into a rental. Lots of learning with this first property.

The second flip was completely different. This time I was really careful with the buy and the values and I got a great price. Thank goodness, because it took forever to sell and I had to keep lowering the price! The market had tanked, but I still made a profit.

Did a Fix N Flip that sold early 2013. Bought a real fixer to wholesale that someone broke into 2 days after I bought it and set it on fire. Wow. Lots of experience with insurance and fire remediation. Settled with insurance, then sold it for the price of dirt.... still made a profit. Then I managed to pick up another rental. I've decided to ramp up the wholesaling side of RE Investing.

During the week I am the purchasing agent for a company that makes promotional products.

In my spare time I play flute with local community groups and occasionally ride my bike when the weather is not scorching hot.


I've been studying the real estate market and taking classes and seminars since the summer of 2009.

I've gained a lot of knowledge and it's always ongoing. I have about 10 deals under my belt now.

Real Estate Goals

After a few Fix N Flips I want to work on purchasing more to hold for income.

The goal would be...flip one, hold one, flip one, hold one.

Currently Seeking

Cash buyers for Phoenix properties. Want to be on my VIP buyers list? Visit:



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