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27 year old, newbie REI, Owned 2 homes so far, one was a BAH for 4 years, just sold, now only have one home, looking to use freed up DTI to purchase rehab/flip properties and accumulate a lot more cash, before I get into more buy and holds.


Completed real estate classes 7 years ago at ago 19, right before market crash, never pursued it as a career, but still very passionate about it. I am very self taught at this point, reading everything on BP, 123flip, and whatever else i can get my hands on.

Real Estate Goals

5 BAH/Rental-SFH properties by age 30. Hopefully cash flowing at least $1500 a month. Continue to BAH and flip properties as a side job, until flip and passive income is enough for me to work part time on, and let me pursue other entrepreneurial efforts. End game - lots of passive income.

Currently Seeking

Single white female...oh wait wrong site. ;) flips, rehabs, and private money to fund them.



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