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Tax Accountant specializing in Real Estate and Real Estate Audits. I represent taxpayers (Individual and business) before the Internal Revenue Service. Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding taxation. I have clients worldwide.

As an investor, I am in the business of flipping homes. And as a new practice, my goal will be to keep every 4-5th one that I flip as a rental.


Flipping and holding.

Real Estate Goals

Ultimately one day I want to have at least 20k per month in positive cash flow.

Currently Seeking

Partners for equity investments.




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Steven is a real pro when it comes to real estate finances. After reading a number of his comments on BiggerPockets, it became clear I could benefit from his accounting and financial consulting services. He has helped with my personal and business taxes since 2011. I have also relied on him for consulting on a few real estate projects. He was able to come up with ideas and solutions others had ... Read More

I've used several accountants in Dallas over the years and haven't been able to find one that I was satisfied with. Seeing Steve has been answering all the tax related questions on BP I reached out to him to see if he worked with anyone out of state for their tax planning and tax returns. At first I was hesitant b/c of him not being local. However, he's been very responsive over email/phone thr... Read More

Steven has helped us to identify key areas that in years past were overlooked by the other two accounting firms we used. He's incredibly accessible and has answered my calls on Saturdays and Sundays. He's quick to respond to my inquiries and is a valued member of my team. He was quick to point out huge opportunities for us in 2013, which will save us a lot of money. This is clearly a result of ... Read More

Steven has prepared several partnership tax returns for my RE company. He is always available and responsive when I have questions throughout the year and never fails to provide insightful tax advice.

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