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I have an extensive back ground in sales/marketing and I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I've been self-employed since late '06 focusing on stock investments and internet marketing. Due to the recent RE market conditions, I decided to get involved in RE Investing.


I bought into the HomeVestors (HVA) associate franchise system in December of '10. I chose this system due to low cost of entry and HVA provided me with education, a national brand, marketing, systems, creditability, and most importantly a network of successful investors.

I have had decent success in my first 6 months of using the system. I've invested roughly $30K into my business and I am cash flow positive on this investment. I have been focusing on wholesaling and I have sold 4 properties (all withing 24 hours of marketing). Each of my buyers have been more than happy with their purchase and have contacted me about buying more homes in the near future (I need more sellers).

I joined BP to expand my REI knowledge base and to network with other Investors. I know that I have a lot to learn and expect to learn it as quickly as possible!

Real Estate Goals

My short-term goals are to wholesale 2 properties a month and always have one rehab in work.

My long-term goals are to expand my wholesaling business and to sale one to two rehabs per month.

Currently Seeking

More RE Investing knowledge, improved local marketing plans (more leads), improved negotiating skills, expand my local RE knoweldge, better business structure , and most importantly; expand my RE network.




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