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Now comes the interesting stuff: I've finished medical school and am currently pursuing a residency in psychiatry. I've decided to take this year off (by choice) before the craziness of residency life begins. As much as I love medicine, I find myself continually drawn to real estate and property in general. I find it something tangible and concrete, as opposed to the abstract and conceptual world of medicine I'm usually in. It's more than just a hobby, as I follow economics and investing as closely as I follow my medical journals. Real estate investing (especially the rehabbing) provides me an outlet for my creative energies. Anyone can take an unlimited budget and make a disaster into a desirable home, but to do it with a budget and create something tasteful and unique, now that takes creativity.


I've successfully rehabbed and flipped multiple properties with the help and partnership of various family members and friends. Also help manage several rental properties owned together with family.

Real Estate Goals

To branch outside of Northern California and into the Chicago-land area. I did part of my education in Chicago and have always wanted to own property and/or invest in the area.

I would like to successfully rehab a three flat and hold as a rental (provided it has positive cash flow), and/or rehab and sell a single family up to three flat this year (2008).



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