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Jay Hinrichs
Beaverton, OR

I am an IT Consultant who works for Big 4 firms, and I do real estate investing and REI video blogging. I have been reading biggerpockets for about 4 years now.


I have 4 properties, all purchased for 35k and under. I have created the Leveraged Analysis Technique for systematically finding/vetting working class neighborhoods (WCNs). It's a great technique for analyzing high cash flow / low priced properties. NO, it doesn't cost any money! That's the beauty. I just leverage the information that is available now strategically, and I will show you step by step. Please visit my vlog site for a step by step demonstration.

Real Estate Goals

I am vlogging my real estate experiences, bringing real life real estate investing stories from real people to share. I also want to provide to everyone the steps to creating and building real wealth, at an affordable price, so that we can all be lifted up in this world.

Currently Seeking

I am currently interested in making connections to any landlords that focus on renting in low income neighborhoods, and interviewing guests on my vlog. I am also have a personal advisement program for those interested in learning about my buy and hold strategy. It's going really well :-)


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