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My Mission: To help educate investors on creative asset classes that provide consistent risk-adjusted returns to their overall investment portfolio.

Ankit Duggal manages the Investment and Asset Management functions within Real Estate Renaissance Group, LLC, an innovative real estate investment and consulting firm specializing in cyclical and growth-oriented real estate investments within the tri-state region. Real Estate Renaissance Group has a diversified focus with a primary investment focus on student housing and NNN assets combined with a secondary investment focus on creative space use market strategies within the condominium and townhouse asset classes. In 2013, Real Estate Renaissance Group partnered with Anbar Group LLC has gained a foothold into the tax lien asset class and achieved success by earning 12%+ per year for its members and investors.

Remaining an active participant in the real estate industry from the age of 18, he is well seasoned in the field of real estate (brokering, banking, title, and consulting) and can personally attest to facilitating all dimensions of the real estate business model. Ankit’s earliest success lies in the sale of one of his start-up companies, Metro Flats, LLC, a firm geared towards the emerging vacation rental industry. As most entrepreneurs, he has encountered failure, specifically by means of Option Way, a real estate funding company, in which a multitude of opinions from a divergent management team, coupled with an economical collapse of the finance industry, inevitably led to a loss in profit. Ankit's latest success lied in selling an opportunistic strategy oriented investment company specialized in the single family asset class to a group of privately owned capital investors.
Serving as an advocate of an ongoing education, Ankit gives credence to a constant and wide breadth of academic and practical knowledge. He boasts an MBA in Finance and is completing his Master’s in Real Estate from New York University. In addition, Ankit is a board of advisor member to the Montclair State University Real Estate Program development. Finally, Ankit is currently piloting an innovative community styled meetup that provides a creative twist to real estate deal pitching.


Invested and successfully exited over $50 million of real estate investment assets since 2008. Currently managing a growing buy and hold real estate portfolio accreting a 8% cap rate across a diversified asset and market stream within Northern New Jersey.

Real Estate Goals

Simple Goal: Amass a $75 million AUM income yielding portfolio consisting of student housing, NNN retail, REIT, laundromats, and tax liens assets on or before 2024.

Currently Seeking

Looking to help guide investors who want to learn how to grow their income investment portfolio in various asset classes.

Looking to help incubate real estate operating companies that need assistance with business model and crowdfunding expertise.




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