Thomas Lanning

  • Banker from Santa Rosa, CA
  • Primary Residential Mortgage

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Joshua Dorkin
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Jared Rine
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Chris L.
Real Estate Investor
Fort Wayne, IN

I have been a Mortgage Originator for a over 6 years. I have owned and sold one investment property in this time.

I am in a position once again to look at investing and believe now is a very opportune time. I know that I still have a lot to learn about the real estate investment business and I am always trying to increase my knowledge base so that I can invest as wisely as possible. I am always open to information and advice from professional savvy investors.


I have experience in the residential lending side of the real estate business. I have purchased and sold one investment property. I held the property for several year as a landlord before selling.

Real Estate Goals

My ultimate goal is to have large number of SFR and MUD in my portfolio to create a passive stream of income which will hopefully make retirement a little more comfortable. I am looking to buy and hold.

Currently Seeking

Smaller SFR in blue collar neighborhoods that can be purchased on the low side without too much rehab and then rented for a positive cash flow. Appreciation is not my main concern, seeking stable and steady areas.



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