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B. Eugene Johnson RighteousInvestmentsCorporation

Columbus, Ohio

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To view this information you must be colleagues with B. Eugene Johnson, or they must follow you.

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I am a Father of Four boys and one girl who has been out of work for more than two years now, that has had four surgeries in the past twelve months, three of which has been on my feet. And I'm only 32! I have the drive of a ferrari, the passion of a daytime soap star, and the ability to retain knowledge like a sponge retains water! I am the up and coming Best, Smartest, Most savviest, perhaps even laziest (BIGGER THAN DONALD TRUMP) investor in the world! The HOUSE HOLD HUSTLER!


The most my real estate experience extends is in the traditional mortgage field. I have worked for mortgage companies for over 10 years. My real estate experience is limited to my learnings over the past year.

Real Estate Goals

To be the biggest, the best, the most beneficial Real Estate Investment Company IN THE WORLD!!!

Currently Seeking

I am currently looking for colleagues of all kinds! What I need more immediately are cash money buyers (rehabbers, landlords, and flippers). Another thing I am in great need for are Private Lenders and/or Private Money Partners. I am looking to network with a plethora of different professionals. I need to closely work with a realtor and real estate lawyer that are knowledgeable in the Columbus, Ohio area. And very much like to work with other investors, wholesalers, hard money lenders, appraisers, and the likes. I am looking for anyone interested in low-middle income areas as well as mid to high-middle income neighborhoods. Properties that are dirt cheap and are great investment opportunities in an up and coming, heavily growing-buy NOW or cuss LATER-city!!!





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Began Investing May 2011
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