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Tom Kern
Hard Money Lender
Richmond, VA


Bobby Gerry
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Damian Smith
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James Wise
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Cleveland, OH


Esmirna Maloon
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Ben Leybovich
Residential Landlord
Lima, OH


Loretta A. Steele
Commercial Real Estate Broker
Moreno Valley, CA


Sean Brennan
Chelmsford, MA

I am married with 2 children. I like to read, work out, try to stay and eat healthy, and take naps! I love doing things with my family and like to get together with other families and do things together. I have become obsessed with real estate and am starting out as a wholesaler!


My experience is extremely limited. I have read a lot, but it seems mostly motivational hype. I am currently reading other, stronger books and am looking for a mentor or someone to help teach me the ropes of investing, especially with wholesaling.

Real Estate Goals

I would love to learn everything there is to know. I am a sponge. I would like to flip houses, wholesale, buy and rent out houses and be a landlord. I want to do it all, but start out wholesaling.

Currently Seeking

Networking, MENTORS, coaches, and anyone that is willing to teach me what they know. I would love to network with other professionals to learn what I can. I love to learn!



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