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Hung up my corporate hat and said good bye to the corporate world on September 15th '08. I'm happily married to Cindy and we have 3 kids who are all off and running on their own... most of the time.

Got tired of shoveling snow in Minnesota where I was born & raised, and made my home for 50 years. Moved to the Phoenix area in February 2011. Got licensed as an Arizona Realtor for the purpose of my own investments as well as managing rentals for others.


I have done several deals over the years, still holding and managing 5 rental properties in Minnesota. I have done a few fix/flips, I have wholesaled a few. I have used bank loans, private lenders as well as my own cash. Can't say that I've done it all and I can't say that I've done everything right but I can say that I'm working at it.

Real Estate Goals

I am on a mission to grow my property management business to a point where I can hire help and get my brokers license all by year end. While at the same time developing a wholesale business in the Greater Phoenix Valley area. Next year I will start doing a few fix/flips and more buy/hold rentals for my own portfolio.

Currently Seeking

I need more doors for my property management business. And I'd love to JV with someone on a fix/flip.




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