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Bulk REO's...Direct to Seller for real!!

Serious buyers or buyer mandates only. We will only honor relationships that are direct to real investors as a buyer mandate. The opportunity for REO, NPN and Performing Notes for carve out specific to LOI request. There are 3 points total unless otherwise negotiated. 2 of the 3 points are spoken for and are not negotiable. This leaves 1 point for the buyer mandate of which we are asking for .5 to introduce the opportunity. This means that beyond the 2.5 points you are free to determine with your investor if you are a buyer mandate. Direct buyers are preferred. We will provide references for ourselves to the title company (Lawyers Title Dallas TX) and also investors that we have closed with as well. Please understand that we are intolerant of people that are either not direct buyers or a buyer mandate. Daisy chains will be denied every time. Proof of Funds are to be provided to the seller directly only. Must be willing to be vetted. The process is very simple and we are willing to make certain that we give investor all the information that they will need to create a lasting relationship. This is a real opportunity for all others that have spent their time chasing tapes like myself and the only transactions that have worked for me. There is a $25Million minimum. Thank you and please do not call if you are not a buyer or buyer mandate. You will not receive a warm reception. Thank you.

REO Order Process Protocol upon request.


I only found success by being the Intermediary at this point. I am learning more and more every day and will likely become a buyer at some point.

Real Estate Goals

I want to sell as many bundles of REO's as I can so I can make a comfortable living for my beautiful family...especially since I have one on the way...YIKES!!

I am also very passionate about helping the right people meet their goals as well. The right people I am talking about are the one's that realize that the big pay checks are blessings from God and should be treated as such.

Currently Seeking

I am seeking anyone interested in Commercial and Residential REO's. I have a direct link to over $13 Billion in properties being sold in bundles. The tapes are fresh from the source and have not been circulated. It's the perfect time for those who like to Cherry Pick the best deals!!
I am also seeking new contacts/friends for future opportunities. If you're honest, ethical, and have integrity send me a message and we'll see what we can do for one another!

I also have a direct link to Life Insurance policies for those of you like to invest in those. I have access to over $100Mil a week worth of policies. It's the only low risk investment that shows a guaranteed return of 16.5% return a year!! You can also buy the policies outright verses investing in them.



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