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Tim Brown
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I'm Paul, my wife Tammy and I are very motivated to start our real estate investing business the right way. This is why I search for good deals daily and are working hard to build a network of serious investor-buyers, tenant-buyers and motivated sellers in my local area and out of state.

We have acquired intensed training.
You can never get enough training, education, wisdom and support. You may think all three is basically the same but it's not. The training that you receive should return enough education (knowledge) to learn how to apply it in todays society and have the confidence to be wise (wisdom) in making the right decisions and just in case the decision doesn't work as planned then you need a mentor (support) to assist you in making it right.

Therefore, we are always open to any good advice and we will gladly return the same!

I started my ministry in 1992 and had to go out on disability in 1996 due to a car accident that damaged my back and it was (appeared to be) a down slope after that because being out of work and on my back for a long time caused me to gain tremendous weight.

Therefore it's been a battle keeping that under control yet I'm greatful for having a lovely wife and family that's been there for me 150%!!

My wife and I have always reached out and helped others. One day I was talking my doctor, he said I really need to start helping myself more and it was a true statement after going over my past history.

However, this is the reason my wife and I chose "REI" because it will help myself and again- others overcome many obstacles.

We've tried MLM with little success, we currently own a Home Care Business that's going through hardship due to the state cutting the budget 5.3% and losing clientele by 50% which is forcing us to cut back and re-adjust.

Together we can overcome anything.

We are looking to do wholesale deals including bank REO'S. We have found that REO'S are a great niche for properties in our area that have clear title (guaranteed), great equity, buy very low, and only need a little clean up, carpet shampoo and painting.

Hope to do business in the future.


We have great experience in working with negotiating REO deals and getting close to our offer.

Which means the lower we can negotiate the better profit we can pass to our end-buyer!

yet the most important factor is to know right location and crime rate.

Real Estate Goals

Helping others find a great property with creative strategies for financing. Learning how to become the most valued "REI" in my town and out of state! Due to the fact that we are honest, loyal, reliable and understand correction.

And also how to get good comps and pinpoint good locations.

Currently Seeking

We are currently seeking to work with motivated investors worldwide by finding great REO properties in good condition which cuts down getting it ready to be placed on the market for sale.



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