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Blair Halver

  • Investor from Marietta, Georgia
  • Dealbot.co

  • 43 Colleagues
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Blair has 43 Colleagues

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Small 1409026973 avatar biggerpo

Joshua Dorkin
Commercial Real Estate Agent
Denver, CO

Small 1399319639 avatar memphisinvest

Chris Clothier
memphis, TN

Small 1399602980 avatar omcarroll78

Omayra Carroll
Real Estate Investor
Orlando, FL

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Small 1431909642 avatar tracip

Traci Pickett
Property Manager
Atlanta, GA

Small 1406999318 avatar investorstrong

Donna Merritt
Austin, TX

Small 1403025097 avatar peter tk

Peter Tkachenko
Atlanta, GA

Small 1399670793 avatar ericinbigd

Eric S.
Multi-family Investor
Frisco, TX

Small 1403891507 avatar elyanedavis

Elyane Davis
Residential Real Estate Agent
Dover, NH

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