Cost to replace a 2 ton A/C unit in Pittsburgh

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Can anyone give a rough estimate of about what it would cost to replace a 2 ton A/C unit for a small apartment in Pittsburgh (materials and labor)?  Quotes I've seen seem high. 

Very much appreciate it.

i was quoted 2500 to add on central air for a 1100 to 1200 sq ft house from Beam in pitcairn.  Im not sure what efficiency or size unit that was for.

Thanks guys, much appreciated on the feedback.  @Joshua Iachini thanks a lot for that site, I've never used it before, but will definitely give it a try right now.  That's helpful.

@Brandon Heath you beat me to the question i was going to do a follow up post on tonight - any idea what is a solid brand A/C unit that won't break the bank and makes sense for a small apartment?  the quote i got was for a 2 ton Aire Flo (which appears to be low end) replacement condenser, 2 ton Aire Flo cased coil, Nitrogen purge on line set and remove old and dispose of for $2,500.  Apologies, Im guessing you're a contractor as i don't know the answer to the question of R22 or R410A (what i have above is all the quote had), but i think that applies to the heat pump if I'm not totally off. 

Again, thanks a lot for the replys

some variables that will need to be considerd of course. But I have installed two here in CO and both set me back right at 3k one a little over one a little under. Electrician could be a big variable especially if you have to upgrade your panel. Be sure to get quotes.

@Ian M.

No Im not a contractor. I work at HD Supply in HVAC. So pretty much Im good at giving you an idea of some prices. As far as technical suggestions, probably not the best person lol. R22 and R410A are the refrigerants you would be using. R22 is being phased out ad R410A is the newer stuff. If your quote includes install  you are not to far off with pricing. Goodman is well priced brand with great reputation and just for a replacement condenser your looking at $750

I would verify if your using R22 or not. Also verify if they are bumbing you up to R410A. Everyone will have to do it eventually, may be a good idea just to do it now.

Other great Brands are lenux (priced around goodmans range) also Trane and Carrier (bryant) are the top of the line but much pricier.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Good Luck!