Listen up. This was my biggest property management nightmare. This is the story of a particular tenant, what they put us through, and things that we did wrong, in my opinion—things you should never do. Plus, I’ll reveal everything we did right and how to deal with a nightmare scenario as a landlord or property owner.


Sure, renting out your house can be a great way to earn passive income. But have you thought of all the potential downsides? Learn why one investor lost $5,000/year for the first 7 years renting out his house (and how you can avoid putting yourself in this situation!).

Nervous businessman peeking over desk

When will the next recession take place and how badly will it affect the real estate world? Look, if anyone knew this, they’d be on a beach (or wherever they wanted) somewhere for good—so don’t let anyone kid you with their predictions. I don’t know when, how, or why the next recession will hit. But I do know this…


4 Frequently Asked Questions on Evicting a Tenant

Evictions are annoying, but they are part of doing business as a landlord. Don’t panic when you need to do an eviction—just move forward with confidence and take care of the problem. Have questions about the process? Get answers here from an experienced investor!


3 Steps to Design & Print Your Own Custom Planner for Under $10

Tired of planners that promise productivity and organization, but turn out to be similar versions of the same old thing? Everyone works differently—so why shouldn’t your planner be unique like you? Turns out you can make a fancy custom planner much more easily and cheaply than you might think! Here’s how.