Mans Hand Reaching For Red Ladder Leading To A Blue Sky

Can you imagine buying a franchise or starting a business and not being fully committed? It wouldn’t make sense. Real estate is no different. But the fact is some people just won’t commit to doing whatever it takes to reach their goals. Here’s why that will ruin your chances of success every time.

closeup of key in lock on door

I’m often asked what my personal economic prediction is for things going forward. Sure, I have opinions, but the only thing I know for certain is that markets will change—including real estate. The real question is not just when will it change, but how can you prepare for it now and deal with it when it happens?


Tenants Bailed: Pursue an Eviction or Let It Go?

When tenants abandon a property, should you as the landlord just keep their deposit and move on or follow through with the eviction process? If you have rentals long enough, the situation will come up. Evictions can be costly but you may recoup money—or fall victim to a destructive act of revenge! What’s your move?


Partnering With a Friend: Yeah or Nah?

Partnering up can be a great thing in real estate. You can partner with others for a short time on specific deals. Or you can align investments with others for the long haul. Or you could even go into business with a partner. But who should you choose? Are friends or family members okay?