Should you get private money from your family and friends to invest in real estate? For some, it might make sense; for others, maybe not. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of working with your loved ones. I’ll also give you some quick tips and address some common concerns to set the record straight.


It’s possible to replace your income with fewer doors than it takes the typical real estate investor. It involves using various financing methods and strategies. Not everyone will take this route or agree with it—that’s OK. But if you know your stuff and have good mentors, you can achieve this goal in just a few years.


Rental Property Inspections: 4 Types That Can Save Your Property (and Sanity)

Landlords sometimes skimp on rental property inspections because they view them as time-consuming and unnecessary. But what happens when a tenant inevitably damages your property—and you haven’t documented its condition at move-in? Inspections can save you massive money (and your sanity!). Don’t skip these four.


3 Steps to Design & Print Your Own Custom Planner for Under $10

Tired of planners that promise productivity and organization, but turn out to be similar versions of the same old thing? Everyone works differently—so why shouldn’t your planner be unique like you? Turns out you can make a fancy custom planner much more easily and cheaply than you might think! Here’s how.