Cash flow is important. We can all agree on that. If you’ve been learning about or involved in real estate investing for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt heard the term. The problem is not everyone can agree on what cash flow really means. The truth? It depends on the investor.

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Some believe debt is something to avoid. When considering how people abuse it, I’m tempted to agree. But there’s “bad debt” and “good debt.” Bad debt is any debt on a depreciating item or consumer debt. It stands in stark contrast to good debt, which allows you to leverage income-producing assets and increase wealth.

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Trying to impress the world is a trap for 20-somethings. Let go of it in your 30s, and start focusing on your own priorities. You can have any life you want, but if you don’t get intentional about obtaining financial independence, you’ll end up living the same monotonous life. Here are six steps to break that mold.


Vacation Rentals: Skills & Resources You Need to Succeed

What skills are needed exactly to succeed as a vacation rental owner and operator? And who specifically do vacation rental owners need on their team? In this article, I’ll address these points and also talk about how rapid changes in the industry are creating new and different kinds of supporting businesses.