Tenants should expect their landlord to make repairs and maintain a property. They should expect to be left in peace if they pay rent on time. But sometimes tenants have expectations that landlords should not or cannot meet. Here are five things tenants should not expect of their landlord.


What if I told you that you could make one powerful maneuver to double the value of your real estate equity? Well hold on, because I’m going to try my best to prove this claim by explaining the power of the value formula in commercial real estate and the muscle behind it—the cap rate.

hand drawing on blackboard with chalk social or social media network scheme

Do you use social media for your investing business? If your goal is to grow your business and personal brand, you certainly should be! Discover how to best use social media to your advantage as a real estate investor with these tips and tricks.


Tenants Bailed: Pursue an Eviction or Let It Go?

When tenants abandon a property, should you as the landlord just keep their deposit and move on or follow through with the eviction process? If you have rentals long enough, the situation will come up. Evictions can be costly but you may recoup money—or fall victim to a destructive act of revenge! What’s your move?


Partnering With a Friend: Yeah or Nah?

Partnering up can be a great thing in real estate. You can partner with others for a short time on specific deals. Or you can align investments with others for the long haul. Or you could even go into business with a partner. But who should you choose? Are friends or family members okay?