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If you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck and find yourself with extra money that you can invest in a better future for yourself, I can show you exactly how to do that—without needing to eliminate all the fun from your life.

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Some investors decide to invest out of the state they actually live in. Many go that route because their hometown area is too expensive. They’d rather buy in a place where the numbers make sense and produce the return and cash flow they are looking for. But to do this successfully, you need to have a lot in place. 

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Rental advertising is ubiquitous and plentiful. On one hand, this means it’s easy to find examples to learn from. But on the other, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Have you ever considered targeting FEWER people with your marketing efforts? Probably not, but here’s why you should.

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Real estate investing is one of the most lucrative long-term investment strategies a person can employ. And as with any investment, the sooner you start, the better. If you’re a teenager who has decided you want to give it a go someday, you can give yourself a massive head start. Here’s how.


8 Top Tips to Take Advantage of New Tax Reform for 2019

Do you want to take advantage of all the tax savings that are available to real estate investors under the new tax reform? As a tax advisor by day and real estate investor by night, I’m here to share eight tax strategies you must know for 2019.