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Prorated rent is the amount of money a tenant pays to a landlord for occupying a rental unit for less than a full month. The concept of prorated rent is central to both landlords and tenants, as each has a financial interest in when it is used and how it is calculated. Here’s what you need to know.


BRRRR stands for: Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. It is a method of acquiring an asset, improving its value, stabilizing it, then pulling your money out on a loan. This should help you understand why this matters, how it helps your bottom line, and why the best investors utilize this method.


5 Things Tenants Should Not Expect Their Landlord to Do for Them

Tenants should expect their landlord to make repairs and maintain a property. They should expect to be left in peace if they pay rent on time. But sometimes tenants have expectations that landlords should not or cannot meet. Here are five things tenants should not expect of their landlord.


Partnering With a Friend: Yeah or Nah?

Partnering up can be a great thing in real estate. You can partner with others for a short time on specific deals. Or you can align investments with others for the long haul. Or you could even go into business with a partner. But who should you choose? Are friends or family members okay?