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BiggerPockets Publishing is out with its latest release: The Book on Negotiating Real Estate. Are you looking at properties and preparing to make offers? This book is full of true-life stories, sample dialogue, and all the tips you need to close more deals with the highest possible profit. Check out this excerpt!

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My company buys and sells 5-10 homes monthly. We typically create 3 paydays per deal and don’t use our own cash. But recently, we took a chance and did something a bit outside the norm, buying on terms in an area where terms aren’t really prevalent. It turned out to be a great deal structure! Here’s how it happened.

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We’ve been hearing about it ad nauseum: a recession is on the horizon. Concerned with the potential of a market crash? There are multiple techniques for protecting your money and taking advantage of the current climate in preparation for the storm ahead. Here are six recommendations.


6 Ways to Make Money as a Multifamily Syndicator

You’ve heard the term “real estate syndication” and are intrigued yet a little confused. What exactly is a syndication, and more importantly, how do real estate syndicators make money? Learn more here.


8 Top Tips to Take Advantage of New Tax Reform for 2019

Do you want to take advantage of all the tax savings that are available to real estate investors under the new tax reform? As a tax advisor by day and real estate investor by night, I’m here to share eight tax strategies you must know for 2019.