Beautiful Furnished Living Room Interior in New Home with Furniture

Home staging should help buyers visualize a property as a future home. Therefore, understanding ideal home staging techniques is essential. These six tips will help prospective buyers see the potential in your property and envision themselves living there.

silhouette of man standing in front of water during sunset with hands stretched overhead symbolizing gratitude

There is an unfortunate, intimidating misconception among those who aspire to achieve financial independence through cash flowing real estate. Many believe that to reach the “Promise Land,” your passive income must be equal to or greater than what you earn at your W-2 job. This is a fallacy. Here’s why.


5 Things Tenants Should Not Expect Their Landlord to Do for Them

Tenants should expect their landlord to make repairs and maintain a property. They should expect to be left in peace if they pay rent on time. But sometimes tenants have expectations that landlords should not or cannot meet. Here are five things tenants should not expect of their landlord.