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Carefully screening tenants is a must-do for those who are renting out real estate. The importance multiplies when house hacking—especially if you plan to live in the property. These people are going to be your roommate or neighbor! In this article, I am going to run you through how to screen a tenant for a house hack.


I truly believe you should only invest in properties that are $50K or less. This is particularly great advice for investors who are just starting out in real estate or those who are having trouble finding deals in their market (ahem—East Coast and West Coast investors). Here’s why.


Case Study: How to Generate $2,000 per Month Through Rental Investing

What could earning a few extra thousand dollars a month do for you? Have you considered using rental real estate as a way to get there? I’ll take you through three ways to build passive income with rentals, showing you all the numbers and demystifying how to piece it all together.