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Starting out in small multifamily properties is the best use of your money as a new investor for a multitude of reasons. For one, it’s a great way to gain experience and put cash in your pocket. Discover several other benefits here of spending your time and energy investing in small multifamily real estate.

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What could earning a few extra thousand dollars a month do for you? Have you considered using rental real estate as a way to get there? I’ll take you through three ways to build passive income with rentals, showing you all the numbers and demystifying how to piece it all together.


How to Retire From a $50,000 Job on Just $25,000 of Rental Cash Flow

There is an unfortunate, intimidating misconception among those who aspire to achieve financial independence through cash flowing real estate. Many believe that to reach the “Promise Land,” your passive income must be equal to or greater than what you earn at your W-2 job. This is a fallacy. Here’s why.