Brandon Turner

The real estate market is hot right now. It’s crazy competitive, hard to find good deals, and sellers often receive multiple offers. This has many would-be investors thinking, “I’ll just wait for the market to drop again, and I’ll jump in next time.” But this might actually not be a good idea. Here I’ll explain why.

man at desk with hand covering face taking a break from work with glasses and open laptop on desk symbolizing stress, frustration

There’s no question, you will come across complications in property deals that will make you want to throw your hands up. But sometimes difficulties can become a source of added benefit. Challenging purchases might not become your most profitable story, but there’s something to be said about salvaging a deal gone bad.


Not a “morning person”? Sorry, but you’ll need to face a morning a day for the rest of your life—so you might as well learn to enjoy them! Give this simple routine a try. Then watch your attitude towards mornings (even super early ones) transform.


Rental Property Inspections: 4 Types That Can Save Your Property (and Sanity)

Landlords sometimes skimp on rental property inspections because they view them as time-consuming and unnecessary. But what happens when a tenant inevitably damages your property—and you haven’t documented its condition at move-in? Inspections can save you massive money (and your sanity!). Don’t skip these four.


3 Steps to Design & Print Your Own Custom Planner for Under $10

Tired of planners that promise productivity and organization, but turn out to be similar versions of the same old thing? Everyone works differently—so why shouldn’t your planner be unique like you? Turns out you can make a fancy custom planner much more easily and cheaply than you might think! Here’s how.