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“What if a seller wants way too much for their property?” This was a question posed by one of our associates, and while it is a simple one, it’s worth addressing here because sometimes you have to get outside the normal box to get a deal done.

Close-up Of Hand With Pen And Eyeglasses Over Eviction Notice Paper

Evictions are annoying, but they are part of doing business as a landlord. Don’t panic when you need to do an eviction—just move forward with confidence and take care of the problem. Have questions about the process? Get answers here from an experienced investor!


Top 5 Tips to Simply (& Successfully) Get Started as a Landlord

Looking to rent out your house? Well, let me tell you the story of two friends of mine who were trying to do the same. One made his life miserable. The other did very well. Luck had nothing to do with their success (or lack thereof). Follow these tips to improve your landlording experience.


3 Steps to Design & Print Your Own Custom Planner for Under $10

Tired of planners that promise productivity and organization, but turn out to be similar versions of the same old thing? Everyone works differently—so why shouldn’t your planner be unique like you? Turns out you can make a fancy custom planner much more easily and cheaply than you might think! Here’s how.