Latest Episode • March 26, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 375: Live Coronavirus Q&A: Resources, Tactics, and Mindset Shifts for Today's Real Estate Investor

Economic upheaval. Tenants losing their jobs. Entire cities shut down. How should real estate investors operate today? In this episode, we’re opening up the phone lines and patching in both expert investors (Tarl Yarber, Avery Carl, Justin Stamper) and newbies (Sawyer, Adam, Joe) in various ma ... show more

BiggerPockets Podcast

Released weekly on Thursdays, the BiggerPockets Podcast is hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene. It features off-the-cuff interviews with investors of various backgrounds, niches, and experience levels. Check out new shows below and subscribe to our Video Podcast on iTunes here.

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March 19, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 374: What Real Estate Investors NEED to Know About the Coronavirus, the Economy, and the Problems At Your Door

Rent's due... or is it? From quarantines to eviction moratoriums to a plummeting stock market, COVID-19 has upended seemingly everything -- and today we talk through what it all means for real esta ... show more

March 12, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 373: Invest Locally or Out of State? Why Not Both! BRRRRing & Building with Lee Ripma

Four years ago, Lee Ripma was brand new to real estate. She vowed she'd one day appear on the BiggerPockets Podcast. That day has come. And we're all better off for it! In this action-packed epi ... show more

March 6, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 372: Flipping and Rental Property Investing 2,000 Miles Away with Erin Helle

Securing financial freedom for her family through long-distance real estate investing! West Point graduate Erin Helle's story starts the day she was ordered to deploy to Afghanistan. She already ha ... show more

March 5, 2020

Introducing BiggerPockets' Brand New Show: Real Estate Rookie Podcast

More "newbie" content. More "first deal" success stories. Tips, tools, and step-by-step guidance from investors just one step ahead of you. That's what many of you have been asking for. And that ... show more

February 27, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 371: 75 Deals at Just 20 Years Old with William Brown

$700,000-plus in wholesale fees—fresh out of high school! On this show, Will Brown reveals how laser-focusing on “deal flow” allowed him to build a rental property portfolio, build a self-sustainin ... show more

February 20, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 370: Tax Hacks to Juice Your ROI with Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland

Get to know enough CPAs, and you'll hear the "light bulb" story. "I was helping this real estate investor with her taxes... and thought, 'Why am I not doing this?!'" Yes, there are POWERFUL tax ... show more

February 13, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 369: Escaping the Day-to-Day Grind to Work on Your Business with Jefferson Lilly

Want to step out of your business and finally gain the freedom to think more strategically? Let Jefferson Lilly show you how! Jefferson is a mobile home park investor, who went from sleeping on an ... show more

February 6, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 368: $3,500 per Month From One BRRRR Deal With Palak Shah

On today’s show: accelerated wealth-building through leverage and systems! Palak Shah walks us through how she built a $4M portfolio in just three years by "supercharging" the BRRRR strategy. Pa ... show more

January 30, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 367: Quitting Retail to Flip, BRRRR, and Design with Kara Beckmann

7X-ing her income by leaving a so-so job to flip houses! Today’s guest is Kara Beckmann, a rehabber and rental property investor who’s tearing it up in Scottsdale, Ariz., and on her Instagram page ... show more

January 23, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 366: 40 Doors in His First 2 Years with Henry Washington

From panicked newbie with just $1,000 saved to 40 rental units—in two years’ time! On today’s show, we sit down with Henry Washington, a buy and hold investor from Arkansas who’s built a sizable po ... show more

January 16, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 365: Ret. Navy SEAL Jocko Willink on Embracing Discomfort and Leading Through Extreme Ownership (+ His Real Estate Investing Tips!)

Decorated Navy SEAL commander. Author. Podcaster. And house hacker?! Yes, Jocko Willink invests in real estate and shares some great tips… but that's not the only reason he's on the show today. And ... show more

January 9, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 364: Snowballing 6-Figure Short-Term Rental Profits Into Passive Investments with Avery Carl

Ever been interested in making money with short-term rentals but feel there’s just too much you don’t know? Welcome to the club! On today’s show, Brandon and David interview Avery Carl, a short-ter ... show more

January 2, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 363: How to Work (Way) Less but Accomplish (Way) More in 2020 with Michael Hyatt

Will 2020 be your best year ever? Today’s episode has all the ingredients to make the answer a big, resounding “Yes!” Bestselling author and productivity expert Michael Hyatt is here, and he gui ... show more

December 26, 2019

BiggerPockets Podcast 362: Big Goals? Here’s How to Get Your Spouse or Partner on Board with Jay and Wendy Papasan

“How do I get my spouse/partner on board with my real estate investing goals?” It’s the perfect time of year to think through exactly how to do that, and we have the perfect guests to offer some ad ... show more

December 19, 2019

BiggerPockets Podcast 361: Using $3,500 to Kickstart an "Unsexy" Investment Empire with Tristan Thomas

Traveling the world on mobile home cash flow at 26 years of age? Yes, it’s possible! On today’s show, Brandon and David interview Tristan Thomas, a mobile home park investor who parlayed a few thou ... show more

December 12, 2019

BiggerPockets Podcast 360: Leveraging Virtual Assistants and Automation to Build a $2M Portfolio with Stephanie Cabral

Have you ever wanted to invest in real estate but aren’t ready for a full-time commitment? Today’s guest has figured out just how to do so, and she’s sharing it all with you! Stephanie Cabral is a ... show more

BiggerPockets Podcast

BiggerPockets Podcast

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