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Tax, SDIRAs & Cost Segregation

Tax, Self-Directed IRAs and Cost Segregation Forum

Any location
A friend or another investor recommended them
I found them on BiggerPockets
I found them via online search engine (Google, Bing, etc.)
I met them at an in-person event or meetup
I just want to see the answers so I can find my own CPA this year!
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Jonathan Small | Apr 13 2024, 07:57 |
Last reply by Michael Plaks | Apr 13 2024, 09:54
Robin Evans | Apr 13 2024, 06:36 |
Last reply by Michael Plaks | Apr 13 2024, 09:45
Jonathan Small | Apr 12 2024, 11:48 |
Last reply by Jonathan Small | Apr 13 2024, 08:28
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Gerald Thompson | Apr 12 2024, 10:17 |
Last reply by Kislay Shah | Apr 12 2024, 12:42
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