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The multi-family investing forum is for the discussion of commercial multi-family and apartment investing. No matter what your questions are, if they concern properties with 5 or more units, this is the place to ask them.

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Where can I find 4 plexes in my area?
Started by Jacob Casarez
3 Tiny 1444011240 avatar brianl34 Last post byBrian Lacey
about 4 hours ago
Apartment Ownership During a Recession?
Started by Larswin Mendoza
8 Tiny 1428460027 avatar mauriceg6 Last post byMaurice Graham
about 5 hours ago
New to investing. Commercial midsize multi family
Started by Justin Lewis
20 Tiny 1428460027 avatar mauriceg6 Last post byMaurice Graham
about 5 hours ago
Buy apartments unrepresented vs. with buyer agent representation?
Started by Mina Summers
10 No avatar tiny Last post byGreg S.
about 7 hours ago
Los Angeles Broker specializing in Multi-Family/Apartments
Started by Ryan Zweng
0 Tiny 1416619649 avatar doctaz123 Last post byRyan Zweng
about 8 hours ago
Selling after appreciation.
Started by Luke S.
8 Tiny 1448323178 avatar blackbelt Last post byJoel Owens
about 9 hours ago
Vendor Contracts
Started by Ja'Ron Denzel Foster
0 Tiny 1450790570 avatar jarond Last post byJa'Ron Denzel Foster
about 12 hours ago
Expenses per unit in Columbus OH
Started by Alex Gingrich
1 Tiny 1453244479 avatar johndrew62 Last post byJohn Horner
about 15 hours ago
Debt to Income Ratio - Landlord of multiple properties
Started by John T.
8 Tiny 1439399358 avatar mp2015 Last post byMike Pena
about 18 hours ago
Starting in Michigan
Started by Jason Ehlert
3 Tiny 1454374559 avatar jasone21 Last post byJason Ehlert
about 21 hours ago
rocky mountain NC
Started by Teddy Sherrod
1 Tiny 1452104776 avatar amyn9 Last post byAmy Nakos
about 23 hours ago
FHA Multi-Family Loan Clarification
Started by Kyle Blake
0 No avatar tiny Last post byKyle Blake
1 day ago
How are the markets for multi-family in Virginia
Started by Young Moon
5 Tiny 1405619528 avatar troya Last post byYoung Moon
1 day ago
Older duplexes needing major repairs - Is there a deal?
Started by Ryan E.
2 Tiny 1455120170 avatar ryguyatl Last post byRyan E.
1 day ago
Finding Off Market Multi-Family Properties
Started by Darren Samson
9 No avatar tiny Last post byStephen Franco
1 day ago
Negative Cash Flow, would you?
Started by Rob Krach
2 Tiny 1434488665 avatar orgnzdchaos Last post byRob Krach
1 day ago
Building Codes
Started by David Flanders
2 Tiny 1448387882 avatar colleenf Last post byColleen F.
1 day ago
Does anyone have experience with Cardinal Homes?
Started by Zamir Kazi
0 Tiny 1416249831 avatar zamirkazi Last post byZamir Kazi
2 days ago
Property Managers Chicago
Started by Vijay Prabhakaran
6 Tiny 1420722259 avatar gcrealtymgmt Last post byMark Ainley
2 days ago
buying multi family need to get tenants out to rehab?
Started by Jeffrey Thies
3 Tiny 1441274063 avatar adriennec1 Last post byAdrienne Cummings
2 days ago

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