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The multi-family investing forum is for the discussion of commercial multi-family and apartment investing. No matter what your questions are, if they concern properties with 5 or more units, this is the place to ask them.

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Finding the right location
Started by Heath Thomas Jr
0 Tiny 1436925473 avatar heatht Last post byHeath Thomas Jr
30 minutes ago
Advice on RE Crowdfunding Multifamily Projects
Started by Brien Dix
3 Tiny 1448388158 avatar joefairless Last post byJoe Fairless
about 2 hours ago
0 to 30 units?
Started by Abou C.
12 Tiny 1448397665 avatar misslenox Last post byIngrid J. Ledingham
about 5 hours ago
What Would You Do With a Registered Sex Offender
Started by Paul Stout
15 Tiny 1430197567 avatar mhayworth Last post byMichael Hayworth
about 9 hours ago
tired investors?
Started by Abou C.
6 Tiny 1448397597 avatar stealthwealth Last post byAbou C.
about 11 hours ago
Management options for 32 unit apartment
Started by Tom Lafferty
21 Tiny 1436735514 avatar williamf10 Last post byWilliam Fritsche
about 12 hours ago
Resource finding area with best multi family cash on cash return?
Started by Nicholas Lohr
8 Tiny 1448323551 avatar honobob Last post byBob Bowling
about 15 hours ago
Triplex offer
Started by Tony Velez
7 Tiny 1443873344 avatar tonyv9 Last post byTony Velez
about 15 hours ago
How to structure "wrap" loan on three 4-plexes
Started by Brett Dufur
15 No avatar tiny Last post byBrett Dufur
about 17 hours ago
Identifying Positive Trends When Buying Non Local
Started by Kyle Patrick
10 Tiny 1448388295 avatar kylep10 Last post byKyle Patrick
about 22 hours ago
multi-family investors associations
Started by Kerry White
3 No avatar tiny Last post byKerry White
about 22 hours ago
Waterbury, CT - multi-family cap rates
Started by Elio Campiolo Jr
7 Tiny 1448398239 avatar elioc Last post byElio Campiolo Jr
1 day ago
Small Apartments & Multifamily Training & Education
Started by KJ Smith
21 Tiny 1448388158 avatar joefairless Last post byJoe Fairless
1 day ago
Kansas City Locals
Started by David Ziccardi
5 Tiny 1448388649 avatar thisismyprofile Last post byDavid Ziccardi
1 day ago
Started by Abou C.
4 Tiny 1448397597 avatar stealthwealth Last post byAbou C.
1 day ago
CCIM Course
Started by James Syed
28 Tiny 1448397352 avatar bryanhancock Last post byBryan Hancock
1 day ago
South Jersey Real Estate Appraiser (For Berlin, NJ)
Started by Douglas Rohner
0 Tiny 1448397022 avatar douglasr4 Last post byDouglas Rohner
1 day ago
Is anyone buying multi-family in Los Angeles or Long Beach?
Started by Will F.
1 Tiny 1448388112 avatar evegas Last post byEthan Vegas
1 day ago
What are Realistic terms in South Dakota for hard money?
Started by TJ Cameron
3 No avatar tiny Last post byChris Field
1 day ago
Buying a duplex with a well
Started by Frank Daly
2 No avatar tiny Last post byFrank Daly
2 days ago

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