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Syndication Investing During a Recession
Investing in real estate during a recession makes many people feel like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. For others, it’s an exciting opportunity. In my 30 years of real estate investing, I’ve seen... View more
Multifamily deals- what would you do?
My brothers and I have multiple deals we are looking at - 42-350 units (about 6 separate deals) that a wholesaler has sent us. We plan on underwriting them and seeing which ones fit our criteria. They are in markets... View more
Apartment Investment Training and Mentor Suggestions?
Hi BP Family! Does anyone have a suggestions for some GREAT training or mentor for Commercial Real Estate, specifically apartment buildings. There is a 1031 exchange involved in this transaction going from upgrading... View more
How do you reach out to multi family owners?
One of my 90 day goals is to make 50 cold calls and write 40 letters to multifamily owners weekly. I’ve realized that I desperately need a structure in place to ensure consistent follow up and organization. Is there a... View more
Multi family Syndication
My brothers and I have been wholesaling for 1 year however we want passive income. We have made the decision to go into multi family syndication with the money and experiment we gained after a successful first year. We... View more
Typical per-unit maintenance for urban class C?
Hi All,What sort of numbers do people like to estimate for per-unit maintenance? I'm specifically looking at medium-size (say, 12-50) unit, older but in good shape, class C buildings around Chicago and suburbs. Actual... View more
Wheelbarrow Profits Academy with Jake and Gino
Hey Bigger Pockets Community,I'm very interested in learning about multi-family investing and accelerating my education.  The Wheelbarrow Profits Academy costs $20K.  Is that the best way to engage the Jake and Gino... View more
Johnson City Multifamily Investing
Hey BP, does anyone currently invest in small to medium sized multifamily properties in Johnson City, TN? I am interested in connecting with investors, brokers, property managers, and contractors in the... View more
Are there any good RE agents in NY?
Willing to invest in multifamily properties in NY area, preferrably within Newburgh, NY. If anyone has a good RE agent, lender, and RE lawyer, please send info my way or PM me. It would be my first investment property.
203K Standard Loan Contractors in Atlanta, GA
Hello BP Family, I have reached my FICO mortgage score goals for the interest rate I want. My goal is to buy a fixer upper in my desired area. Doesn’t even have to be in any good shape, as I will tear down and do a new... View more
What do you WANT to see/hear in a podcast?
Hi All,A couple of quick questions and poll to the group here - we're in the process of building a podcast platform and wanted to solicit some input from this group. -Why do YOU listen to a podcast? What are you... View more
Multifamily Auction Deals
I've never gone the auction route but occasionally look at them.  Occasionally a multifamily will pop up.  I can understand why single family homes end up going into foreclosure, but what does it mean when a... View more
Connecting with multifamily brokers and investors in Albuquerque
I'm currently an investor in Rio Rancho and looking to buy a multifamily 6-20 units in Albuquerque. I have purchased a 4 unit and open to purchasing smaller multifamily, but looking to buy my first commercial... View more
Seller of an 11 unit portfolio offers to finance 50%
Hey everyone, I have found an 11 unit portfolio in Ohio and the seller is offering to finance 50% of the purchase price (total price is around 400k). I am wondering if any lender would be willing to finance the other... View more
Eviction Moratorium in OHIO
Hello everyone. I am out of state, and see many different opinions about this. So 2 concrete questions:Are evictions taking place in OHIO?Does anyone knows the details of the law (or where I can see it)? For example:... View more
Networking in North Carolina
I’m looking to network with brokers, investors, lenders or other syndicators in the Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Durham & Raleigh markets. I will be flying down at the end of the month. I look forward to... View more
Creating a spread sheet to propose to highly/respected investors.
Hi everyone!! I hope everyone is having an amazing morning. let's get started, I have a property in Austin, Five min away from downtown that has been in my family for a really long time. As time passes the appreciation... View more
I've been bitten by the MF bug and there is no turning back...
Hi All, My name is Andrew and I'm from the Southeast PA area (Philly suburbs) and have been involved in real estate since 2006 when I purchased and "house hacked" my first home. To date I've been focused on buy and... View more
Finding passive investors through tiktok?
I was wondering if there was anyone on BP that has had success finding passive investors through tiktok? It is our biggest present in regards to social media but there are mainly people under the age of 18 so I wanted... View more
Thought Leadership Platform- Syndication
Does anyone have any content related advice they could give to someone who is actively building their thought leadership platform (and is looking to do their first syndication therefore minimal experience in the MF... View more
going the extra mile to skip trace
Today marks the last day of week 6 of 13 of our campaign. I found that we talked to 30% of the decision makers in our list. Our goal is to talk to 75% of the owners by the end of next month. In real estate we are so... View more
Using Listsource to find Apartments
Does anyone have any tips or recommendations when trying to find potential apartments using Listsource? I’d like to think I’m fairly savvy with underwriting potential deals but I have little experience working around... View more
Help on Multi Family Deal Analysis
Hi,I've been analyzing SFH and multi family up to Quad, but this 14 unit apartment complex was brought to me and I wanted to get your thoughts on whether this is a good deal or not.14 Unit Apartment - 6 @ 2 Bd/1ba... View more