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WARNING: When reading the Ask About a Company threads, take note that in many cases, the companies in question will send their friends to shill on their behalf. These people are typically easy to pick out, as they... View more
Cashflow Savvy / Epic Real Estate
Hello, I have been researching turnkey providers and came across the Epic real estate investing and Turnkey real estate investing that Matt Theriault does.  Has anyone on BP purchased a home through their turn key... View more
Rent to Retirement - Zach
Hello Forum . . . I've done a bit of looking around here for reviews of Rent to Retirement - a turnkey company. have recent experience?  I'm considering my first investment with a... View more
HOMEVESTORS What do you know?
I worked very briefly for a Homevestors Franchise in Mobile, Alabama. I did not have a good experience. I know exactly how this company and franchise operates. Long story short, I smelled a rat, and got out. I can... View more
Turnkey Company in Indy
I am looking into buying a turn key property and having it managed by Alpine Capital Solutions. They do business in the Indianapolis, Idaho Falls, Kansas City, and Charleston areas. Does anyone have any prior... View more
Lending - Any one used Dominion Financial for lending?
Hello All,Reaching out for any insight into this company, Dominion Financial.  Based in Maryland and lend on the East Coast.  They are wanting all my financials, SSN etc for the application. I expect this, but was not... View more
Any one used Martel turnkey before?
I'm looking to start buying turnkey rentals in the next few months and I came across Martel turnkey. They seem legit, but I am hoping to get feedback from others who have purchased properties from them in the past.... View more
Experiences with Memphis Investment Properties (MIP)?
I am seriously considering investing in real estate via Memphis Investment Properties (MIP). They advertise on the Bigger Pockets real estate podcast. I've been very impressed with what they have to offer from a... View more
OmniKey Realty Property Management
Anyone have experience using OmniKey Realty as Property Management company? I’ve read all of their reviews on Google Review and Yelp, while most of them seem real, I’ve spotted at least one of their employee friends... View more
Bridgehouse America total scam
We had say an ad on hotpads advertising a house for rent to own lease offer, this appealed to me after being recently divorced. I had recently owned a house for 19yrs but had racked up a ton of debt in attorney fees.... View more
The is a scam. do not do business with them
I'll keep this short and sweet.   My wife and I entered into an agreement with which is now called for a lease to own opportunity in Fort Worth, TX.  We lived there for a... View more
Has anyone join New Wealth Advisor (NWA) Riverside CA
Has anyone heard about or join [b]New Wealth Advisor in Riverside? I went to one of there meeting and was gonna join but as i was making payments to take the 3 day class. I kept find info about it being a scam and... View more
Have you worked with AREIUSA?
Hello, just wondering if anyone out there has worked with American Real Estate Investments in Texas ( aka: areiusa) turnkey company? If so, what was your experience? They seem like a good and professional company.... View more
Memphis Investment Properties
Has anyone here worked with Memphis Investment Properties before? If so, can you tell me about your experience with them? How are the property managers? Any issues?Thanks in advance!
Hi BP,Has anyone ever used e1031exchange? Would you recommend them?Note: I have absolutely no affiliation with e1031exchange. I'm asking for my own benefit. I came across then when searching for companies.Thanks!
Must a WY LLC have a WY office? Or just a WY Registered Agent?
I'm deeding my CA property into a CA LLC. The member/manager will be a WY LLC. I want to ensure that my corporate veils stay intact, and my LLCs are never perceived as "alter egos" by a judge. To be fully prepared for... View more
Senior Living Fund
Hello,Has anyone ever invested in Senior Living Fund I would like to and I just want to get some more information on this company. Thanks in advance guys. I am doing my homework as well and am tempted to jump.
Voepel PM and Bridge Turnkey
Hi Guys,I am analyzing properties that are offered at Bridge. The trouble I am having is that the PM is not managed by Bridge but by Voepel. I've heard positive things about them but they are all rather vague. Has... View more
Experience with Modular Builds
I have been interviewing modular builders in southern California and across the country who serve southern California.  The account now is above 30 and I have some FrontRunners but wanted to ask the community of any of... View more
New investor looking for forms section
Looking for the forms section. I looked in tools where other forums said it would be but still no luck. I am looking specifically for contracts for hiring contractors, and any punch lists you may have. Thank you,
Experiences with JAX investments
I have recently been connected with JAX investments through a friend and have spoken with one of the founders. The overall market trends, cash flow, buy and hold strategy for single family homes seems good. I know 2... View more