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Pueblo Colorado Market Updates
Hello all, it’s been a while since I posted anything about the Pueblo Market. Personally, I’m doing both Buying and Selling.Properties have appreciated well and I’m cashing out on properties that are no longer... View more
First Purchase, Alaska 4-Plex
Greetings Compatriots! This is my first post, my first purchase, my first foray into real estate investing. AND I AM TERRIFIED EXCITED!!! I would love to hear any input from the sages here and become an active... View more
Which neighborhood to invest in Las Vegas
We are looking to buy rental SFR in Las Vegas.Any property management or real estate agent/broker who can suggest which neighborhood in Southwest or West of Vegas to buy for rental SFR in Las Vegas? Much... View more
Are landlords really having to drop rents.
I read an Article and it kind of made me think twice about buying a rental property anytime soon. Since I'm new to the game and live in a place called Utah where we live in a bubble that has a 55K unit housing... View more
Cashout refi or HELOC?
I have an investment property in Chandler AZ Appraised value $300k Loan current balance is $130k, at 4.25% 30 yr fixed. I put 25% down back in 2015 for it, and has just been going up since then. To invest in more... View more
Peak of the market: gurus everywhere
Something I remember reading in Josh Dorkin's book, about economic cycles, is that one sign you're in the Peak Phase of a real estate market is that there are real estate gurus everywhere.I can't stop seeing this... View more
White Plains Mall revitalization project
I searched online and there doesn’t seem to be any current news. They were set to move forward in 2018 and then stalled. The most recent article I found said that they still plan on going through with the massive... View more
Real Estate title companies in the state of Massachusetts
Hello all, I am looking for a local real estate title company in the state of Massachusetts that is investor friendly. Please let me know of some you all may have worked or currently work with! Thank you for your time!
Market Guidance from Our Real Estate Coach of The Estates LLC.
The guidance for this week is you want to stay in the markets that are below $300,000 or $200,000 depending upon your area--I talked to a woman the other day that was in Boston and their lower range in the market is... View more
goofy renters in Reno
I recently was given notice by a tenant. November is not a good time to find new tenants in Reno. But when I posted my house, I got 5 applicants in 1 hour, and they keep pouring in. The stories are either their house... View more
Should I sell now or wait till October?
I am in the middle of a Live-in flip (purchased in October of 2019). My original plan was to wait 2 years to avoid capital gains taxes. I am just worried that we are in a bubble and I want to capitalize before it... View more
Paving driveway to add value in Bridgeport ct
Hey guys !!!  Still pretty new here. I purchased a  2 family home in the Black Rock area in Bridgeport ct. I actually have 2 driveways on the property . Both are currently gravel . The one in the front and one entering... View more
Will Biden eliminate the 'Step up' policy for inherited assets?
Will Biden eliminate the 'Step up' policy for inherited assets? am concerned because we are looking to sell the one and only property we have inherited from a relative this... View more
Surviving with the long lasting ban of evictions?
Hello! I have just started my journey to becoming a real estate investor. I have begun reading and researching as much as I can on a daily basis while being a full time student in Maine. I have not bought my first... View more
New building material???? I’ve never heard of this.
Lincoln Block have never heard of this building material before. I watched a video and it really seems to hold up to what they actually say it can do. There’s a... View more
Other options other than Heloc
Hey guys,After I refinanced my rental property in  the beginning  of 2020 before the pandemic. My goal was to use a heloc  at the end of the year to finance the next property. But with covid restrictions most banks... View more
Renting or selling my 1st house
I'm in process of buying my 2nd property as my maine residence. Thinking to rent my 1st property. Just numbers don't really add up. So:  1) 1200$ mortgage payment  2 ) extra 100$ a month cause we are loosing homestead... View more
Renting or selling my 1st house
I'm in process of buying my 2nd property as my maine residence. Thinking to rent my 1st property. Just numbers don't really add up. So: 1) 1200$ mortgage payment 2 ) extra 100$ a month cause we are loosing homestead... View more
Support Local Businesses
A lot of local businesses have taken a hit right now. Here are some easy ways to support them: 1. Write a positive review 2. Tell your friends and family 3. Follow them on social media 4. Engage with their posts 5.... View more
Economic Update (Monday, January 18, 2021)
Economic Update(Happy Martin Luther King Day) Predictions for 2021? As 2020 has shown us, the world can throw so many curveballs at you that predictions can be about as useful as new year’s resolutions. In that... View more
First time investor needing advice
I'm a new investor looking to purchase my first home, we currently live in Raleigh NC. My fiancee and I have about 10k saved up and want to purchase a Duplex and do a house hack. We want to invest in hopefully the... View more

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