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New Administration Hostile Towards Landlords?
The Biden administration has me a little nervous. I have great tenants. It appears that there are some radical ideas being tossed around by some members of congress such as complete rent forbearance and forgiveness... View more
like a new investor
good afternoon everyone, I consider  my self a new investor. My husband and I have being buying properties for a couple years but never thought that we were investors since they were our primary residence and then we... View more
Should I sell now or wait till October?
I am in the middle of a Live-in flip (purchased in October of 2019). My original plan was to wait 2 years to avoid capital gains taxes. I am just worried that we are in a bubble and I want to capitalize before it... View more
Charging HOA fees back to tenant
I know some landlords pay utilities like water, electricity... and charge it back to their tenants. Is it possible to do the same with the HOA and charge it back to the tenant? I have a single family that the HOA... View more
Vegas good for Duplex, Triplex, and Fourplex?
I do not see as many Duplex, Triplex, and Fourplex properties in Vegas as say Los Angeles.  Is Vegas a good market for such properties? If so, what areas?
Owner pays electricity and the cost is on the rise.
Greetings Bigger Pockets,   I purchased a property where I pay the electricity bill for the first floor tenants since the electricity is shared with the hallway lights. The bill however has increased by 35% over the... View more
Middle-class homeowners will get 'priced out permanently':
"The number of homes for sale reached an all-time low in December, as buyers remained active and eager to buy even during the holiday season. National inventory declined by 39.6% over the last year, and fell below... View more
Refi Rental property to Buy another rental property
Hello, First post here, newbie to the forum and site- looks to be a great resource! Hope this is relevant.... I own one of two rentals outright (single family)and looking to leverage it to purchase a third rental... View more
Young Investor needing guidance on 2nd property!
I currently own one property on a VA and looking to buy my second. My first property I paid $275K and is now valued at $335K. The second property I am looking at is about $320K. I have $20k in cash and I have $800 in... View more
COVID-19 and PAYING RENT problems
Hello, What would you do if your tenants start to call you and say they can't pay their rent because coronavirus problems cut them from income and they are in crisis?Are there any rent program assistance offered by... View more
Riverside County ADU
Hello BP Fam,I am in a current stalemate with my next investment move, so I am looking for guidance! My primary residence has about $200K in equity and my monthly mortgage payment is $900 per month. Fortunately, I can... View more
New to Real Estate : Need Help
I’m 25, Looking for help on how to get started on flipping homes or rental properties. Currently new to Everything and could really use advice .
Philippine Real Estate News And Current Updates
Strong Investor Confidence In Resilient Property Sector“Previous crises have shown that prices recover immediately once market sentiment and business activities start to improve. During the Asian financial crisis,... View more
10 Biden tax plans that will sail through a Democratic-controlled Higher maximum rate The pre-election Biden tax plan would raise the top individual federal income rate on ordinary income and net short-term capital gains back to 39.6%, the top... View more
How to calculate when to refinance
Hello,I bought my first property in June, 2020 and the rate was 3.35%. I noticed the rate is lowered now. What is the rate worth to refinance and how to calculate including to consider all costs & fees? Is there... View more
Strategy for building a property
Hi all,i have a good deal on a 500sqm lot in the heart of the city located close to all amenities. I wanted to buy this lot and build a 5 unit rental apartments. The thing is, if I buy this lot then I wont have anymore... View more
Rolling money into a new deal through a 1031
Hey all - first time poster, long time listener. I would like to expand my portfolio but I have a hesitant partner so I am working on doing this slowly. I own a rental home, a personal residence that I turned into a... View more
Microsoft buys another 20 acres for new Westside campus
Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) purchased another 20 acres near Atlanta’s Bellwood Quarry as it continues assembling land for a new campus that could bring thousands of jobs and unprecedented investment to the city’s... View more
Should I sell my condo for cash to invest elsewhere?
I have a rental condo that was my primary residence until last year. I'm just beginning my real estate investing journey and looking to purchase a multi-family to live in when my wife and I move to Detroit in a few... View more
Economic Update (End of Year Summary)
Economic Update (End of Year Summary) Before we started getting sick, we had TIME — time to meet, to talk and gather, to sing, to cheer and to roar. The minutes in the hour, the days in the week, were luxuries no one... View more
Single Family sale and Tenant obligation
I currently have a tenant whose lease will expire in August but I want to sell the SF and buy multifamily. Can I sell with tenant in it and is there legal implication for selling/ can buyers view while tenant is still... View more
Pay off current mortgage or ...?
Hi EveryoneThis is a question I’ve been pondering for quite some time now. Currently I owe roughly about $300K on my principle residence. Over the past 1-2 years I’ve purchased 5 rental properties that all cash flow... View more

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