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Discuss real estate Wholesaling as a strategy to build wealth. Learn about different marketing techniques, how to conduct a wholesale deal, making offers, assigning contracts, etc.

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Chicago South Suburbs
Started by Ken Morrison
8 Tiny 1435028986 avatar adriennwi Last post by Adrien Chabot
about 3 hours ago
Wholesaling basics
Started by Kainoa Jones
4 Tiny 1444252312 avatar kainoaj Last post by Kainoa Jones
about 5 hours ago
Started by Alex Wentland
5 No avatar tiny Last post by Alex Wentland
about 5 hours ago
absentee owners
Started by Bryan K.
12 Tiny 1443633327 avatar carola7 Last post by Carol Arnold
about 6 hours ago
Jerry Puckets podcast
Started by Elizabeth Blazina
7 Tiny 1427243205 avatar jefft14 Last post by Jeff Tang
about 6 hours ago
Wholesale or RE license???
Started by Jerome Turner
14 Tiny 1444174912 avatar jerryk8 Last post by Jerry Kays
about 6 hours ago
What's the value of a wholesaler?
Started by Emily T.
4 Tiny 1442006792 avatar johng81 Last post by John Ghormley
about 6 hours ago
Question about Contract process
Started by Monte Gonzalez
2 Tiny 1442791381 avatar monteg1 Last post by Monte Gonzalez
about 6 hours ago
End Cash Buyers
Started by Lewis Watts
0 Tiny 1440018692 avatar lewisw1 Last post by Lewis Watts
about 6 hours ago
Any Northern Virginia Wholesalers?
Started by Alex Harris
13 Tiny 1436891721 avatar rod coleman Last post by Rod Coleman
about 9 hours ago
Estimating holding costs
Started by Kim Handelman
2 Tiny 1399759194 avatar jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
about 14 hours ago
Finding Solid Investors in Los Angeles Area
Started by Ronnie Giery
4 Tiny 1419997441 avatar hotlahomes Last post by Jose Reyes
about 24 hours ago
Wholesale Assignment Contract
Started by Tyana Everett
3 Tiny 1440952638 avatar tyana Last post by Tyana Everett
1 day ago
Are there a larger amount of wholesalers in the Chicago area?
Started by Nick Feliciano
7 Tiny 1408563478 avatar avihorovicz Last post by Avi H.
1 day ago
Getting started, seeking help
Started by Francine C Quiles
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Max Filho
1 day ago
‚Äč3 Questions books have not cleared up?
Started by Floyd Orr
11 Tiny 1443456198 avatar floydo1 Last post by Floyd Orr
1 day ago
Working with wholesalers
Started by Cal Ewing
3 Tiny 1440206737 avatar hunterg2 Last post by Hunter Groover
1 day ago
Florida wholesale deals
Started by Joshus Light
11 Tiny 1421506228 avatar malcolmdelancy Last post by Malcolm Delancy
1 day ago

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