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The Truth about Wholesaling!
There are so many people and companies out there who claim to be wholesalers and many more newbies who claim to want to start out in wholesaling as a means to get started in the biz.Let me tell you about a recent... View more
The Essential Guide on How To Build and Promote Your Buyer's List
Very frequently asked questions about Buyer's Lists are presented here, along with links to various threads that provide the info being sought. Enjoy! Info to get from Buyer's for your... View more
I want to try wholesaling..
Hello world!! Is anyone doing wholesaling in the (Northern California) Bay Area? I want to give wholesaling a try, not just in the Bay Area but in general. Looking for tips and good advice to get the ball rolling.
Upstate NY wholesaling
Hey guy, I’m new to the real estate game and am trying to get my feet wet in wholesaling. I’ve found a property and on the verge of getting it under contract. I’ve called many companies and none of them have worked... View more
Is Wholesaling in Tennessee Legal
I contacted Tennessee Real Estate Commision to inquire about whether or not Wholesaling in Tennessee was legal. The lady I spoke with said that it was an illegal question that they could not answer, and told me that I... View more
Wholesalers/Investors in Albany, NY
Hi everyone! It has been a little while since I have been active on the forums, and I wanted to start getting back at it. I have had a busy year in the real estate world! I have started working full time for a... View more
2 for 1 deal in low income area
Are buyer willing to purchase a buy and hold property in a low income area? I found 2 house for the price of 1 thinking one can be sold and the other can be the buyer rental property 
Text Messaging Sellers
So I use Simple text and I have an account to send out over 25,000 text messages with roll over a month. The only problem is it is hard to pull BIG BIG list of data. I find myself sending out atleast 500-800 messages... View more
Best System to keep track of VA Work
I have a VA calling and sending SMS messages to a listing of vacant property owners. We are currently using XL and the VA is just updating the sheet as needed. I am looking for a CRM type system similar to a... View more
Legalities of wholesaling
I’ve heard of laws in some states that require a real estate license if you do more than one flip or wholesale deals per year. What are the legalities of wholesaling Massachusetts? Also, how do you market deals where... View more
Calling all wholesalers.
I am getting some tools setup up to start my wholesaling journey. Such as Podio, DealMachine, and Callrail. I’m setting up my phone number for Callrail and I was wondering how should my voicemail sound when I get calls... View more
Wholesaling: Step-by-Step Finding the Deal to Closing the Deal
Hi everyone,I have been looking for a step-by-step process for the typical Wholesaling deal with no luck. Do any wholesalers want to share what their process looks like from finding the deal to closing the deal? Please... View more
Alternative to dual agency in Texas
Is there a alternative to dual agency in TX?  I want to start wholesaling on market property in TX and am wondering if there is something I can offer listing agents to like my offer more than the next offer. I have... View more
Mother daughter Bergen County New Jersey
Hey BP,I came across a Mother Daughter in Bergen County New Jersey. It’s in upper Saddle River NJ. Any idea how I can wholesale this property?? They want $1.7mil for the property. 5 brdm & 4 bath. 5k sqft per floor... View more
Wholesale contract example? Seller and Assignee only
Hi - I'm looking for clarification on wholesale contracts. Each contract example that I've seen has three parties: Seller, Assignee and Buyer. If I understand the process correctly, I, as the Assignee, will first enter... View more
What’s the market like in Georgia?
Hello BP community, I wanted to know if the Georgia market is different when it comes to cash buyers? Can I go by the 70% method or is it different? I could really use feedback Thank you for your time.
Securing a wholesale deal in Milwaukee
Hello all, I am currently new to the Milwaukee area wholesaling scene, and I would like to ask others who are in the area about any methods (On-Market or Off) that have worked for you on securing deals that you can... View more
Dirty Rooming House
I am very new to real estate investing and trying to start out from wholesaling.I went to take a look at a property today which is a rooming house. It has total of 16 rooms, with only some having private kitchen and... View more
Atlanta Wholesale Real Estate
I am new to wholesale real estate I am living in lawrenceville and I am wholesaling In the Atlanta area if anyone wants to connect and work together dm me and we can start a great journey together.
Best System to Skip Trace
I am looking for a good program to skip trace. Do you have any recommendations on any good skip tracing programs. I have used REISkip a little bit, but the data seemed to be off. Any suggestions?
Sellers Attorney Talked Her Out of Deal - $85K Commission lost?
Stepping in after a realtor, I managed to contract the house for $485K. Months later, after getting eyes on the deed we realized the city had the property coded as a Commercial Unit instead of a Residential. This... View more
Is it bad etiquette to knock on doors?
When finding vacant houses, I look up the address to find out who pays the property taxes on that address and then look that name up to determine their address for where to send my letters to. My question is: Can I... View more