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Discuss real estate Wholesaling as a strategy to build wealth. Learn about different marketing techniques, how to conduct a wholesale deal, making offers, assigning contracts, etc.

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Looking to Double Close REO Cash Deals in L.A. area
Started by Brian Crowe
13 Tiny 1428708142 avatar aaron m Last post byAaron Mazzrillo
about 1 hour ago
Starting Wholesaling
Started by Markiem Jenkins
4 Tiny 1448397191 avatar neetu Last post byNeetu Punjabi
about 3 hours ago
Motivated Seller Leads
Started by Luis Alfaro
1 Tiny 1448388145 avatar michaelquarles Last post byMichael Quarles
about 6 hours ago
Where do I get assignment contract forms?
Started by Chris Sickler
0 Tiny 1446927527 avatar kcproinvest Last post byChris Sickler
about 7 hours ago
Started by Marc Whiting
4 Tiny 1399718746 avatar yungtom Last post byTom Yung
about 9 hours ago
Title Company in Los Angeles that allows Assignment/Double Close?
Started by Kenny Ho
0 No avatar tiny Last post byKenny Ho
about 9 hours ago
Started by David Demesyeux
3 Tiny 1442438431 avatar lakeem Last post byLakeem Allen
about 9 hours ago
Real estate wholesaling
Started by Demani Akinnagbe
2 Tiny 1448322952 avatar rdossey1 Last post byRyan D.
about 9 hours ago
Started by Krystal Grubbs
3 No avatar tiny Last post byDemani Akinnagbe
about 11 hours ago
Real Estate Wholesale Title Companies
Started by Kathy Johnson
5 Tiny 1448598372 avatar kathyj10 Last post byKathy Johnson
about 11 hours ago
hi everyone am new from Pennsylvania
Started by Andre Nortje
10 No avatar tiny Last post byAndre Nortje
about 12 hours ago
Looking for a wholesaler in Tampa, Fl
Started by Kyle D.
6 Tiny 1448387901 avatar johnrogers Last post byJohn Rogers
about 14 hours ago
Looking for wholesalers in VA and NC
Started by Brittany Goanue
4 Tiny 1448625845 avatar brittanyg4 Last post byBrittany Goanue
about 15 hours ago
Wholesalers, Put Bill Gulley on the Right Track!
Started by Bill Gulley
1 Tiny 1448386675 avatar leonardm3 Last post byLeonard Maddox
about 16 hours ago
Deal or no deal?
Started by Josselyne Lugo
10 Tiny 1436974957 avatar josselyne Last post byJosselyne Lugo
about 18 hours ago
new real estate wholesaler
Started by Valentyn Svit
12 Tiny 1445860330 avatar jeanh2 Last post byJean Howard
about 18 hours ago
Getting Started
Started by Account Closed
3 Tiny 1434204573 avatar shawnc7 Last post byShawn Connors
about 20 hours ago
Rural Maine
Started by Montai Edwards
4 No avatar tiny Last post byMontai Edwards
1 day ago

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