Which market will you focus on?
Selecting the right market for your goals and strategy is vital—but choosing can be complicated. There are many profitable investment types to explore and special considerations for each. Let’s dig into techniques for honing in on your ideal market and making connections that matter.

How to pick a market

In selecting a market, you’ll want to consider key questions and access tools to help you along. Explore where to invest, how to analyze markets, and tips for making the right connections.

Choosing Local vs. Long Distance: Each approach has pros and cons—which market works best for your strategy? And where can you afford to invest?

How to Analyze a Market for Short Term Rentals: Know where you want to invest in an STR? If not, you’ll want to research markets and understand local regulations. If you’re ready to explore a specific area, analysis is also key.

Build Your Team: You’ll want to build out a strong team, professionals who can help you purchase a deal, fix up your property, rent, and manage it.

How to Analyze a Market for Long Term Rentals: What should an investor look for in a LTR market, and how do they measure those qualities? Time to dig into data and leverage the right resources.

How to Network as a Real Estate Investor: Get ready to build solid relationships. Plan for smart networking—think REI meetups and connecting with agents, investors, lenders, and contractors.

To help you choose where to invest, the market phase has three core pillars: find a location, select a property type, and build a team.

Three core pillars of the market phase

To win in the market phase, you’ll want to seek out best practices, quality resources, and good people. Learn how to navigate this part of your investment journey with the three pillars below.


Find a Location

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Select a Property Type

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Build a Team

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