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Fantastic Deal $22,200 ARV $97,500 Wilmington Delaware
Posted in Real Estate Marketplace
4 Tiny_1399748347-avatar-starchanger Last post by Karyn Tapley
1 minute ago
how to approach a lender with no money!
Posted in Starting Out
0 Tiny_1426557153-avatar-shannonw6 Last post by Shannon Webb
3 minutes ago
New to BP from Hawaii!
Posted in New Member Introductions
1 Tiny_1399436910-avatar-blackbelt Last post by Joel Owens
4 minutes ago
Where will Californians Live??
Posted in Investor Psychology
53 Tiny_1412209793-avatar-brighterdays Last post by Karen Margrave
8 minutes ago
Am I a jerk for proposing this deal?
Posted in Buying & Selling Real Estate Discussion
2 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Greg Downey
10 minutes ago
Turn key companies
Posted in Starting Out
14 Tiny_1426989780-avatar-daniels24 Last post by Daniel Smith
10 minutes ago
Investor Vocabulary: Rev 0
Posted in Starting Out
2 Tiny_1426978862-avatar-honobob Last post by Bob Bowling
10 minutes ago
A Variety of Individuals Use Online Florists to Send out Flowers Worldwide
Posted in Off-Topic
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Florist [email protected]
14 minutes ago
Posted in Real Estate Investor Marketing Help & Advice
0 Tiny_1421588992-avatar-rone1 Last post by Ron Escoffery
14 minutes ago
Hello from Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada
Posted in New Member Introductions
0 Tiny_1427953182-avatar-brendanl Last post by Brendan Leake
23 minutes ago
Please help $41,000 paid to a guru company to be refunded !
Posted in Real Estate Guru, Book & Course Reviews and Discussions
207 Tiny_1426131048-avatar-ddl Last post by Debbie Lee
24 minutes ago
Note Foreclosed, Next Steps?
Posted in Tax Liens, Notes, Paper, & Cash Flows Discussion
7 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Vanessa Garcia
38 minutes ago
Apartment Building Wholesale Buyers
Posted in Multi-Family and Apartment Investing Forums
2 Tiny_1427401393-avatar-patriot357 Last post by Jamal Okon
about 1 hour ago
Stuck inside my own head! Need help getting these thoughts out!
Posted in Starting Out
9 Tiny_1426557153-avatar-shannonw6 Last post by Shannon Webb
about 1 hour ago
Do i have to pay income taxes as a wholesaler?
Posted in Real Estate Wholesaling Questions & Answers
4 Tiny_1399609387-avatar-sjpm Last post by Kyle J.
about 1 hour ago
How I bought a home in the middle of town for $10,000
Posted in Real Estate Success Stories
63 Tiny_1418002651-avatar-gasol Last post by Gaston Carrizo
about 1 hour ago
Assignment Contract w/o a Purchase Price or Defined Fee
Posted in Real Estate Wholesaling Questions & Answers
10 Tiny_1414440781-avatar-kmarie Last post by K. Marie Poe
about 1 hour ago
what are the steps to foreclose in Texas?
Posted in Get Foreclosure Help - Stop Foreclosure Forum
3 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
about 1 hour ago
Special Events Rentals (Kentucky Derby)
Posted in Innovative Strategies
2 Tiny_1413233795-avatar-thepiperdown Last post by Chuck B.
about 1 hour ago
Posted in Starting Out
2 Tiny_1399512796-avatar-wholesalestar Last post by Miguel Garcia
about 1 hour ago

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