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Forum for discussing innovative property strategies, including put/call options, wraps, and other creative techniques.

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Business and Branding - How do backgrounds inform your investing?
Started by Sam Hager
1 Tiny 1452872985 avatar julier14 Last post byJulie Rossman
about 5 hours ago
Is this a good setup for wealth protection against judgments?
Started by John Smith
0 No avatar tiny Last post byJohn Smith
about 10 hours ago
Anyone out there specializing in under 30k properties?
Started by Douglas B.
386 Tiny 1404932230 avatar 7shep7 Last post byJeremy Shepherd
about 17 hours ago
Remodel while marketing? Or provide architectural plans & ideas?
Started by John Arendsen
2 Tiny 1448386622 avatar surer Last post byJohn Arendsen
2 days ago
Looking to network in Arizona
Started by Ed Barreto
2 Tiny 1454917651 avatar brianr65 Last post byBrian Roberts
3 days ago
Seller Finance
Started by Ben Roberts
1 No avatar tiny Last post byWayne Brooks
3 days ago
How to Monetize Your Dead Leads!
Started by Austin Hughes
6 Tiny 1431449880 avatar austinh4 Last post byAustin Hughes
3 days ago
Owner-occupant property hopping?
Started by Andrew Broadbent
1 Tiny 1399693803 avatar derekfaller Last post byDerek Faller
3 days ago
Can I use Business Line for Hard Money down payment and points?
Started by Shaka Farrier
2 Tiny 1454984919 avatar iwannawholesale Last post byShaka Farrier
3 days ago
Creative Financing in a Depreciating Market
Started by Don Petrash
1 Tiny 1415738148 avatar trevorewen Last post byTrevor Ewen
3 days ago
Creative Real Estate Entrepreneurs (examples)
Started by Jon S.
0 Tiny 1448387066 avatar jons21 Last post byJon S.
3 days ago
What would you do with a million dollars?
Started by John Arendsen
127 Tiny 1448386622 avatar surer Last post byJohn Arendsen
4 days ago
Structuring a Seller Finance Deal on a Property with Back Taxes
Started by Brandon Sturgill
0 Tiny 1449014736 avatar brandonscott79 Last post byBrandon Sturgill
4 days ago
Need help on managing this situation.
2 No avatar tiny Last post byAndrew Donnell
4 days ago
Infinite Banking Concept, Cash Flow Banking, or Bank on Yourself
Started by Wai Fung
200 Tiny 1450362625 avatar thomasr18 Last post byThomas Rutkowski
4 days ago
Started by Jasmine Wilkes
11 Tiny 1448388368 avatar ecolegrove Last post byElizabeth Colegrove
5 days ago
Tiny Houses in SWFL? Naples/Estero/Ft. Myers Area
Started by Jim Carson
5 Tiny 1400601386 avatar jeff tumbarello Last post byJeff Tumbarello
5 days ago
Flipping Land
Started by Stephen Dominick
19 Tiny 1448387325 avatar dirtman56 Last post bySteve Haight
5 days ago
Converting a large SFR to a multifamily
Started by Julian Merchant
9 Tiny 1429240672 avatar dominicj Last post byDominic Jones
6 days ago
Exclusive Rental Agreements
Started by Alex Sanfilippo
14 Tiny 1451788632 avatar ajsanfilippo Last post byAlex Sanfilippo
7 days ago

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