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Forum for discussing innovative property strategies, including put/call options, wraps, and other creative techniques.

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BRRRR last R?
Started by Thomas B.
4 Tiny 1405951912 avatar cheryl packham Last post by Cheryl Packham
about 7 hours ago
Doing more deals! Where can I learn about creative financing?
Started by Brian Watkins
3 Tiny 1433398250 avatar reiskills Last post by Brian Gibbons
about 11 hours ago
Need advice from Property Managers, Business Brokers and Lenders!
Started by Patricio Tellez-Giron
4 Tiny 1416091009 avatar gregorywalter1 Last post by Gregory Walter
about 14 hours ago
Rent 2 Rent
Started by C Meddy
4 Tiny 1398792776 avatar tangerinemouse Last post by C Meddy
about 17 hours ago
I found the perfect multi unit to occupy, but.....
Started by Erika Carter
8 No avatar tiny Last post by Barbara G.
about 18 hours ago
Postcards. Fancy Full Color? or Plain two color
Started by Hayes Freeman
1 Tiny 1436750632 avatar michaelquarles Last post by Michael Quarles
1 day ago
Snowball Payoff 10 SFRs in 7.5 years for $110k cash flow - advice
Started by Jason N.
33 Tiny 1425499652 avatar skyball Last post by Jason N.
1 day ago
What would you do with a million dollars?
Started by John Arendsen
98 Tiny 1442826039 avatar watsonh1 Last post by Watson Hilaire
2 days ago
Rent 2 Rent
Started by C Meddy
3 Tiny 1398792776 avatar tangerinemouse Last post by C Meddy
3 days ago
Anyone out there specializing in under 30k properties?
Started by Douglas B.
362 Tiny 1401922044 avatar epimanagement Last post by Jason Richardson
3 days ago
Started by Frank Yaccarino
5 Tiny 1420826950 avatar justinw3 Last post by Justin Windham
3 days ago
Can I finance this way?
Started by Joe Mercer
19 No avatar tiny Last post by Ryan Plummer
3 days ago
Fair Equity % For Capital Raise, Acquisition, Rehab, & Management
Started by Joel Barrett
4 Tiny 1399692621 avatar 3citydave Last post by David Fritch
4 days ago
Getting funding for Rental Properties
Started by Jason Carr
7 Tiny 1442331669 avatar bassidiki Last post by Bassidiki Diarra
4 days ago
Rental Arbitrage for shallow-pocketed newbie
Started by Matthew Arnold
8 Tiny 1434170465 avatar marnoldmarnold Last post by Matthew Arnold
4 days ago
What to do with extra 1031 money ???
Started by Eric S.
10 Tiny 1399567975 avatar ukefuture Last post by Lane K.
5 days ago
USDA home loan for land without house
Started by Trevor Burbank
2 Tiny 1443981124 avatar trevorburbank Last post by Trevor Burbank
5 days ago
Can I offer my commission to an agent?
Started by Hayes Freeman
6 Tiny 1399588410 avatar pharmerjeff Last post by Jeff Rabinowitz
6 days ago
Owner Financing
Started by Charles Wilson
10 No avatar tiny Last post by Dan Boem
6 days ago
So I Assigned A Sub 2... Now The Buyer Has Messed Up!!!
Started by Account Closed
49 Tiny 1409259232 avatar jjkhawaiian Last post by John Hamilton
6 days ago

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