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The 7 Steps You Need to Get Started Investing In Real Estate
Hey folks - just wanted to share a video I put together for BiggerPockets. It's a 5 minute summary of the Ultimate Beginner's Guide- which if you haven't read yet - you can get here. Click HERE to watch the video on... View more
J Scott's Starting Out FAQ
In another thread, Josh suggested creating FAQs of topics that are often discussed/asked by newer investors on the site. While this isn't inclusive of the awesome contributions by hundreds of other contributors here... View more
Discouraged After Speaking With Active Investors
January 1st I jumped in to the world of real estate investing. While I have made a ton of progress over the past three weeks (Thanks 12-Week Year), I am a bit concerned with some feedback I have been getting. I have... View more
What's stopping you from buying your 1st investment property?
I built a rental portfolio of 127 units and soon to double in the next year.  I've experienced a little bit of everything: wholesaling, flips, single family rentals, multi family rentals, office, commercial,... View more
Closed on my first flip and now my stomach is in knots! Help!
I found a property to flip in Columbus Ga and closed on it 01/06/21 and now my stomach is in knots. Is this normal on the first one and does it get easier to push through the more you do?  It is not an extensive... View more
New to BP - Evaluating a 8 unit apartment Building
Hello BP,  I joined this week and new to real estate investing - rental is the way I want to go. I found a 8 unit apartment building  $400k and have about 40k to use. Learned at the webinar this week that I need 20%... View more
FHA Loan Requirements
Hello my BP family! So I've been shopping around local banks and credit unions, and one of the credit unions called me today asking about what I am currently looking into buying. I told them I was interested in buying... View more
House Hack Out of state (Maine)
Hey BP, I'm relatively new to the community. I picked up real estate when I was 20, did a house hack (didn't know that's what it was called at the time) and flipped it under a year to move out to the West Coast. Now (7... View more
Negative ROI!?! Are my calculations off???
Hey Guys I am a rookie investor (Still have not purchased my first investment property.) I have had some issues calculating ROIs. I am in the Los Angeles area however I have been looking into investing in the Memphis... View more
NOI Question (Taxes)
From my understanding, NOI is calculated as follows: NOI = Total income - total operating expenses I am finding some contradicting information regarding what should and should not be included in operating expenses.... View more
Young investor trying to get a loan approved
I'm looking to buy a house soon. I have the down payment and all. However, I'm 24 with a credit score of 731. I'm afraid I won't qualify for a conventional loan on my own because I don't have that long of a credit... View more
22yo ready to get my hands dirty...only problem? Crazy Market!
Hello Everyone! I just graduated from college in May, been working remotely since then saving money and studying the market to get into my first deal. I was planning to househack a tri- or 4plex using FHA financing,... View more
Big Bear Lake, CA--Short Term Rental
Hey Everyone,I live in the Los Angeles area and I am looking in to STR Market of Big Bear and looks to have a lot of upside. Price of Homes Vs. Potential Profit. I am looking to invest in a 2/3 BD Cabin. Looking for... View more
Purchase A Home in CA or Invest Out-of-State?!
I'm currently paying 3k/month for a one bedroom apartment in the Bay Area. I'm seeking advice on what would be a better investment option/smarter financial decision: to buy a home in the Bay Area, or to continue... View more
Savannah, Ga Newbie Wholesaler
Hello All,  My Name is Thessa Washington and I'm a new investor and wholesaler in the Savannah, Ga and Chatham county area. I'm really excited about networking with other wholesalers, buyers, sellers, investors,... View more
New Long-Term Investor in Columbus, OH Looking for RE Agent
I am going to try to keep this as short as possible but bear with me. I want to be thorough so the agent I work with will know full well what I am asking of them and what is expected. Also, we are expecting a child in... View more
To many people in RealEstate ?
Everywhere I turn it seems like people are getting into RealEstate. With so many people joining the industry, should I be worried about jumping in also? Simply, is there enough opportunity left out there for the first... View more
Newbie moving to Buford, GA
Hi BP community! Looooooong time lurker finally at the point in life where my wife and I are going to jump into our first deal. I thought this was going to happen 4 years ago but better now than never. Since my last... View more
Have the down payment - should I get pre-approved?
I have analyzed a bunch of deals now, and now I will be ready to make my first purchase in the next 6 months when I see something that fits what I am looking for.  When I have the down payment, should I reach out to... View more
Property under contract (MLS), due diligence process
I recently had an offer accepted on a property I will be using as an owner occupied rental in North Carolina. During the due diligence process, what are some of the most important things I should do? I already read... View more
Metro Detroit - Choosing Area for 1st Property to BRRRR
Hello. I've been a member of this site for a few years now, but am only now looking to get active here. I would appreciate if anyone might be able to help me narrow down my search area for my first rental property -... View more
House hack free time
Hello Bp! I purchased my first house hack “HH” (duplex) in Columbus, OH almost 2 months ago. Things have gone extremely well thus far minus a few very minor issues that were great learning opportunities. My investing... View more
Is your BP pro membership a Tax Deduction?
I had purchased my BP pro membership before I had established my LLC for my real estate ventures. Is the cost of the BP pro membership now a tax write off for next year? I also learned from my partner and lawyer that... View more
Totally Crazy? Keep Renting in High Market, Invest in Low Market
I've been listening to the BP podcast and just finished the one with Ashley Hamilton. This had me questioning if it actually made any sense to invest in a more affordable market than mine. At the same time, keep... View more