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Looking for the right contractor for you can be an exhausting, stressful process. Use this forum to discuss contractors, tips for connecting with the correct professional for your job and more. Reliable contractors are key to any rehab, development, or real estate improvement project. Use this space to pick up tips for finding and keeping top-notch professionals in your market. For more information on how to find the right contractor for your job, we encourage you to visit our new and improved contractors page . This page will provide you with questions to ask your contractor, as well as a directory to help you find the contractor you need in your area.

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Rehabbing 6 unit: Little by Little
Max T. Last post by Max T., about 2 hours ago
Max T. Max T. 1 about 2 hours Jump to last post
Is this Estimate to High?
Jonathan Smith Last post by Jonathan Smith, about 13 hours ago
Jonathan Smith Jonathan Smith 6 about 13 hours Jump to last post
General contractors in Phoenix, AZ
Kevin Lor Last post by Kevin Lor, about 15 hours ago
Kevin Lor Kevin Lor 0 about 15 hours Jump to last post
Referrals for General Contractors w/ 203k experience.
David Smith Jr Last post by David Smith Jr, 1 day ago
David Smith Jr David Smith Jr 4 1 day Jump to last post
Formal Letter for incomplete and delay of work for Contractors
Mohammed Washim Last post by Mohammed Washim, 1 day ago
Mohammed Washim Mohammed Washim 2 1 day Jump to last post
Paperwork needed from contractor
Jerry M Cutrona Last post by Jerry M Cutrona, 1 day ago
Jerry M Cutrona Jerry M Cutrona 8 1 day Jump to last post
General contractors Columbus Ohio!
Peter Lohmann Last post by Peter Lohmann, 1 day ago
Peter Lohmann Peter Lohmann 9 1 day Jump to last post
Home Inspection Company
Craig Wilcox Last post by Craig Wilcox, 2 days ago
Craig Wilcox Craig Wilcox 1 2 days Jump to last post
Looking for Reliable Electrician in New Haven CT
Peace Lily Last post by Peace Lily, 2 days ago
Peace Lily Peace Lily 8 2 days Jump to last post
Referals for residential plowing in Manchester NH?
John L DeVitto Jr Last post by John L DeVitto Jr, 7 days ago
John L DeVitto Jr John L DeVitto Jr 2 7 days Jump to last post
Why am I having trouble hiring a contractor?
Ibrahim Hughes Last post by Ibrahim Hughes, 8 days ago
Ibrahim Hughes Ibrahim Hughes 15 8 days Jump to last post
New Construction Sales Team Structure & Pay
Corey Brady Last post by Corey Brady, 9 days ago
Corey Brady Corey Brady 0 9 days Jump to last post
Are you renovating your homes with Green building practices?
Tina McDonald Last post by Tina McDonald, 9 days ago
Tina McDonald Tina McDonald 7 9 days Jump to last post
looking for contractor in the Cleveland, Oh area
Tom Ott Last post by Tom Ott, 9 days ago
Tom Ott Tom Ott 4 9 days Jump to last post
hiring contractor/home inspector/real estate lawyer
Armel Bemmo Last post by Armel Bemmo, 9 days ago
Armel Bemmo Armel Bemmo 0 9 days Jump to last post
Not sure how to handle bad electrical work
Billy Smith Last post by Billy Smith, 10 days ago
Billy Smith Billy Smith 3 10 days Jump to last post
Replacing knob and tubing electrical.
Jaron Walling Last post by Jaron Walling, 10 days ago
Jaron Walling Jaron Walling 2 10 days Jump to last post
Suggestions for Handyman or Handy People in Youngstown, OH
Ian Keslar Last post by Ian Keslar, 10 days ago
Ian Keslar Ian Keslar 2 10 days Jump to last post
2 available properties in Indianapolis $18,000 and $35,000
Nick Giulioni Last post by Nick Giulioni, 11 days ago
Nick Giulioni Nick Giulioni 1 11 days Jump to last post
Recommended GC in Columbus, OH? Preferrably all in one
Austin Steed Last post by Austin Steed, 11 days ago
Austin Steed Austin Steed 3 11 days Jump to last post
Project manager A to Z tampa area
Sivan Aviv Last post by Sivan Aviv, 12 days ago
Sivan Aviv Sivan Aviv 2 12 days Jump to last post
FSI (Floor Space Index)
Oskar Thorvaldsson Last post by Oskar Thorvaldsson, 12 days ago
Oskar Thorvaldsson Oskar Thorvaldsson 1 12 days Jump to last post
Investor friendly inspectors needed in Central Florida
David Bermudez Last post by David Bermudez, 14 days ago
David Bermudez David Bermudez 1 14 days Jump to last post
Structural/foundation classes or info?
Matt M. Last post by Matt M., 16 days ago
Matt M. Matt M. 1 16 days Jump to last post
Reliable contractor for Peekskill
Will Reynolds Last post by Will Reynolds, 16 days ago
Will Reynolds Will Reynolds 1 16 days Jump to last post

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