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Looking for the right contractor for you can be an exhausting, stressful process. Use this forum to discuss contractors, tips for connecting with the correct professional for your job and more. Reliable contractors are key to any rehab, development, or real estate improvement project. Use this space to pick up tips for finding and keeping top-notch professionals in your market. For more information on how to find the right contractor for your job, we encourage you to visit our new and improved contractors page . This page will provide you with questions to ask your contractor, as well as a directory to help you find the contractor you need in your area.

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Looking for contractors
Joshua J Cawthorn Last post by Joshua J Cawthorn, 19 minutes ago
Joshua J Cawthorn Joshua J Cawthorn 2 19 minutes Jump to last post
Asbestos Roof Removal and Replace
RJ Lindsey Last post by RJ Lindsey, about 15 hours ago
RJ Lindsey RJ Lindsey 0 about 15 hours Jump to last post
A contractor's advice needed
Bob Jaeger Last post by Bob Jaeger, about 24 hours ago
Bob Jaeger Bob Jaeger 3 about 24 hours Jump to last post
Construction From the Ground-Up
Levi Bennett Last post by Levi Bennett, 1 day ago
Levi Bennett Levi Bennett 1 1 day Jump to last post
Looking for Rental Property inspector in Chicago
Richard Robinson Last post by Richard Robinson, 1 day ago
Richard Robinson Richard Robinson 2 1 day Jump to last post
Feeling Anxious, need contractor recommendations NW Indiana
Adrien S. Last post by Adrien S., 2 days ago
Adrien S. Adrien S. 1 2 days Jump to last post
Need contractor in Clearwater Florida area
Jennifer Turner Last post by Jennifer Turner, 2 days ago
Jennifer Turner Jennifer Turner 4 2 days Jump to last post
How can I get my land cleared of timber w/o paying a fortune?
Tommy Davidson Last post by Tommy Davidson, 2 days ago
Tommy Davidson Tommy Davidson 18 2 days Jump to last post
GC in NWI recommendation
Melton Thomas Last post by Melton Thomas, 4 days ago
Melton Thomas Melton Thomas 1 4 days Jump to last post
Rental Rehab Phillipsburg, NJ
Daniel Vandenbos Last post by Daniel Vandenbos, 5 days ago
Daniel Vandenbos Daniel Vandenbos 1 5 days Jump to last post
Contractor Referals Virginia Beach, Virginia
Sean Hudgins Last post by Sean Hudgins, 6 days ago
Sean Hudgins Sean Hudgins 3 6 days Jump to last post
Can anyone recommmed a contractor in Long Beach CA please?
Diana Rivera Last post by Diana Rivera, 6 days ago
Diana Rivera Diana Rivera 0 6 days Jump to last post
Looking for a GC for a 203k loan in North Jersey (Hudson county)
Joseph Kaiser Last post by Joseph Kaiser, 6 days ago
Joseph Kaiser Joseph Kaiser 2 6 days Jump to last post
Drywaller in SE Michigan
Saravanan Saravanan Last post by Saravanan Saravanan, 6 days ago
Saravanan Saravanan Saravanan Saravanan 1 6 days Jump to last post
Best practices and issues for partnering with a contractor ?
Kenneth Moerschel Last post by Kenneth Moerschel, 7 days ago
Kenneth Moerschel Kenneth Moerschel 3 7 days Jump to last post
Contractor\estimates needed for Waukee, Ia rehab
Tina McDonald Last post by Tina McDonald, 7 days ago
Tina McDonald Tina McDonald 0 7 days Jump to last post
GC and Electrician for Watertown WI
Chris Gantz Last post by Chris Gantz, 8 days ago
Chris Gantz Chris Gantz 2 8 days Jump to last post
Durham, NC Contractors
Matthew Christman Last post by Matthew Christman, 8 days ago
Matthew Christman Matthew Christman 3 8 days Jump to last post
Need a Contractor in KOP, PA
Kushal Shah Last post by Kushal Shah, 9 days ago
Kushal Shah Kushal Shah 0 9 days Jump to last post
How do I find a good contractor
David Barnett Last post by David Barnett, 10 days ago
David Barnett David Barnett 4 10 days Jump to last post
2 available properties in Indianapolis $18,000 and $35,000
Larry Wilson Last post by Larry Wilson, 11 days ago
Larry Wilson Larry Wilson 2 11 days Jump to last post
Contractor in Indianapolis
Dustin Haug Last post by Dustin Haug, 11 days ago
Dustin Haug Dustin Haug 8 11 days Jump to last post
Tucson AZ contractors and handyman
Quang Dao Last post by Quang Dao, 11 days ago
Quang Dao Quang Dao 0 11 days Jump to last post
Need a reliable GC in Hilo area of Hawaii
Silas Johnson Last post by Silas Johnson, 11 days ago
Silas Johnson Silas Johnson 7 11 days Jump to last post
Contractor near Oakland CA to build new bathroom?
Carrie K. Last post by Carrie K., 11 days ago
Carrie K. Carrie K. 4 11 days Jump to last post

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