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Before investing in real estate, it is good to have a plan of attack, and even better to have a business plan. This forum is for discussing these topics as well as the business structures that are best for making these plans work. i.e. LLCs, Corporation

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Advice/Criticism/Opinions On My Goals - Please & Thank You!
Started by Riley Caldwell
12 Tiny 1444011240 avatar brianl34 Last post by Brian Lacey
about 3 hours ago
How to structure an LLC partnership
Started by Nick G.
0 Tiny 1442426546 avatar nickg500 Last post by Nick G.
about 6 hours ago
How to structure partnership in rental properties
Started by Daniel Karbownik
0 Tiny 1420653834 avatar karbown2 Last post by Daniel Karbownik
about 11 hours ago
A video everyone should watch
Started by Luca Dal Molin
0 Tiny 1440845272 avatar lucad Last post by Luca Dal Molin
2 days ago
Creating an LLC - use my CPA or diy?
Started by Danielle Cage
14 Tiny 1429975595 avatar mindyjensen Last post by Mindy Jensen
3 days ago
Insurance payout question
Started by Ben Rasche
2 Tiny 1414525529 avatar fheller Last post by Fred Heller
3 days ago
How to partner with a contractor?
Started by Roger Poindexter
2 Tiny 1443899136 avatar josueg123 Last post by Josue Guerrero
3 days ago
Need advice: Create 1 company or multiple smaller companies.
Started by Bradley Wells
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Bradley Wells
4 days ago
​How to get experience?
Started by Jeshua Moore
2 Tiny 1438956932 avatar jeshua Last post by Jeshua Moore
4 days ago
property management
Started by Bakrah Clunis
2 Tiny 1439592006 avatar justinb6 Last post by Justin Bieler
4 days ago
How to write a real estate investment proposal?
Started by Lian Shi
0 Tiny 1443977662 avatar lians Last post by Lian Shi
5 days ago
What interview questions would you ask a purchasing manager?
Started by David Billings
0 Tiny 1444155802 avatar davidb137 Last post by David Billings
6 days ago
Getting property into a C Corp
Started by Matthew Gilbert
0 Tiny 1415647428 avatar liquidduck Last post by Matthew Gilbert
6 days ago
Off to travel world. Summit delayed 'til next downturn. RE ROCKS!
Started by J. M.
13 Tiny 1399577641 avatar vandalfan Last post by Jonna Weber
7 days ago
Series LLC Formation Lawyer in Washington DC/MD/VA
Started by Peter Forrest
12 No avatar tiny Last post by Peter Forrest
8 days ago
LLC vs. S Corp
Started by Jonathan Williams
8 Tiny 1442659480 avatar jonathanw25 Last post by Jonathan Williams
9 days ago
LLC, Personal Checks, Don't Pierce the Veil!
Started by Steve Peterson
4 Tiny 1426442742 avatar krazyrent Last post by Cameron Skinner
9 days ago
Business value
Started by Omid Rabbani
3 Tiny 1419143624 avatar chill99 Last post by Daniel Chang
9 days ago

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