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Before investing in real estate, it is good to have a plan of attack, and even better to have a business plan. This forum is for discussing these topics as well as the business structures that are best for making these plans work. i.e. LLCs, Corporation

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is this a good partnership
Started by Chris Nonn
0 Tiny 1399754152 avatar cnonn13 Last post byChris Nonn
about 6 hours ago
Dun & Bradstreet Credit Profile
Started by Stephen Lofthus
5 Tiny 1448386785 avatar jb20 Last post byJ Beard
about 22 hours ago
Dun & Bradsteet Part 3?
Started by Rob Swan
3 Tiny 1448388916 avatar djbenedict Last post byDavid Dachtera
1 day ago
So True
Started by Donald Latson
0 Tiny 1446298047 avatar donaldl4 Last post byDonald Latson
2 days ago
What do you all use to keep track/record your data for REI?
Started by Niko Molina
3 Tiny 1444872270 avatar garyy3 Last post byGary Ytreeide
3 days ago
Started by Ronald Schodowski
1 Tiny 1448324120 avatar greytproperties Last post byChris Seveney
3 days ago
Should I create an LLC, elect it to be S-corp status for $555
Started by Xai Xiong
1 No avatar tiny Last post byAl Wilson
5 days ago
Southern Indiana RE Lawyer
Started by Ace Saxon
2 Tiny 1448386701 avatar jeffreysb Last post byJeffrey S. Breglio
5 days ago
Business Brand Name Opinion
Started by Ana G.
3 Tiny 1448386062 avatar jeremyd11 Last post byJeremy Dolan
6 days ago
New to the game/property management business
Started by Ashley White
2 Tiny 1448323051 avatar mysolo401k Last post byMark Nolan
7 days ago
Money to start Investing
Started by Daniel Moen
10 Tiny 1448339496 avatar danielm88 Last post byDaniel Moen
7 days ago
Finding a Real Estate School
Started by Craig Erickson
6 Tiny 1448323855 avatar maggiel2 Last post byMaggie Lalor
7 days ago
QUICKBOOKS, Is it the only way?
Started by Jamie Wooley
15 Tiny 1448386323 avatar virginiah67 Last post byVirginia H.
8 days ago
How to Partner up an Investor and a Handy-Man?!
Started by Triston Murray
3 Tiny 1418403574 avatar murray 88 Last post byTriston Murray
8 days ago
Iphone business line
Started by Vanessa Pruett-Urie
4 Tiny 1448396699 avatar setterrealty Last post byShane H.
11 days ago
Setting up an LLC for Property Management!
Started by Craig Garrow
3 Tiny 1399733043 avatar craig garrow Last post byCraig Garrow
11 days ago
LLC Real Estate Operating Agreement
Started by KJ Smith
1 Tiny 1448469998 avatar karenb10 Last post byKaren Barber
11 days ago
seekingreal estate investor assistant
Started by Eddie Aydag
3 Tiny 1444154134 avatar kylek36 Last post byKyle K.
11 days ago

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