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Before investing in real estate, it is good to have a plan of attack, and even better to have a business plan. This forum is for discussing these topics as well as the business structures that are best for making these plans work. i.e. LLCs, Corporation

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa REI Groups?
Started by Chris Buesing
5 Tiny 1455126822 avatar chrisb140 Last post byChris Buesing
about 6 hours ago
Started by Gustavo Woltmann
0 No avatar tiny Last post byGustavo Woltmann
about 9 hours ago
What's your number?
Started by Jon Klaus
93 Tiny 1448398806 avatar mi Last post byGeorge P.
1 day ago
Successful Investor Habits
Started by Kory Clark
38 Tiny 1449515093 avatar koryc1 Last post byKory Clark
1 day ago
LLC Real Estate Operating Agreement
Started by KJ Smith
4 Tiny 1448723548 avatar logdog Last post byLogan A.
1 day ago
Should I hold by broker license in an LLC? (Chicago resident)
Started by Damian S.
16 Tiny 1455091121 avatar damians4 Last post byDamian S.
1 day ago
Realistic Cash-on-Cash ROI
Started by Ian Davis
1 Tiny 1452963265 avatar hcinco Last post byHector Chavez
1 day ago
is there a guideline percentage for partnerships??
Started by Doug Silverman
9 No avatar tiny Last post byMichael Haynes
2 days ago
Please advise - marketing language
Started by Matthew Rubsamen
0 Tiny 1454966159 avatar venture34 Last post byMatthew Rubsamen
2 days ago
Corporate Attorney for Multiple Markets - Company Structure?
Started by Linda Malavet
2 No avatar tiny Last post byEdward Gonzalez
2 days ago
Starting a PM company for my own properties
Started by Manuel Rocha
0 No avatar tiny Last post byManuel Rocha
2 days ago
Transfer title of properties to LLC in PA
Started by Phillip Behrens
11 No avatar tiny Last post byPhillip Behrens
2 days ago
Started by Rigoberto PeraZa
0 No avatar tiny Last post byRigoberto PeraZa
3 days ago
Started by Rigoberto PeraZa
0 No avatar tiny Last post byRigoberto PeraZa
3 days ago
Business Partnerships for Single Family Homes.
Started by Kevin Dolan
3 Tiny 1413082308 avatar kevdolan Last post byKevin Dolan
3 days ago
Protecting Your Home
Started by James Norton
1 Tiny 1448387013 avatar csoignier Last post byChris Soignier
3 days ago
LLP or LLC???
Started by Pat Bruton
7 Tiny 1448388860 avatar brianc45 Last post byBrian Cloud
4 days ago
Starting a Partnership, partner has a lot more capital.
Started by Charles Fletcher
0 No avatar tiny Last post byCharles Fletcher
4 days ago

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