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Profit split in partnerships
If Jimmy and John get into a long term partnership on real estate deals. Jimmy finances 100% and John finds good deals to invest in and manage the investment. Jimmy gets in the money and John decides what to do with... View more
How do I hire a rockstar?
It occurred to me that I have no idea how to find good people to hire and I figured I'd hop on here and see who has advice! I am a real estate entrepreneur that's been investing since 2015, but until 2018 I wasn't... View more
What is Whosaling??
Hey, trying to get a full grasp on what wholesalers do and how wholesaling works. I keep getting mixed answers. Anyone have a solid answer?Thanks
What is the legal side of registering a business software?
Hey, I'm new to this forum, real estate business as well! I have been working in the finance sector for the past two years and was being involved in a few real estate deals. I still don't have adequate expertise in... View more
Is it okay to use my personal cell phone for LLC business?
This might sound like a strange question, but I plan to use my personal cell phone to take applicant phone calls for the LLC (which I currently do for properties that I own in my name). The bill is in my own name, of... View more
Anonymity Llc structure
Anyone have experience setting up anonymity with a Delaware/Wyoming Llc? I understand the concept, but not sure on how to officially set up the structure. Is it as simple as filing a manager managed in Delaware?
What is the Going Rate for Partnerships?
Hello,My husband is a licensed GC who has been doing flips pretty much exclusively for the last 5 years. I am a licensed agent and accredited stager. We are talking with some investors about forming a partnership on a... View more
Website for Multiple LLC's
I've been reading some management books lately and love the idea of having a website for my business. I am assuming I just need one website for all of the properties that I own, but I'm not sure. (They are in separate... View more
Im gonna try Virtual assistants tomorrow
Business is about systems. One of my favorite books is E-myths. The book preaches “working on your business not in your business. One of the most tedious low value parts of real estate investing is skip tracing which... View more
Today I had to call off from my W2. I was just not feeling well. I was coughing, muscle aches, chills, and headache.If I was running my real estate business by myself I would have to had an unproductive day for my... View more
How to handle AirBnb payments?
I’ll be starting an airbnb property management company. There will be 4 properties in total. 2 of which I own, and the remaining 2 we’ll be managing for clients. How does one handle the payments for each property? For... View more
Newbies wondering how to structure partnership
Hello! We have an offer in on our first investment, yay! I have had a design consulting business before, but never in real estate and never with a partner. What's the best way to structure our business so it's... View more
LLC Accounting Questions for New LLC Owners
Hi everyone!My husband @Kevin Kovalsky and I have been in the process of setting up a business structure for our rental properties where each property is in its own LLC and then all the individual building LLC's are... View more
as a business owner you need to be firm
I'm all about helping people and being understanding. If people in the team make a mistake I'll give them encouragement and a chance to fix the problem. My issue comes when mistakes are repeated and it costs me money.... View more
Mastermind Group to Grow
Hello BP.  Wondering if anyone has recommendations for a mastermind group to join.  I bought my first triplex to fix and rent out last year and am still in the process of getting if fixed up.  I am eager to hopefully... View more
Short Term Rentals Dedicated Website
Hi, I have 2 vacation properties in the Northeast that we rent of AirBnB and Vrbo. Recently I’ve been considering building a dedicated website to outline our properties. Just curious if it’s worth it and if anybody had... View more
Accountability for your dispositions agent in Virtual Wholesaling
Hi BP,I’ve been virtual wholesaling for the past 4 years in Indianapolis with my team. Currently, we have a TC, Dispo and Acquisitions agent. Everyone is remote except my dispo who acts as boots on the ground. He’s... View more
Purchasing Second Home
Good evening all!What I am looking to do is get out of my FHA by cashout refi, use the cash for a down payment, (where I live I can get into a Multi-Unit home with FHA with just 3K down) and get into another FHA for... View more
Does it make sense to start an LLC with a partner as an LLC?
I am thinking of partnering with a friend,starting an LLC and buying and managing investment properties. Would it make sense to start my own LLC first, and that LLC would be considered the partner in the bigger LLC. I... View more
Scaling your business
So I have been investing in real estate for about 18 months now, and as per my business model and aggressive growth structure I have now five properties under my belt--totaling 13 units. As such, the time has come to... View more
How do you get more referrals?
Hey I’m a car salesman in central Florida. I want to grow my customer base and build up my clientele. I know this isn’t real estate related but it’s somewhat business related and I see a lot of people networking on... View more
How to set up REI business
Hi everyone! New to bigger pockets and have a question. I have had a rental property for 7 years that I have just kept in my personal name and claimed on my personal taxes (it was my townhouse from before marriage so... View more