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Welcome to the BiggerPockets New Member Introductions Forum -- a great place to tell everyone who you are and what kind of interest you have in Real Estate. We put together some tips and guidelines for introducing yourself, please take a minute to read them before you post yours.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
New member in Port Charlotte, FL
Started by Dorthea Ingram
1 Tiny 1437778389 avatar scotttrench Last post by Scott Trench
1 minute ago
Investor in North Carolina
Started by Clarence Taylor
1 Tiny 1444704987 avatar bartn1 Last post by Bart Neyman
10 minutes ago
New investor in Valparaiso, IN
Started by Linnea Minnema
2 Tiny 1435028986 avatar adriennwi Last post by Adrien Chabot
18 minutes ago
New Member Eager TO Learn
Started by Eric Duran
12 Tiny 1444415324 avatar ashleywishinski Last post by Ashley Wishinski
27 minutes ago
Newbie in North Texas
Started by Jerry Brawner
2 Tiny 1432776899 avatar scottb18 Last post by Scott Beck
38 minutes ago
Hi - we're here in Pinellas County, Florida
Started by Rhona Wahl
4 Tiny 1442296530 avatar reneas Last post by Renea Steward
about 1 hour ago
New Member from Cleveland, Ohio
Started by Darella Motley
14 Tiny 1444482024 avatar darella Last post by Darella Motley
about 2 hours ago
Newbie investor interested in sub 30k markets
Started by Jeff Parkin
40 Tiny 1398941190 avatar mllee Last post by Michael Lee
about 2 hours ago
Wholesaler Las Vegas
Started by Patrick Tyll
1 Tiny 1437778389 avatar scotttrench Last post by Scott Trench
about 2 hours ago
I'm new!!!
Started by Chandler Hunter
0 Tiny 1444729426 avatar chandlerh Last post by Chandler Hunter
about 2 hours ago
New Member from Kalamazoo, MI
Started by Andy Schreuder
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Matt Leighty
about 2 hours ago
Newbie in Stamford CT
Started by Simon Aristizabal
3 Tiny 1404857825 avatar carringtongroup Last post by Jacqueline Carrington
about 3 hours ago
​Newbie from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada!
Started by Elliott Sulz
3 Tiny 1423899005 avatar mysolo401k Last post by Mark Nolan
about 4 hours ago
Investor from California
Started by Theodore(ted) Fields
9 Tiny 1414783407 avatar serge0101 Last post by Sergey Tkachev
about 4 hours ago
Probate real estate investing
Started by Michael Tollerson
2 Tiny 1430802053 avatar rtpg1 Last post by Rick Harmon
about 5 hours ago
Programmer/Analyst (Los Angeles,Ca)
Started by Derrick Snearl
15 Tiny 1443831121 avatar marquesw Last post by Marques Wood
about 5 hours ago
Started by Andino Delve
0 Tiny 1444670769 avatar andino Last post by Andino Delve
about 6 hours ago

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