New Member Introductions
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How to Introduce Yourself to the BiggerPockets Community
Here are some guidelines to help you with your introduction post here in the BiggerPockets New Member Introductions forum. Please follow the following approach to introducing yourself: 1. Please try and... View more
Newbie in Wichita KS
Hello bigger pockets!  I have been reading and learning for a few months.  I finally purchased my first property in Wichita and am in the process of rehabbing now.  I am not someone that posts to sites much but I am... View more
New member in Milwaukee
I recently joined BP after having been enjoying the benefits of great information and discussion across the site.  My background is in retail banking and I've since moved to a management role at a fintech firm but I'm... View more
Investor near Raleigh NC
Hello everyone!! My name is James Crosby and I live near Raleigh NC and I'm a buy and hold investor. I have a few single family residences and have quite a few mobile homes that I rent out. Being a landlord is my full... View more
How to Cash-out Refi new Rental property?
Hello BP,We are excited to finally join the Bigger Pockets group of motivated Entrepreneurs!  My wife and I are looking to cash out refinance our rental property in Richland, WA to further expand our rental portfolio.... View more
Where are you from and what are you working on?
Hello! My name's Dan and I'm a beginner investor trying to start a wholesaling business. I live in illinois and I love cats. What are you working on and where are you from? 
Savannah, Ga/Beaufort, SC investing through COVID
Good Evening everyone! My name is Chad Pruitt and I am a new investor looking to start my journey in the Savannah/Beaufort lowcountry area. I served in the Marines and was stationed in Beaufort 2013-2017. I loved the... View more
Hello Bigger Pockets Community
Hello BiggerPockets Community!First and foremost, I wanted to say thank you to the community who has provided innumerable insights into the Real Estate investing world.To start with, I've been a lurker on BiggerPockets... View more
My New life journey / Hello to all
Hello BiggerPockets. I was VERY hesitant on posting any time soon but I said why not.  I am VERY new to real estate investing, I have found my desire and fascination with real estate through the work of Brandon... View more
Hawaii foreclosure advice
Hi everyone. New here and to real estate. I have a few questions I’m hoping to get some help with. I have the opportunity to either get on a deed to a foreclosed property on Oahu that has a house and land that can be... View more
New to Real Estate in Lawrence, Ks
Hey everyone, My name is Alex and I live in Lawrence, Kansas. I'm new to BP and am working towards buying my first BRRRR property although I have quite aways to go. I don't know anyone that understands financing and... View more
New Investor Getting Started in Baltimore, MD
Hi everyone! I'm Qua, a new soon to be investor in Baltimore, MD. I currently have an investment property in Las Vegas and am looking forward to expanding my rental portfolio to the East Coast, where I was born and... View more
New to BP: focused on rental properties in Atlanta, GA
Hello Bigger Pockets, In August of 2020 I formed an LLC for investing in rental properties focusing on the Atlanta metro area. The BP website has provided information and experiences that were extremely helpful for... View more
Looking for networks in Pensacola
Hi everyone! I am a very beginner as in still reading books to find my niche, I have just completed Brandon Turners book "How To Invest In Real Estate". Now I am on to the next! Im excited, motivated and ready to... View more
Sellers wants me to propose an agreeable seller financed offer...
Hello All,  I've been using all my free time since November when I cashed in $30k worth of my 401Ks to educate myself and find the right invest in a college rental property.  Seller financing is great for me as my part... View more
6 Keys to Unlock Your Pathway to Success!!!
👇🏽6 Keys to Unlock Your Pathway to Success: 👇🏻👉🏽1) Clarity is power. You won't create the life that you deserve if you are not clear about what you want. 👉🏻2) What you want, needs to be exciting enough to get you out... View more
Best place to look for a HELOC in Broward County, Florida
Hello everyone, I am a newbie and so excited to be here on this site!!!I am in my 2nd Condo, rehabbed the first, lived there a long time and did well on resale several years ago, now I live in a condo and I will be... View more
Cleveland Real Estate Mastermind?!
Hi All, My partner and I are real estate investors from Seattle. We recently re-located to Cleveland temporarily to grow our real estate business. We are focused on multi-family cash flow investments. We currently own... View more
Help is appreciated
So I’m 17 about to be 18 in July and I’m interested in becoming a real estate investor I know a lot of the basics but i am a bit confused by the brrrr method. Specifically the refi part.
Pocono Realtor
Hi, my name is Sean Regan.  I am located in Luzerne County, PA.  My team of agents & I are based out the cities of Wilke-Barre & Hazlton.  We are licensed Real Estate Agents always available to help folks buy... View more
New to the BP Community!
Hello  everyone!My name is Camille and I am new to the Bigger Pockets community. My husband and I have a strong interest in Wholesaling and our aim is to build up personal capital to do buy and holds in the future. We... View more
OLD properties and SPAM on your (Find Deal Listings)
i think the site looks great and being ale to connect with others is great but when i want to use the site to look for properties im like hey look @ that house and the listing is over 2 years old this... View more
New investor wanting to BRRRR
Hi, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard Kalnitz. I'm a medical instrument technician currently working for Roche Diagnostics and living in the Fox Lake IL area. In addition to that I am a Real Estate... View more