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Welcome to the BiggerPockets New Member Introductions forum. This is a great place to tell other BiggerPockets members who you are and what interest you have in real estate investing. We put together some tips and guidelines for introducing yourself, so please take a minute to read them before you post yours. If you are new and overwhelmed, we highly recommend that you start with our Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing.

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Team of newbies in Western Colorado
Michael Sato Last post by Michael Sato, 4 days ago
Michael Sato Michael Sato 1 4 days Jump to last post
Hi I am new to property investment and from Tauranga, New Zealand
Lindsay Stewart Last post by Lindsay Stewart, 4 days ago
Lindsay Stewart Lindsay Stewart 8 4 days Jump to last post
Warm hello from an RE investor in NYC!
Angel-Ty L. Last post by Angel-Ty L., 4 days ago
Angel-Ty L. Angel-Ty L. 8 4 days Jump to last post
I want to get into real estate but don’t know where to start
Aaron Belt Last post by Aaron Belt, 4 days ago
Aaron Belt Aaron Belt 1 4 days Jump to last post
Detroit beginning investor.
May Emery Last post by May Emery, 4 days ago
May Emery May Emery 8 4 days Jump to last post
Twin Cities Couple looking for Playmates
Kurt Pauley Last post by Kurt Pauley, 4 days ago
Kurt Pauley Kurt Pauley 7 4 days Jump to last post
New Member / Recent Texas A&M Grad
Preston Curling Last post by Preston Curling, 4 days ago
Preston Curling Preston Curling 8 4 days Jump to last post
Excited Super-Newb in Salt Lake City, UT
Diane Sanders Last post by Diane Sanders, 4 days ago
Diane Sanders Diane Sanders 12 4 days Jump to last post
Maybe just another new guy
Wes Smith Last post by Wes Smith, 4 days ago
Wes Smith Wes Smith 10 4 days Jump to last post
Starting Out in Real Estate
Dalton Eschberger Last post by Dalton Eschberger, 4 days ago
Dalton Eschberger Dalton Eschberger 4 4 days Jump to last post
Med Student Seeking Advice
Dylan Smith Last post by Dylan Smith, 4 days ago
Dylan Smith Dylan Smith 4 4 days Jump to last post
Dave Hutson Last post by Dave Hutson, 4 days ago
Dave Hutson Dave Hutson 23 4 days Jump to last post
Whats next for a new home owner looking to become and INVESTOR
Jacob Kalanihuli Moniz Naki Last post by Jacob Kalanihuli Moniz Naki, 4 days ago
Jacob Kalanihuli Moniz Naki Jacob Kalanihuli Moniz Naki 5 4 days Jump to last post
Newbie! Intro & looking for advice :)
Joseph Bernal Last post by Joseph Bernal, 4 days ago
Joseph Bernal Joseph Bernal 2 4 days Jump to last post
San Diego Member Intro
Jack Zicovich Last post by Jack Zicovich, 4 days ago
Jack Zicovich Jack Zicovich 2 4 days Jump to last post
First Potential Investment Property
Jacob James Last post by Jacob James, 4 days ago
Jacob James Jacob James 4 4 days Jump to last post
I need 2 sell in my home in Ca we moved in April 2019...yikes!!!
Danny T. Last post by Danny T., 4 days ago
Danny T. Danny T. 7 4 days Jump to last post
How to get started in real estate investment
Curtis White Last post by Curtis White, 4 days ago
Curtis White Curtis White 2 4 days Jump to last post
Real Estate Conference
Dawn Brenengen Last post by Dawn Brenengen, 4 days ago
Dawn Brenengen Dawn Brenengen 1 4 days Jump to last post
Just found out about the whole sale market.
Zachary Peek Last post by Zachary Peek, 4 days ago
Zachary Peek Zachary Peek 2 4 days Jump to last post
Newbie from Ottawa, Illinois
Anthoney Hanks Last post by Anthoney Hanks, 4 days ago
Anthoney Hanks Anthoney Hanks 3 4 days Jump to last post
A quick update from us
Donnie Martens Last post by Donnie Martens, 5 days ago
Don Harris Don Harris 7 4 days Jump to last post
Augusta GA Investors
Paul Rush Last post by Paul Rush, 4 days ago
Paul Rush Paul Rush 11 4 days Jump to last post
Hi guys - can't wait to join the ranks!
John L. Last post by John L., 4 days ago
John L. John L. 5 4 days Jump to last post
New Investor in Battle Creek, MI
Josh Slater Last post by Josh Slater, 29 days ago
Vince Gethings Vince Gethings 2 4 days Jump to last post

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