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There are other ways to finance a property than the standard mortgage. Using creative techniques to buy, sell, finance and invest in real estate is a great path for those with the knowledge to do so.

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How to finance the rehabbing of a Buy and Hold Investment?
Started by Greg N.
18 Tiny 1429373915 avatar gregonow Last post by Greg N.
about 1 hour ago
My first BRRRR -- Auroa,IL --- Thanks BP....
Started by Kumar Paj
7 Tiny 1419311050 avatar tradetalents Last post by Craig Wilcox
about 2 hours ago
16 Unit Complex on a Lake, I want to Buy It!
Started by Joel Florek
12 Tiny 1399650877 avatar justaskbenwhy Last post by Ben Leybovich
about 4 hours ago
Creative strategy or just no deal? Help please
Started by Jeremy Isaacs
1 Tiny 1433398250 avatar reiskills Last post by Brian Gibbons
about 4 hours ago
Can I do this and how?
Started by Joshus Light
5 Tiny 1414440781 avatar kmarie Last post by K. marie P.
about 4 hours ago
Just purchased 4 condos in the Raleigh, NC area, HELOC?
Started by Calvin Lin
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Calvin Lin
about 4 hours ago
BRRR & Delayed financing
Started by Peter Forrest
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Peter Forrest
about 4 hours ago
Started by Dan Kalis
0 Tiny 1430328153 avatar kalisbrothers Last post by Dan Kalis
about 5 hours ago
Financing small short-term loan
Started by Kyle Farrah
0 Tiny 1443709519 avatar kylef8 Last post by Kyle Farrah
about 6 hours ago
Refinancing or Cashing out of Hard Money Loans?
Started by Heather Stoffle
2 Tiny 1399488951 avatar br Last post by Bryan R.
about 16 hours ago
628 Fico Credit Score, How to Finance Investments?
Started by Matthew Langberg
11 Tiny 1438623524 avatar matthewl17 Last post by Matthew Langberg
about 18 hours ago
Financial strategy
Started by Robert Williams
0 Tiny 1440907540 avatar robertw37 Last post by Robert Williams
about 23 hours ago
How to raise financing for expansion: 5+ properties?
Started by Ken Chud
1 No avatar tiny Last post by Ken Chud
1 day ago
Help getting a loan
Started by Shannon King
1 Tiny 1409436727 avatar shannontking123 Last post by Shannon King
1 day ago
How to buy 2nd investment property!?
Started by Paul Nagel
1 No avatar tiny Last post by Paul Nagel
1 day ago
Seller Financing Vs Conventional for first time rental w/caveat
Started by Jonathan Davis
8 Tiny 1442972927 avatar jjdavis85 Last post by Jonathan Davis
1 day ago
Financing advice with an interesting situation
Started by John Conner
6 Tiny 1440802036 avatar alexanderc13 Last post by Alexander Correa
2 days ago
Owner fiance
Started by Andrew Bradley
0 Tiny 1399682529 avatar nwi drew Last post by Andrew Bradley
2 days ago
Joint Package 2 Property FHA Loan
Started by Adam Fuhrman
2 Tiny 1434580621 avatar upenpatel Last post by Upen Patel
2 days ago

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