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There are other ways to finance a property than the standard mortgage. Using creative techniques to buy, sell, finance and invest in real estate is a great path for those with the knowledge to do so. For more information on the different types of mortgage types and also a list of frequently asked questions about mortgage loans we encourage you to visit our mortgage calculator page . On this page you are able to analyze the deals, discover different mortgage types and learn which questions you should be asking about mortgages.

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Financing Investment Deals - Important Read
Mary Johnson Last post by Mary Johnson, 6 months ago
Mary Johnson Mary Johnson 34 6 months Jump to last post
Best way to get started
Jordan L White Last post by Jordan L White, 41 minutes ago
Jordan L White Jordan L White 0 41 minutes Jump to last post
Cash problem ahead of closing - HELP
Doug McLeod Last post by Doug McLeod, about 1 hour ago
Doug McLeod Doug McLeod 0 about 1 hour Jump to last post
Need Advice about potential investor
Tom S. Last post by Tom S., about 2 hours ago
Tom S. Tom S. 1 about 2 hours Jump to last post
Fund & Grow Financing
Pavel Shemyakin Last post by Pavel Shemyakin, about 8 hours ago
Pavel Shemyakin Pavel Shemyakin 814 about 8 hours Jump to last post
AiO mortgage sandiego
Charles Terry Last post by Charles Terry, about 8 hours ago
Charles Terry Charles Terry 6 about 8 hours Jump to last post
Be Creative! Low Short Term Credit Balance
Chris Conde Last post by Chris Conde, about 12 hours ago
Chris Conde Chris Conde 7 about 12 hours Jump to last post
AirBNB Financing Possible?
Leo B. Last post by Leo B., about 20 hours ago
Leo B. Leo B. 15 about 20 hours Jump to last post
Seller Financing in NJ
Justin Abdilla Last post by Justin Abdilla, 1 day ago
Justin Abdilla Justin Abdilla 1 1 day Jump to last post
Buying from wholesaler
Kevin Romines Last post by Kevin Romines, 1 day ago
Kevin Romines Kevin Romines 2 1 day Jump to last post
Help Me, Help Them. Option lease, Seller finance?
Marc Winter Last post by Marc Winter, 1 day ago
Marc Winter Marc Winter 6 1 day Jump to last post
Looking for PML/HML for KC area
Steve Kirsch Last post by Steve Kirsch, 1 day ago
Steve Kirsch Steve Kirsch 2 1 day Jump to last post
Heloc or home equity loan?
Josh Michael Last post by Josh Michael, 1 day ago
Josh Michael Josh Michael 3 1 day Jump to last post
tech pay increases 6% in austin area
Aaron Gordy Last post by Aaron Gordy, 1 day ago
Aaron Gordy Aaron Gordy 0 1 day Jump to last post
Fund & Grow Case Study
Jamen Armendariz Last post by Jamen Armendariz, 2 days ago
Jamen Armendariz Jamen Armendariz 94 2 days Jump to last post
Denise Hill Last post by Denise Hill, 2 days ago
Denise Hill Denise Hill 117 2 days Jump to last post
HUD Section 184 Loan
Tara Ballenger Last post by Tara Ballenger, 2 days ago
Tara Ballenger Tara Ballenger 9 2 days Jump to last post
Delia Lopez Last post by Delia Lopez, 2 days ago
Delia Lopez Delia Lopez 9 2 days Jump to last post
Using business credit for RE investing
Kevin Edwards Last post by Kevin Edwards, 3 days ago
Kevin Edwards Kevin Edwards 3 3 days Jump to last post
Germany (the country) Seller Financing
Joe Podwats Last post by Joe Podwats, 3 days ago
Joe Podwats Joe Podwats 0 3 days Jump to last post
203k Financing: good idea?
Nick Scapellati Last post by Nick Scapellati, 4 days ago
Nick Scapellati Nick Scapellati 9 4 days Jump to last post
Borrowing Private Money - Family & Friends
Jeffrey Boyce Last post by Jeffrey Boyce, 4 days ago
Jeffrey Boyce Jeffrey Boyce 24 4 days Jump to last post
LOC on San Antonio and Austin Investment Properties (Texas)
Ben Wilde Last post by Ben Wilde, 4 days ago
Ben Wilde Ben Wilde 0 4 days Jump to last post
NJ cash out refi lender
Pete Fiorini Last post by Pete Fiorini, 4 days ago
Pete Fiorini Pete Fiorini 4 4 days Jump to last post
Financing a Multi-family with Line of Credit
Andrew Postell Last post by Andrew Postell, 4 days ago
Andrew Postell Andrew Postell 3 4 days Jump to last post

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