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There are other ways to finance a property than the standard mortgage. Using creative techniques to buy, sell, finance and invest in real estate is a great path for those with the knowledge to do so.

Learn more about creative techniques from:
The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down

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Self-directed IRA & BRRR?
Started by Shawn Smith
10 Tiny 1440341046 avatar shawns9 Last post byShawn Smith
about 8 hours ago
Refi with CashOut vs Straight Refi
Started by Manny Jisrawi
0 Tiny 1434747323 avatar mannyj Last post byManny Jisrawi
about 8 hours ago
Where are the notes at?
Started by Chase Gochnauer
2 No avatar tiny Last post byYating Wang
about 13 hours ago
HELOC or Cash out refi in Jacksonville Florida
Started by Isiee Koch
2 Tiny 1454166375 avatar fcifunding Last post byMichael Loflin
about 13 hours ago
Homeready loan for investors
Started by Joe G.
0 Tiny 1455303129 avatar joeg47 Last post byJoe G.
about 14 hours ago
ADVICE Please...... Got to be a way to get $ out
Started by Michael Dunn
9 Tiny 1454166375 avatar fcifunding Last post byMichael Loflin
about 17 hours ago
Lokking for private money in Springfield, mo
Started by Jonny Jeppsen
2 Tiny 1455289043 avatar csm634s Last post byCasey Mericle
about 18 hours ago
Commercial loans
Started by Andrew Ogunlana
1 Tiny 1435553723 avatar randyl1 Last post byRandy Landman
about 24 hours ago
Has anybody ever heard of this lending strategy
Started by Rob Smith
8 Tiny 1448388883 avatar tag0418 Last post bySimon Shih
1 day ago
Financing/Sales options on a home w/ a squatter
Started by Jeff Deville
0 Tiny 1399785114 avatar jeffdeville Last post byJeff Deville
1 day ago
Seller Financing
Started by Marc Cesar
6 Tiny 1399680458 avatar mcesar50 Last post byMarc Cesar
1 day ago
Subject to
Started by Darian Stewart
2 No avatar tiny Last post byDarian Stewart
1 day ago
Is there a home buying program or grant for Navajo?
Started by Mindy Jensen
2 Tiny 1448386058 avatar mindyjensen Last post byMindy Jensen
1 day ago
Creative Financing: Strategies?
Started by Ian Davis
2 No avatar tiny Last post byIan Davis
1 day ago
Low-Down Loans?
Started by David Rocca
6 Tiny 1427480579 avatar jakethomas Last post byJake Thomas
1 day ago
DFW Lenders for Cash Out Refi on 5th Mortgage
Started by Hakim Ali
2 Tiny 1453755461 avatar rohits Last post byRohit Singh
3 days ago
Quit Claim Deed to be used as Creative Financing.
Started by Oraude Boston
3 No avatar tiny Last post byDion DePaoli
3 days ago
Portfolio Loans 2016
Started by Lane K.
6 Tiny 1399567975 avatar ukefuture Last post byLane K.
3 days ago
Financing options on Vacant Land
Started by Justin Nero
1 Tiny 1452663760 avatar pdinvestments Last post byRyan Pettitt
3 days ago

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