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There are other ways to finance a property than the standard mortgage. Using creative techniques to buy, sell, finance and invest in real estate is a great path for those with the knowledge to do so. For more information on the different types of mortgage types and also a list of frequently asked questions about mortgage loans we encourage you to visit our mortgage calculator page . On this page you are able to analyze the deals, discover different mortgage types and learn which questions you should be asking about mortgages.

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Hard money questions
Odie Ayaga Last post by Odie Ayaga, 12 days ago
Odie Ayaga Odie Ayaga 5 12 days Jump to last post
I found a deal. Now what?
Pablo Davidov Last post by Pablo Davidov, 12 days ago
Pablo Davidov Pablo Davidov 4 12 days Jump to last post
$10k - $30k Short term loan little W2 income
Joseph Newton Last post by Joseph Newton, 12 days ago
Joseph Newton Joseph Newton 0 12 days Jump to last post
Are HELOC based off Tax Accessed Value?
Nik Moushon Last post by Nik Moushon, 12 days ago
Nik Moushon Nik Moushon 5 12 days Jump to last post
Philly 100% LTV Refi Loan
Jimmy O'Connor Last post by Jimmy O'Connor, 12 days ago
Jimmy O'Connor Jimmy O'Connor 2 12 days Jump to last post
Home Equity Financing Options
Robert Palladino Last post by Robert Palladino, 13 days ago
Robert Palladino Robert Palladino 2 13 days Jump to last post
A Seasoning work-around?
Nick Gann Last post by Nick Gann, 13 days ago
Nick Gann Nick Gann 10 13 days Jump to last post
Negotiating nursing home judgments?
Ibrahim Hughes Last post by Ibrahim Hughes, 13 days ago
Ibrahim Hughes Ibrahim Hughes 0 13 days Jump to last post
Newbie alert! HELOC vs Refinance? Opinions?
Shauna Mooney Last post by Shauna Mooney, 13 days ago
Shauna Mooney Shauna Mooney 2 13 days Jump to last post
Heloc on rental properties
Daria B. Last post by Daria B., 13 days ago
Daria B. Daria B. 6 13 days Jump to last post
What are some creative financing methods?
Quentin Mitchell Last post by Quentin Mitchell, 14 days ago
Quentin Mitchell Quentin Mitchell 8 14 days Jump to last post
How do you get less that 20% down on a property?
Matt Bucklaew Last post by Matt Bucklaew, 14 days ago
Matt Bucklaew Matt Bucklaew 5 14 days Jump to last post
Bank Statement Loan for Self-Employed
Jim Salvatore Last post by Jim Salvatore, 14 days ago
Jim Salvatore Jim Salvatore 11 14 days Jump to last post
Any solid info on VA Vendee financing? Any lenders?
Mai Eason Last post by Mai Eason, 14 days ago
Mai Eason Mai Eason 30 14 days Jump to last post
Foreign National Mortgages - Ohio
Thomas Worbech Last post by Thomas Worbech, 14 days ago
Thomas Worbech Thomas Worbech 2 14 days Jump to last post
Can Buyer for a Wrap Around Mortgage Report Payments to Bureaus?
Richard Glen Last post by Richard Glen, 14 days ago
Richard Glen Richard Glen 2 14 days Jump to last post
Mobile home note taxes
Anthony Milana Last post by Anthony Milana, 14 days ago
Anthony Milana Anthony Milana 0 14 days Jump to last post
Erik Hansen Last post by Erik Hansen, 14 days ago
Erik Hansen Erik Hansen 1 14 days Jump to last post
Assuming loan and owner financing questions
Mark Durham Last post by Mark Durham, 14 days ago
Mark Durham Mark Durham 4 14 days Jump to last post
Doctor loans for investing
Michael Heisterkamp Last post by Michael Heisterkamp, 15 days ago
Michael Heisterkamp Michael Heisterkamp 8 15 days Jump to last post
Looking for $100,000 in Funding to do 2-3 Fix&Flips Blanket Loan
Boone Bergsma Last post by Boone Bergsma, 15 days ago
Boone Bergsma Boone Bergsma 5 15 days Jump to last post
Stumble on a property now what
Federico Patino Last post by Federico Patino, 15 days ago
Federico Patino Federico Patino 3 15 days Jump to last post
Selling home equity to a family member
Mike M. Last post by Mike M., 15 days ago
Mike M. Mike M. 1 15 days Jump to last post
Leveraging to purchase our next rental property
Nhu Vu Last post by Nhu Vu, 15 days ago
Nhu Vu Nhu Vu 7 15 days Jump to last post
Recently self-employed and can’t find financing...thoughts?
Jayson Pocius Last post by Jayson Pocius, 16 days ago
Jayson Pocius Jayson Pocius 10 16 days Jump to last post

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