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BiggerPockets is Seeking an Apparel Vendor!
The BiggerPockets team is seeking a third-party vendor that will allow us to sell merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, and more!  We need a company that will: - Provide a way for people to purchase these items directly... View more
Real Estate Related Jobs (Not Agent Related)
Hello everyone. Over the past 9-10 months I have been studying real estate investing day in and day out. I’ve read countless books, listened to dozens of hours worth of podcast, and talked with others to help develop... View more
Bigger Pockets app not working for me
So I've been using the app a lot lately and i was curious why I wasn't getting any notifications ( I was answering a lot of questions and trying to connect with a lot of people). Just saw I had more than 20... View more
TRAC Vehicle Lease for Realtors
I own a family run property management business. There are 4 family members and we all put a lot of miles on our vehicles driving from showing to showing and property inspection to property inspection. If we purchase a... View more
What are your goals for 2021?
Hello, I am new to real estate investing, but would like to know what kind of goals everyone has set for the new year? I myself am using the calculators daily to understand and get my knowledge of the numbers. I just... View more
Purchasing a platform for house flipping
I almost went through with the purchase and they asked me which level I wanted. That is when I paused to research the levels and the I stumbled upon these reviews. I am not looking forward to being ripped off. So... View more
The Power of Stories
Hey BP! I am a huge believer in the power of stories. I believe there is a part of everyone's story that we can learn from. With that in mind one thing I have considered is being a newbie is starting a blog to track my... View more
The real estate community lost a good man. Rick Jarman
Rick Jarman (realestateoldschool) passed away from covid. I enjoyed the podcast he did with BiggerPockets and loved all of his Instagram videos. Rip Rick... View more
BP bookstore issues?
Anyone else having issues with books from the BP bookstore? Bought the ultimate edition of managing rental props but no e-links. No response from support. Reply if you’re having similar issues and no, nothing in my... View more
Is Florida a good market ?
Hi!I’m new to the community and would appreciate any advice ,I’m interested in entering the real estate investment market , I have to say It’s a little scary. I listens to David’s podcast last night .My questions are... View more
Loan Officer Questions
Anyone a Loan Officer or Mortgage Broker? I just started my classes on CompuCram, but it feels like it just through me in the pit.... Where or how could I get a better understanding or can someone help as far as how to... View more
Ryan Dossey CFF Program
Who here apart of BP has experience with this program? If you have I’d love to hear your feedback.What other programs out there would you say are comparable?
Banks for investment properties (not a loan)
Hi everyone! So I just put in offer on my first investment SFR. From what I understand I should be opening a separate bank account for everything that has to do with the rental financials. My question follows; is there... View more
How do I find people in need of a cohost on air bnb?
I’m looking to potentially start cohosting for air bnb owners. I’m trying to find the best way to go about finding hosts in need of assistance but I am having trouble finding people. If anyone has experience or could... View more
How to approach a non listing
I was wondering if I could get some advice from the community on how to approach this situation. I'm currently renting a half duplex, adjacent to us is a daycare, and directly behind the daycare is a retired gentlemen... View more
Moving to North Carolina
Greetings! I am transitioning out of the military and will be moving to North Carolina with my girlfriend in May. I’m really excited but we are having a difficult time narrowing down our focus on a specific area..Is... View more
Heloc vs refinance question
Hey!I own a single family free and clear. I would like to take out a heloc on it. It is non owner occupied. The rate I’m looking at is 4.75%. First 10 paying interest, next 20 principal...Is it possible to refinance... View more