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BiggerPockets is Seeking an Apparel Vendor!
The BiggerPockets team is seeking a third-party vendor that will allow us to sell merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, and more!  We need a company that will: - Provide a way for people to purchase these items directly... View more
Taking the plunge and swapping social media for more healthy apps
90 day intention plan to lay off social media and be more involved in forums like this and many other positive places! Just have to put this out in the universe to keep myself on track! 1)Plan 2) Execute. Let’s gooo
Have a lot of time on my hands and hoping someone can use it
I’m 14 and homeschooled. I have just started a sneaker reselling business to make cash to save up to invest when I’m 18. I have around 11 hours a day on my hands and don’t know what to do with my time. I hope there is... View more
Hate messages motivate me
I got my first shade/hate today . I smiled because I know I’m on the right track and people are starting to know my name. It read:“Positive attitude is nice, but you might want to hit the pause button until you've... View more
BP bookstore issues?
Anyone else having issues with books from the BP bookstore? Bought the ultimate edition of managing rental props but no e-links. No response from support. Reply if you’re having similar issues and no, nothing in my... View more
What to know and look for when first purchasing land
Looking to make my first purchase of land on the country side of Northern Quebec, Canada. Wondering what kind of due diligence should I be doing? Some of it is water front and I’d like to build a cabin on the land... View more
Paying for Grandmothers Home
Hello Everybody, I need assistance. My father, mother, and I have been paying for my grandmothers home for 20+ years. mortgage, taxes, and insurance. The people that are living there is my elderly grandmother and my... View more
Has anyone written an e-book?
Has anyone written an E-Book? I have a 30 page e- book pretty much finished but I have some questions about publishing it and marketing. If you or anyone you know has written one I'd love to ask you some questions... View more
Very first real estate investment advice
I am a first time real estate investor and I’m wondering what the best way to get started it. I have a 9-5 job and have a couple of thousand dollars saved up. Is it easiest to start wholesaling, flipping, buy and rent,... View more
Flipping as a stepping stone
I want to flip a house in Tacoma Washington as a stepping stone to buying a rental property in Arizona but I only have 10,000 for a property and need more cash does anyone have any ideas on how to find partners??
Construction related questions
I am doing owner builder and I have some construction specific questions for electricians, plumbers, framers etc. wondering if there is any good forum I can post my questions and get answers.
Clubhouse app invite
Hey y’all! I’m new to posting here but I just finished vivid vision from Cameron herald and I am on fire. I’m ready to blow up my families life this next three years and make some sizable changes. The reason for this... View more
Can We Get a Dark Mode in the App?
I did a little searching on mobile so forgive me if this has already been asked but can we get a dark mode in the app for those who peruse the app at night? My eyes thank you in advance!
software for hard money lending
I am a small private hard money lender (have $2m). I have been tracking loans quite manually so far in google sheets , but have now reached a size where I need a loan software. Any recommandations on which software to... View more
The CE Shop: Anyone have Referral Code?
Hello,I’m in the process of purchasing a pre licensing package from The CE Shop and wanted to know if anyone had a referral code they wanted to share. If you do, you get $25 and I would get 35% of my purchase, which... View more
Online dating/relationships for like-minded real estate investors
As a single, hopeless romantic and a inspired real estate investor, I would love to collaborate both. Real estate may be easy for some and relationships easier for others. A perfect world would be a place where... View more
Abundance mindset and how to surpass your dreams!
I absolutely love positive mindset and abundant mindset individuals don't you? I would love to connect with like minded individuals if that's you or you just even aspire to be super positive and abundant in your... View more
Inauguration Reflection - for my ladies!
This morning I sat down to write a letter to my daughter (10) and niece (15) and when I finished I decided to share here with my female real estate investors because I am rooting for all of... View more
Thinking about a llc
I currently own a 2 family in Queens NY and the mortgage is almost paid off. Plus I own a commercial property upstate under a llc. I was thinking if it’s the right move to make my 2 family into a llc as well.
Unsolicited text and calls inquiring about purchasing property
I am a small investor (10 rentals) and I receive multiple calls and texts daily (even at my workline) asking if I would be interested in selling property I own. Is there a way to stop this without changing the legal... View more
Getting connected in Phoenix
Hello BP community,I am wondering the best way to get on buyers lists in my local Phoenix AZ area? To go more in depth, how do I get on buyers lists that have properties worth evaluating?