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Ultimate Guide to Tenant Screening & Renting Your House
We just completed one of the more important guides for landlords and I thought it important that we make it visible here on the forums. These are both MUST-READS! Tenant Screening: The Ultimate Guide At over 5,000+... View more
How To Evict a Tenant: The Ultimate Guide
Hey guys - We just put out another guide in a long line of epic content . . .How to Evict a Tenant: The Definitive Step by Step GuideThis is about as comprehensive as it gets.  If you are a landlord or are thinking... View more
Biden Eviction Moratorium
Today Joe Biden outlined his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan. Included was a proposal to enact a federal ban on evictions through September of 2021. Talking recently with our attorney, he felt eviction moratoriums were... View more
"Quick draw" tenants
Hey guys, During my tenure of showing rental units to prospects, I've noticed a behavioral phenomenon during showings and I am trying to figure out what it means. Occasionally, I'll have a prospective tenant walk in to... View more
Renting to a violent felon?
Hey y'all,I know this post is going to seem so rookie to a lot of you but here we go I need your help... I had a potential tenant come by last week (alone) and fell in love with the property... It's not rented yet and... View more
Seller leased to new tenants 14 days before closing?
Good Evening, Sorry for the long post, but I have interesting situation. We are under contract for a duplex property in Bradenton, FL as of 12/23/2020 with a closing date of 01/29/2021. During the inspection, multiple... View more
Tenant refusing to pay or communicate with landlord
Hey BP I own a rental property here in Newark NJ. I inherited a tenant when i purchased this rental in April 2020 and her lease ends February 15th 2021. She has paid on time every month but recently she decided not to... View more
PMI and credit score
My credit score is over 800. I was told that credit scores over 800 are exempt from paying PMI. When i closed on my loan, i have to pay PMI. Can someone clarify this for me? Thanks !
Mobile Home Park Lease Agreement
I'm closing on a small mobile home park this week and am in need of a lease agreement. The tenants in a few of the lots own their trailers. Does anyone know if the pro memberships have a contract that would help me or... View more
Long Distance Management
I am planning on buying a small multiunit place out of state since prices in my area are too high. I would like to minimize the cost associated with managing the property and am willing to do as much of the work... View more
First rental turned out to be negative cash flowed.
Hello, Can anyone please give this first-time landlady some advice on this issue? I bought a turnkey from Roofstock last summer. It is out of state and I have a PM to take care of it. It's supposed to cashflow about... View more
Seeking Advice: Would you choose option A, B, or C?
Fellow BPers, please help me make a good decision: Background: I'm ready to list a newly rehabbed 2/1 SFH for rent. I paid cash for the house and rehab. The home was built with a window A/C which is sufficient. My A/C... View more
Security Deposit for Sellers who are temporarily renting?
When a Seller wants to rent out the home until their new place is ready, is advisable to charge them a security deposit? Since a walkthru prior to closing doesn't sound useful, would a security deposit offer similar... View more
Fayetville Apartment Buildings
Hi All, I wanted to know if you all had any leads on apartment buildings for sale in Fayetville. What are the cap rates you guys are seeing with multifamily in Fayetville? Any Commercial broker recommendations? Thank... View more
Master Lease and Property Management Model
This past weekend I was at a real estate seminar which I love going to both to learn from the instructor and meet other investors. I met a fellow student that had one of the most interesting business models I have... View more
Property management neglect in MIchigan
Hello to everyone on BP. I bought my first investment home in March 30th. A tenant and property management were already in place at time of purchase. A few weeks after purchase I did fly out to Detroit to meet with the... View more
Replace Front Door or Not?? Help me with a rational decision!
I have a single family house in a class C neighborhood. My tenant texted me that she was thinking about it and she would really appreciate it if we could replace the front door on the house. She said that because the... View more
Commercial property conversion to multi-family
Hi, An idea popped in my head regarding the coming (and current) housing crisis... What if it would be feasible to purchase a vacant commercial building and convert it to a multi-family/apartment/condo. Yeah, it may... View more
Houston - The Woodlands, investing in rentals
Hello everyone! I am looking into "The Woodlands" in Houston, to expand my rental portfolio of SFRs. It will be my first in TX.Although RE values are relatively low and rent is decent, the RE taxes seem to make... View more
Buying during COVID???
Historically, my model has been to buy properties that have been mismanaged, and where there is value to add by bringing competent business/management skills to the asset to get it producing more efficiently. Almost... View more
Hoa rent restriction and possibility to move out
I am about to place an offer for a condominium however it has 24 months HOA rent restriction. Even though I plan to live in the house, this is a bit concerning as I might have to move out of state by end of the year... View more
Keyless/smart lock for rental property to save on costs
Hello for my first three rental properties do I go ahead and invest into a keyless/smart door lock for the back and front doors for tenants?We would switch out the door locks each time at tenant moves out and a new... View more
First Rental Property Deal
Hello everyone!  This is my first post in the forums and i'm pumped to tell you guys I think I may have found my first deal. A little bit about myself. I'm 18 years old and currently a student at a community college in... View more
Joe Biden Tax Credit Strategy
Ok, so this may be a long lead up, but I'm explaining the whole strategy here. I posted yesterday another topic asking about how cool banks are with letting your primary house sit vacant for 1 year, then using it as a... View more