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Ultimate Guide to Tenant Screening & Renting Your House
We just completed one of the more important guides for landlords and I thought it important that we make it visible here on the forums. These are both MUST-READS! Tenant Screening: The Ultimate Guide At over 5,000+... View more
How To Evict a Tenant: The Ultimate Guide
Hey guys - We just put out another guide in a long line of epic content . . .How to Evict a Tenant: The Definitive Step by Step GuideThis is about as comprehensive as it gets.  If you are a landlord or are thinking... View more
What effect do driveways/parking spots have?
I’m interested in a property that only has a small driveway, on a one way street where there isn’t room to park. It’s been on the market for a few weeks, so the price isn’t what really concerns me because there’ll be... View more
Buildium for accounting too?
Hey all!So I just signed up for Buildium and wanted to hear feedback about using their platform for accounting. Currently I run QuickBooks, but their claim is there’s no need for QB as their accounting and reporting is... View more
Cincinnati Ohio: The BEST and WORST rental area
Hello BP - I'm looking into purchasing a multi-family rental in Cincinnati Ohio and currently researching the market. I'd appreciate you sharing your experience regarding: 1.different neighborhoods, 2. crime, 3. cash... View more
Listing Agreement with realtor - for rental.
I am looking for agents to use for leasing my condo in North Jersey and found one in our building who does a lot of sales and rentals. He sent me the lease leasing agreement and it is a year long!I am hoping to find a... View more
Tenants moving out, want refund of sec deposit on moving out
Tenants moving out feb 28 wrote me they expect to get the deposit back on Feb 28 at which time they will “deliver the keys”. They are immigrants and the only good English speaker in the family moved away. And i dont... View more
Raising Rent: Good idea or bad business practice
We currently own three investment properties (SFR) and looking to expand that by at least 4 this year. We have always held it to be a good business practice to not raise rent on current tenants when the renew their... View more
is building a room in the attic in crease the value of my home>
I'm a small investor in the DFW area i'm in the process of remodeling my bathrooms and considering adding a room with a bathroom in the attic of  or in the garage space. just need to know witch one adds more value to... View more
Fishy Rental Assistance Request.
I have a tenant who applied for a property. On her rental application she marked "No" to the checkbox asking if she's on rental assistance. We moved forward and accepted her application. A week after moving into the... View more
Bank Accounts for Multiple Properties
Hello, I am a newer member to BP, but am looking forward to learning as much as I can from all the experienced investors here. I currently have 6 rental properties and am curious to know how others with multiple... View more
Biden Eviction Moratorium
Today Joe Biden outlined his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan. Included was a proposal to enact a federal ban on evictions through September of 2021. Talking recently with our attorney, he felt eviction moratoriums were... View more
Should I drop my price????
Hey BP, I am trying to get my first house hack rented and it's not going as I had hoped... I started marketing it Dec 31st have showed it to at least 25 different families, talked to tons of people who said they're... View more
Water rates increased
I have a vacation rental and our subdivision water board raised the water bill 43% on only rental properties in the subdivision. When asked what their justification was I was told rental property owners are technically... View more
Rental Property Insurance Provider St. Louis, MO
Hello all. Looking for some recommendations for insurance providers in St. Louis, MO. I have a SFH under contract and currently shopping for a good provider. My go to provider (USAA) not very rental insurance... View more
Atlantic City section 8 housing
Looking to connect with someone who is a landlord that does section 8 rentals in the Atlantic City, NJ area. Recommendations on accepting the tenants and tips on dealing with the city? Any help would be greatly... View more
Rehab Write offs, LLC vs Personal Finance
Hey BP Gang! I have a question for the group. I'm currently under contract for a triplex in Washington. Its about 3 hours from where I live and I'm considering purchasing a truck to take tools over. I own two other... View more
Austin and its suburb rental homes
Hi BP family,I am located in North Texas and am looking into rental properties in Austin and its suburb. I know I may have already missed the party since the pricing of the properties in these areas have been taking... View more
Do renters baulk at combo washer dryers?
I'm in the process of buying a new construction with an JADU (attached In-Law suite) rental. The unit is a small, but quite nice, one-bedroom (or will be by the time I list it). The builder offers only very specific... View more
Sublet dilemma, Both current renters at odds
Looking for advice with sublet situation.  One renter (renter1) has moved out for a new job but is still paying rent.  Renter 1 would like to sublet to offset expense.  Renter 1 and renter 2 (renter that still resides... View more
I have this partnership gone sour...
Looking for some suggestions on a tricky partnership which started beautifully but gradually going sour. Almost 2 years ago I came to know this older gentleman. He and his wife had done 4 bungalow conversion projects... View more
Property Manager in Chicago
Good day fellow BPers - can anyone recommend a well known property manager in Chicago? I have a triplex that I currently live in and will be moving, looking for someone that services the Belmont Craigan / Hermose area.... View more
Easy Street Property Management
Anyone ever heard of or dealt with Easy Street Property Management? If so what has been your experience? Read a lot of reviews from renters and some Landlords and not impressed but can’t always trust reviews...
Any one in the central florida build quadplexes
Hello BP I recently move to Orlando and have been searching for multi-family and have seen there is a shortage of duplexes , triplexes , and quadplexes has anyone built any in the last few years that can lead in the... View more