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Best way to increase rent by $300 per month & keep tenant?
I'm renting a SFR well below market. The tenants have been renting for almost a year, we have a month-to-month agreement. They are great tenants and I really hope to keep them but I need to increase the rent by $300... View more
Renting vs Selling Previous Primary Home
Hi Everyone - I am new to the investing game and really just trying to get my feet wet. I am debating whether I should keep and rent our old house (closed on the new house this week) or take the profit and put it in... View more
Evictions for owner occupied multi family during covid
I am in the process of buying a 4 Unit multi family property In the Long Beach, CA area. It would be owner occupied 5 % down conventional. The problem I'm running into is I would be buying the property with all 4 units... View more
Investment Properties: Cash Buy to Refi.
First off, I'm not sure why the banks call it a "re" finance when you currently don't have financing on a property because you bought with cash.  Maybe someone else knows...  I've basically gotten the "we don't want... View more
Refinance for the BRRRR
I have just finished my 6 month seasoning period on my first rental. I have found only one place that will offer me a cash out refinance for a property in an LLC (arguments over whether I should have put the property... View more
Are evictions happening Pennsylvania/Lehigh valley currently?
Wondering if anyone has been able to start evictions or has any updates on evictions in PA/Lehigh Valley area in the last couple of months.Have a tenant that has not paid since November, stopped responding to... View more
Creating incremental income @ your apartments
I am considering adding a 5'x10' storage unit for each apartment in my property. It made me ask what other ways are there to drive incremental rental income. I would love to hear what has been most successful for you.... View more
Thoughts on Cozy for property mgmt
Hey guys!I've been looking into different platforms for managing my properties, and I was wondering if anyone has used Cozy and what your thoughts are.1. Was it easy to use for you and your tenants?2. Were the... View more
Hold or sell primary residence as investment property?
Hi all, I currently have a single family house with a separate guest suite. It is essentially two units, 1B/1Ba, 3B/2Ba. I am looking to move out of the 3/2 and am trying to decide whether to sell the property or... View more
Need advice on commercial buy with parking lot income
My wife & I am looking for a place to live in Agawam, MA. We found a commercial property (old restaurant that closed because the owner retired) thats renovated for a business but we’re thinking about adding a... View more
One person on a lease moving out - others want say in replacement
I have a tenant who abruptly is moving out because of Covid. For now, they will pay but likely not for much longer. The other tenants who are still there want to have a say in who their new roommate is, whereas the... View more
Hemlane property manage
Does anyone have experience with the Hemlane manager particularly their repair/maintenance support and tenant placement/leasing documents? Thanks Fayez
Commercial property conversion to multi-family
Hi, An idea popped in my head regarding the coming (and current) housing crisis... What if it would be feasible to purchase a vacant commercial building and convert it to a multi-family/apartment/condo. Yeah, it may... View more
Master Lease and Property Management Model
This past weekend I was at a real estate seminar which I love going to both to learn from the instructor and meet other investors. I met a fellow student that had one of the most interesting business models I have... View more
Looking for property manager in Northern Virginia (around Herndon
Hi there I am looking for recommendation for a property manager for a SFH rental in Herndon, Virginia. Former property manager has retired. Good tenants, living there for several years, and I want to keep them happy... View more
Insight on Durham, North Carolina Market
Hi everyone,I'm a new investor in Raleigh NC but looking to get more familiar with the Durham market. I'm looking to BRRRR a single family or small multi family property that is cash flows positive every month. After... View more
Obtaining a Retail property
Good Evening everyone , I have a major question. I'm a 24 year old who has been told there are many ways to obtain residential property though late taxes within  my county's tax accessor's office. Now is there a way to... View more
Tenant refusing to pay or communicate with landlord
Hey BP I own a rental property here in Newark NJ. I inherited a tenant when i purchased this rental in April 2020 and her lease ends February 15th 2021. She has paid on time every month but recently she decided not to... View more
I want to buy the complex we are managing .
My wife and I have been managing a 20 unit complex in Midvale, Utah for a year now. We have lived here since July 2017, coming up on four years.This is a beautiful complex with a lot of potential and I believe it has... View more
Question how do you find cash flow property areas???
hey guys,how do you find cash flow area right now around me is a appreciation market but im looking for a cash flow area. How do you find your area for long distance investing do you just guess and pick a state and... View more
Southeast Pennsylvania Investments
For the out-of-state investors, how do you manage and monitor your rehab work from long distance without traveling to the site on a regular basis? Regular Facetime sessions? Hiring project overseers? Ask for daily... View more
NYC legally convert 6 family to 5 family rent stabilize decontrol
Hi, I would like to ask the well of wisdom that is bigger pockets if anyone has heard of or has experience with converting a nyc 6 family building into a 5 family to get out of rent stabilization. These buildings... View more
Routine maintenance at turnover
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone keeps a list of things that often need attention at turnover. Or things that should just be done because it's easier during the vacancy. I'm thinking of things like snaking drains,... View more