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With so many lending sources, there are bound to be questions. The private lending and mortgage advice forum is the place to talk about all those questions you've got about traditional loans, hard money, and private money.

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Do lenders get greater incentives for certain types of loans?
Started by Richard Roberts
12 Tiny 1403988095 avatar fin savvy Last post byAlbert Bui
9 minutes ago
401k lost opportunity VS Real Estate returns
Started by Steven Torrez
5 Tiny 1454203530 avatar bdrury3 Last post byBryan Drury
11 minutes ago
Letter to Private Mortgage Lenders? Thoughts?
Started by Kenneth E.
32 Tiny 1399779602 avatar youcanbelieveit Last post byChad Martindale
about 3 hours ago
Hardmoney or Private Lending for Rural Areas
Started by Bil Casimir
0 Tiny 1399444343 avatar bcaztx Last post byBil Casimir
about 4 hours ago
Quick refinance success stories?
Started by Tom Shepard
16 Tiny 1448324338 avatar curt Last post byCurt Davis
about 5 hours ago
Raleigh, North Carolina BRRRR lender
Started by Uriah D.
1 Tiny 1425947090 avatar adamschneider Last post byAdam Schneider
about 7 hours ago
Lines of credit
Started by Adam Craig
4 No avatar tiny Last post byManolo D.
about 12 hours ago
15 year vs 30 year on 96K rental income
Started by Asma Ahmed
38 No avatar tiny Last post byWilson Churchill
about 18 hours ago
Hard Money rates in Florida
Started by Jeffrey Kops
2 Tiny 1445296072 avatar jonathanj7 Last post byJonathan J. Miller
about 22 hours ago
Are 100% Financing Loans for Rehabs a Scam?
Started by Corey Dutton
38 Tiny 1445296072 avatar jonathanj7 Last post byJonathan J. Miller
about 23 hours ago
Bulk loan on my rental properties in the Denver/Golden area
Started by Chris Billington
9 Tiny 1454112824 avatar billington41 Last post byChris Billington
about 23 hours ago
Started by Hassan Muhammad
13 Tiny 1433463891 avatar hassanmuhammad Last post byHassan Muhammad
1 day ago
Started by Ramon Alvarez
1 Tiny 1399748479 avatar bcouture73 Last post byBob Couture
1 day ago
Private Money Loan For Rentals
Started by Mikael Winkler
14 Tiny 1448386437 avatar mikaelwinkler Last post byMikael Winkler
1 day ago
Getting that first loan
Started by James Kampmeyer
11 Tiny 1447507706 avatar jamesk17 Last post byJames Kampmeyer
1 day ago
Started by Ramon Alvarez
0 Tiny 1455237336 avatar ramona2 Last post byRamon Alvarez
1 day ago
Stay Away From First Franklin Financial aka First Rehab Lending
Started by Mike Goodrich
7 Tiny 1447496239 avatar cashmerer Last post byCashmere Robinson
1 day ago
Refinance First Mortgage to get Second Mortgage
Started by Darius Johnson
0 Tiny 1419700965 avatar datjo Last post byDarius Johnson
1 day ago
Need Financing Advice
Started by Ian Davis
0 No avatar tiny Last post byIan Davis
1 day ago
Financing for Canadians
Started by Massimo Salerno
0 Tiny 1452463459 avatar massimos Last post byMassimo Salerno
2 days ago

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