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With so many lending sources, there are bound to be questions. The private lending and mortgage advice forum is the place to talk about all those questions you've got about traditional loans, hard money, and private money.

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Private Money
Started by Sam Byrd
5 Tiny 1448324798 avatar maxm8 Last post byMax Matrin
20 minutes ago
How to find private money lenders
Started by Travis Davenport
4 Tiny 1448324798 avatar maxm8 Last post byMax Matrin
22 minutes ago
Any recommendations on portfolio lenders in the Tulsa area
Started by Mark Spidell
4 Tiny 1399671752 avatar newbeinvestor Last post byFred Dray
about 2 hours ago
Hawaii Long Term Rental Loans
Started by Elmer Solis
0 Tiny 1448415601 avatar elmers1 Last post byElmer Solis
about 3 hours ago
Baltimore Commercial Lender
Started by Evan Roberts
1 No avatar tiny Last post byJeff K.
about 4 hours ago
cash out re-fi -OR- heloc, no prospective property
Started by Brandon Petrowsky
0 Tiny 1432822231 avatar bigpretty Last post byBrandon Petrowsky
about 4 hours ago
HELOC vs. Home Eq Loan vs Re-Fi for Primary Residence
Started by Dave Williamson
3 No avatar tiny Last post byJeff Bentz
about 4 hours ago
Refinancing an SFR...need input
Started by Lydia B.
1 Tiny 1448399200 avatar texanrealtor Last post byLydia B.
about 5 hours ago
Started by Jeremy Lane
9 Tiny 1448387273 avatar narmina Last post byNarmina Gasanbek
about 5 hours ago
Hard Money Lending and Dodd Frank
Started by John Wielgolinski
24 Tiny 1448398739 avatar athol Last post byAthol Dickson
about 5 hours ago
Lender could not deliver loan as promised
Started by Andrey Y.
16 Tiny 1448397245 avatar re3irth Last post byAndrey Y.
about 8 hours ago
Looking for refferals on hard money lenders
Started by Richard Cerrone
1 No avatar tiny Last post byCristina Andino
about 12 hours ago
Fannie Mae 10 Property Limit: Spouse gets another 10?
Started by Michael Herr
2 Tiny 1448388655 avatar jeremiah81 Last post byJeremiah B.
about 13 hours ago
I Have A Rental Property I Need to Refi/Get Money From
Started by Jay Hunt
6 No avatar tiny Last post byJay Hunt
about 19 hours ago
Need directions. Credit advice
Started by Dustin Strahle
4 Tiny 1448397856 avatar gk cornerstone Last post byGeorge Krajacic
about 20 hours ago
Mortgage Lender for Cash Out Refi on Rental Property Worth <$50k
Started by Brian Bagnall
2 Tiny 1448387193 avatar pvtmny4u Last post byCharlie Fitzgerald
1 day ago
Advanced Investing with VA Loan - What is the Reality?
Started by Bryan Otteson
22 Tiny 1448388368 avatar ecolegrove Last post byElizabeth Colegrove
1 day ago
Private Money Lenders - Indianapolis
Started by Dave Jackson
0 Tiny 1448387452 avatar younggun15 Last post byDave Jackson
1 day ago
Lender Help
Started by Darrian Whitford
2 Tiny 1448381245 avatar scott from okc Last post byScott England
1 day ago
Loan Limit on 30 yr products
Started by Jaden G.
7 Tiny 1447986222 avatar lionchaser75 Last post byThomas P.
1 day ago

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