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With so many lending sources, there are bound to be questions. The private lending and mortgage advice forum is the place to talk about all those questions you've got about traditional loans, hard money, and private money.

Note: This forum is not the place to solicit business.

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Private Lenders- how to set up legally?
Started by Alexander Pezzutto
3 Tiny 1443808313 avatar alexanderp7 Last post by Alexander Pezzutto
about 1 hour ago
Robert G. Allen No Money Down !?! Is It Possible ?!
Started by Edwin Duran
42 Tiny 1430802053 avatar rtpg1 Last post by Rick Harmon
about 3 hours ago
FHA 90 Day Flip Rule 2015 - Exclusions?
Started by Cheyenne Davis
20 No avatar tiny Last post by Alice Federenko
about 4 hours ago
Being Self Employed Applying for a Morgage
Started by Adam T. Veitenheimer
5 Tiny 1403988095 avatar fin savvy Last post by Albert Bui
about 4 hours ago
Lending Advice upon Relocation
Started by Zack Thiesen
4 Tiny 1425361965 avatar zackt Last post by Zack Thiesen
about 5 hours ago
Mortgage for Multifamily
Started by Nick Heltemes
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Nick Heltemes
about 10 hours ago
Contractor with a deal.
Started by Adrian Hernandez
11 Tiny 1441485283 avatar luisc10 Last post by Luis Coletto
about 12 hours ago
Selling a private DOT to a third party?
Started by Dave Krenk
3 Tiny 1413236955 avatar dharris Last post by Don Harris
about 12 hours ago
Seller Financing Question
Started by Kin Hei Lam
2 Tiny 1441913059 avatar kin hei Last post by Kin Hei Lam
about 14 hours ago
Hard Money for Buy and Holds
Started by Tyler Browne
11 No avatar tiny Last post by Emily B.
about 15 hours ago
Funding for flips
Started by Kevin Holmes
2 Tiny 1443799889 avatar cnew34 Last post by Cortney Newmans
about 15 hours ago
Mortgage or no Mortgage?
Started by Matt Cramer
9 Tiny 1442788438 avatar marylynnc Last post by Marylynn Caruso
about 15 hours ago
Need SEC attorney to draft disclosures for mortgage investors
Started by Paolo Ruggieri
1 Tiny 1441347443 avatar paolor Last post by Paolo Ruggieri
about 17 hours ago
What Form Must I Fill and Register with SEC in Order to Solicit for Private Lenders in Texas?
Started by Jackson Maia
7 Tiny 1441347443 avatar paolor Last post by Paolo Ruggieri
about 18 hours ago
Pennsylvania SEC Attorney
Started by Jonathan Emery
2 Tiny 1441347443 avatar paolor Last post by Paolo Ruggieri
about 18 hours ago
Self Directed IRA
Started by Jason Stephens
17 Tiny 1436998004 avatar coryd2 Last post by Cory Damon
about 19 hours ago
Seeking advice on Unsecured Line of Credit from FundiA Capital
Started by Randy Fung
8 Tiny 1421610916 avatar randyf Last post by Randy Fung
1 day ago
need attorney in Atlanta
Started by Paolo Ruggieri
2 Tiny 1444243108 avatar germans Last post by German Surin
1 day ago
Ace Business Funding... Ever Heard of or Used them?
Started by Kimberlee Bridges Berkbigler
1 Tiny 1441154327 avatar mattm54 Last post by Matt Motil
1 day ago
What kind should I get?
Started by Lisa Brooks
2 Tiny 1426865907 avatar nnabuenyi Last post by Nnabuenyi Anigbogu
1 day ago

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