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Looking for Feedback on This Market Data
Hey everyone, I'm hoping to get some feedback from the community about this content. This is a really in depth market analysis. It happens to be of the Dallas metro area, but even if you're not interested in investing... View more
Adding Rooms vs As Is
I have a property in contract that is over 1700 sqrt with only 2 bedrooms. Plan is to make it a 4 bed if applicable, but the cashflow/CoCROI is not better initially doing this. Comes down to the projected cost vrs ARV.... View more
How do real estate flippers find their deals?
I’m curious as to how most fix and flippers find their deals. I know that some flippers have wholesalers they network with or can even drive for dollars in a specific market they want to invest in. Are their any other... View more
Are there any math impaired RE investors here? :)
First of all, I consider myself very smart.  I run a very successful company, have always excelled in everything I do (including school), and have even been pretty successful with RE investing & flipping so far... View more
Getting a USDA loan in Western WA
Hi guys, I:m back after having been gone for awhile. My question concerns down payments and financing. Like a lot of wannabe investors, I don:t necessarily have a chunk of money sitting around for a down payment. From... View more
Investing vs consuming... where to draw the line
I own a 2004 pickup truck with 175000 miles. I just took it to the shop to get a repair quote. It’s about $2000 for the main repair. There are a few other smaller things that need repair as well.I have the cash to buy... View more
Using low interest loans as a down payment on a property.
Hey guys! Just wondering, at this moment in time I have a 800 credit score and make around 60k after taxes, however I’m not able to save most of it due to aggressively paying down my student loan debts. In light of... View more
20% or 25% down payment on a loan for a rental property.
What makes the most sense for an out-of-state investor looking to eventually acquire multiple properties valued at around 100-125k. Both options are 30-year loans. One is at 4% interest with 20% down or 25% down... View more
First time investors
Im staring a facebook page (based in Aurora, Co where I can help others learn ablut the power of real estate investing!! Im 20 years old so my first audience would be people of my age 18-25 (roughly). I am trying to... View more
Investing in Real Estate with Bitcoin
First and foremost I’m very uneducated on Bitcoin so my question may sound naive.I had a client ask me if I know any investors in South Florida who would accept Bitcoin as payment if they helped to finance a deal.Any... View more
Due diligence while buying house built in the 1970s
Hi all, thinking of buying a property in Dallas, TX area built in 1972. I haven't bought a property of this age before. Trying to do all the usual due diligence. Looking for advice on what all factors to consider... View more
Why I love being a Passive Investor in Syndications (30% IRR!!)
I haven't bought a standalone rental since 2015. Since 2017, I started investing exclusively passively in real estate syndications - in over 15 opportunities at the moment.So far, the two than have fully exited have... View more
Hollywood or Boca Raton FL buying Vacation/Investment Property
Hello everyone, Looking for advice from investors/owners or people with knowledge of the area.  I am looking to purchase a vacation/investment property in South Florida this year.  My main concern is flooding as well... View more
Leaving some serious $$ in my BRRRR, worth it?
I will try to make the post as short as possible. I am under contract on a side by side duplex ( two - 1 bed 1 baths). Purchase price is $300k. Before I continue, I would like to say, this is a VERY desirable beach... View more
Cleveland OH - any areas for appreciation?
All the research and comments from posts and forums state that Cleveland OH is great for cash flow, but not for appreciation. Are cities any areas in the greater Cleveland OH area?
Sell or hold as rental?
Hello BiggerPockets community! I need a bit of help deciding if I should sell or hold one of my properties. This is a brand new manufactured home we are installing on a small lot about 10 minutes from our primary. The... View more
Turnkey investment in Dallas area
I am thinking to buy SFR turneky property in Dallas. I'd like to have positive cash flow with some potential appreciation (I'd avoid the property with cash flow only but no appreciation potential). Any recommendation... View more
Duplexes of Texas- good investment?
Hi everyone! Just wanted to hear your take on these new construction duplexes location on the I-35 corridor between SA and Austin. I will be closing on one in Buda in November. Has anyone else here on Bigger Pockets... View more
Best Place to Start Your Real Estate Journey?
I'm not tied to any place in particular, but I definitely want to start investing in real estate. My job is in Vermont, but there doesn't seem to be any good entry level deals here for me. Does anyone have any advice... View more
Investment rule of thumb Calculations
Let’s make a list of rule of thumb calculation post. Also, Correct me if I’m wrong. 70% rule: ARVx70%-Repair cost= Purchase Price1% rule: 1% of Purchase = monthly rent est. 50% rule: 50% of rent goes toward expenses.... View more
Rockstar Investments - Brandon Rooks
I recently saw a video on Rockstar Investments investing opportunity with a gentleman named Brandon Rooks. The only reason why I had heard of them is because a colleague of mine invested with them and ended up losing... View more
How soon is too soon to buy a second rental?
Hey Community,Last month I closed on my first investment property, a two unit house, with a cap rate of 9.2%. I recently stumbled across a a single family with an attractive cap rate and cash on cash return (9.3% and... View more