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A self confessed Real Estate Addict and "House Whisperer". I got my first "fix" at age 12 when I helped my father build our family house, I was hooked. It was like playing life sized legos, I needed to know everything of this.
For my 15th birthday my gift from my mother was approval to go work for a roofer, I had been pleading with her for almost a year. I spent the next 10 years learning everything I could of a trade, mastering proficiency and moving to the next; roofing to HVAC, to siding, to masonry, to framing, trim carpentry, cabinetry and on and on.
I had built a impressive career and posting in construction and in the housing turn of 2007 was presented with the opportunity to re purpose old delapotated homes into rent ready duplexs, I jumped on the opportunity of the challenge and hence began my REI road. Next came flips, which lead to ever increasing challenges as I gained the reputation as the "guy with the eye" and the can do contractor. All my years in so many trades gained a unique insight into buyers valuation, knowing what improvements returned the best and those that did not. I grew in the field until achieving the flip pinacle; rehabbing commercial residential, flipping on volume in a 27 day window. Material loads by 53' trailer loads, it was exciting.
I had achieved the top, and decided it was time to blaze my own road. REI was a natural progression of my obsession with construction and Real Estate.
I started doing my own private investing in 2009. Today I enjoy growing and ever improving my experiences skills capabilities networks and partnerships in REI and renovation construction through servicing select investors and investment groups both in renovation construction services, private inspections and consulting services, both locally and nationally.
As the REI ever evolves so has my REI presence, as of recent bringing to fruition my latest REI creation reHome; currently a small recent launch with the intent to partner with select private financing individuals to leverage capital for both short and long term considerable investment gains in real estate through purchase, renovation, and private finance sales (rent2own) sales of properties. Helping under financed good persons and leveraging multiple revenue streams. Rebuilding the American dream, economy, jobs, middle class, neighborhoods and communities while empowering access and atainability. When all win and profit is gained it's a more than just a strategy, it's opportunity and obligation married.

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