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Is wholesaling the best way to get into real estate?
Hey everyone, My boyfriend and I live in Columbus, OH. We just graduated high school this past summer and we've been working really hard to get into real estate investing but since we don't have hardly any capital,... View more
Primary Residence Mortgage Refinance
Hello,My name is Michael and my wife and I live in a suburb of Nashville, TN. We bought our primary residence in March of 2020 and have a current 30 year fixed mortgage of roughly 386,000 dollars at an interest rate of... View more
Tax Lien Wealth Solutions
Hello, I listen to a lot of podcasts and try and check out companies that are presented on them when I can.  One company on a podcast is named Tax Lien Wealth Solutions. Its founder is the first female certified Tax... View more
Rehab estimation - adding a driveway
Hi all! Hoping for some insight. Currently looking at a property that as it stands, does not have a driveway or a garage. There is a cut out basically in the front yard to park cars, but that’s it. However, there’s... View more
Rental Market in Twin Falls, Idaho
Hey Twin Falls investors and real estate professionals! Wanted to find out from local professionals what you have seen in the past year impacting your market. For example has there been high demand for rentals... View more
Numbers Game for "Deals"
So, I have been analyzing "Deals" from wholesalers/MLS/fb groups but so far none of the numbers even come close to the 1% rule or the 70%ARV rule that everyone talks about. I am from the DFW area and wanted to run... View more
Investment property as Realtoy
I am a licensed Realtor in the state of Florida. I am interested in investing into off-market pre-foreclosure homes I research at my counties clerk of courts. As a Realtor does anyone know of any limitations to doing... View more
Real Estate path to begin with?
I am going to begin my real estate journey in the next month after we finalize a cash out refi on our personal property. Initially, I wanted to do buy and hold, but as I do more research I am finding that beginners... View more
Wholesale investing sorrows.
Hi all, I'm new to BP and totally new to the investing world. I first set out to be a scout or bird dog for properties and search for investors. Thanks to BP I have located a investor. Due to my ignorance of real... View more
Purchasing condo/apartment in New York
Hi, wondering if anybody has ever invested in New York. Looking to purchase an apartment studio in Manhattan that’s around 250K. My plan is to rent it out. Has anybody invested in that area I that can give me some advice?
Your First Multifamily Property
Tell me how you scored your first multifamily property. How'd you find it? Financing? Partners/investors? What you wish you knew. I want to know everything you are willing to share. Bonus points if your property is in... View more
Be Honest.. What Challenges are you having in this business?
I am writing this post more for the seasoned Investors.It is very easy to see the results that everybody shows online, flying in private jets, not working, building hospitals in third world nations, but I want to hear... View more
Real Estate Courses and Masterclasses
I just recently attended a 3 day workshop on real estate.  On the 2nd day of this workshop I found out the intent of the organization was to get to join a master class which would have cost me about 30k.  How many of... View more
Any tips for learning to analyze properties
Is there any tips to better understand analyzing dealsI’m 17 years old and planning on getting into rental property investing when I turn 20 and I’m still trying to wrap my head around analyzing properties and running... View more
Help please Subject 2 in Shreveport Louisiana
Hello, I just found a tired landlord in Shreveport Louisiana that is wanting me to take over his payments. I have never done a subject 2 out of state before. And I am still kind of new overall to the process.  in Texas... View more
finding state records online for Death, Divorce, and default
Guys,     I'm relatively new to BP and I'm just starting my journey into real estate investing. I want to look in public records to find divorce, default, and death records to start looking for deals. The problem is I... View more
Creative ways to use a va loan?
Hello! My grandpa wants to invest with me. However, he has $50000 credit card debt. His house is is 94% paid off, and he is a veteran with a va loan that hasn't be used. He wants to invest in properties. We want to use... View more
Va loan! Help please.
Hello! My grandpa is a veteran. He hasn't used his va loan. I am trying to find a creative way to use it for a flip or invest it. I am aware of the va rehab, and that he has to live in the property for at least a year.... View more
Looking for Information on LLCs
Hi BP community!Where is a good resource to find information about LLCs? What books/video/people should I look into. I'm considering creating an LLC with a family member and have lots of questions. I would really like... View more
How can REIs positively impact the community?
I know that financial independence is going to be the result of my business (For all of us!), but how can property owners/managers have a positive influence on the community? my company plans to provide more affordable... View more