BRRRR - Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat
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Successful BRRR deals in Indianapolis
Hi all! My partner and I are looking to execute our first BRRR deal in the Indianapolis market. Has anyone had previous BRRR experience in Indy, and/or any local-based real estate agent / contractor recommendations?... View more
Newbie investor needs guidance on BRRRR
This summer I'll be selling my home and moving into a new construction. The home I'm in is paid in full, so I'll be collecting the full amount of equity; about $225,000. I have a buyer lined up already and my new... View more
Construction Loan for BRRRR
I am a very new aspiring real estate investor. I've been on BP for about a week sifting through the site. I'm interested to begin investing utilizing the BRRRR method. I have yet to come across a mention of... View more
3rd home- classic Brrrr take away
Purchase price: $76KRehab estimate $35KARV - $159K(across the street, very solid comp!)How did I find it? Consistently checking Facebook investor group for wholesale deals.Put offers on 20 houses before getting this... View more
Houston, Texas Market
Hi!I’m looking to learn more about the Houston, Texas market! I want to network with investors who have investment properties here and agents that work in this area! Any information will be great help!
Is this strategy possible to achieve my goals?
I bought an investment property and it needs some work. Is it hard of buying an owner occupant house and getting a 203k loan to rehab the investment property since that will be income.
ARV questions about a BRRRR
Hey guys Im trying to pull off a BRRRR in my area and I'm curious to know exactly how can I estimate or determine the ARV? Is it by comps in my area? or Is it best by using the rent that it can command after the rehab?
BRRRR Investing When Rates are Low
Hi there!Im brand new to real estate investing. But am very ready to start my journey. I love the BRRRR method and want to pursue that form of investing.However, something I'm concerned about (and maybe I shouldn't be)... View more
Spokane, WA 203k Contractors
I have procured a triplex in Spokane, WA and am looking for Contractors/Consultants in the Spokane, WA area with 203k experience and bandwidth in March, 2021.  Appreciate any referrals along with tips and advice for... View more
About to BRRRR, what do you pay out your investors?
I'm looking to do my first BRRRR and have several investors. What are you strategies as far as paying them back? Do you rehab, refi, and pay them principal plus percentage?Do you 1031 and keep all the money growing and... View more
Newbie interested in building a portfolio
Where to start? I interested in building my portfolio in 2021. I bought my first property in Harrisburg, PA. I have $50k cash that I would be starting with. Problem is I am a newbie and I have no idea where to start... View more
Renovation Hacks! Biggest Bang for Your Buck!
Hey all, new investor currently renovating my first SFH home rental. While shopping for renovation supplies and ideas I've come across many smart reno hacks that balance quality, and price well. I'd love to hear for... View more
Slow Inspections in Philly
I'm financing a rehab in Philadelphia and we are stuck with slow to no movement on our permit and inspections by the Department of Licensing and Inspections. I see we can get a 3rd party electrical inspector.  Does... View more
Do I Need to Arrange Refinance Lender Before Starting BRRRR?
All,  I am looking to close on a small multifamily with a capital partner. We will be doing a BRRRR and hopefully be pulling our equity out at the end. This will be my first rehab but I am confident with my team. I've... View more
How Feacible to Implement BRRRR in current housing market
FriendsI'm reading David's BRRRR Book and have this question. I felt that with the current housing market, it's not easy to find good deals. Without good deals you'll not be able to get a good cash in cash deal. So do... View more
Brrrr with hard money and fha refinance
Hi, I’m new to rei and am looking to purchase my 1st property this year. I want to do the brrrr strategy but would also like to house hack. Is it possible to purchase a small multi fam with hard money, rehab, rent, and... View more
Best places to invest for a rental property
Hi Everyone! I’m looking to invest in my first rental property this year. I wanted to know what places are the best to invest, to buy a 2 unit property not exceeding $400,000. Any specific states, counties and cities... View more
Unusual BRRRR situation, need help
Hey ya’ll-Bought an REO foreclosure (cash) as an Owner occupant last April. -House was a 3/1, converted it into a 3/2 then I had the idea of enclosing the carport and terrace. -The carport is a 1/1 “in law space” with... View more
Question on BRRRR Strategy
Hello bigger pockets,Need suggestion to successfully implement brrrr method. We have a residential property which we own for more than 4 years and the loan is completely paid off. Now we are moving to a second resident... View more
Real Estate broker Wants to get Into Rentals
Hello everyone, I am excited for 2021 and glad to be part of this community! :)I have been a real estate broker for 7 years but never got into rentals. I would like to use the BRRR strategy, ANY INFO HELPS. My goal is... View more
What to do if final ARV is lower than expected
Hi,Knowing that BRRRR involves in getting an ARV thats high enough to get your initial investment back, I wonder what's the best thing to do, let's say when your final ARV happens to be less than expected. Should I... View more
Growing my BRRRR portfolio
I am looking for advice/tips on how to find banks or CU that will be willing to do a 4 month seasoning period. This question or inquiry mainly is stemming from the idea of increasing my number of homes being purchased... View more
Renovating a duplex that is listed as SF on county records
I have found a good deal on a house that was built in 1910. It was a single family home that was turned into a duplex and the conversion must have happened a long time ago. However it is still catagorized as single... View more
Cash flow and hot market in 2021
What are some cities that produce a significant amount of cash flow? And what are some hot markets to look out for in 2021? Thank y’all and hope this helps everyone!