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2016 Houston Buy & Hold Rental neighborhoods in $70-150k?
Started by Tim Shin
10 Tiny 1418573589 avatar timbsg Last post byTim Shin
2 minutes ago
House Doesn't Sell So Realtor Raises Price $10,000
Started by Zana Blue
0 Tiny 1440546222 avatar zanab1 Last post byZana Blue
6 minutes ago
Help with Deal Analysis!!!!!
Started by Andre Smith
12 Tiny 1436892014 avatar jamesm74 Last post byJames Masotti
10 minutes ago
This is crazy
Started by Daniel Smith
13 Tiny 1448399197 avatar bills r Last post byBill S.
15 minutes ago
Hard Money and How Do I Protect My Deposit?
Started by Shannon K.
4 Tiny 1435409034 avatar shepnerd Last post byDarrell Shepherd
about 1 hour ago
Do you need to trademark if you brand your house with a "name"?
Started by Mike Shemp
0 Tiny 1454977187 avatar mikeshemp Last post byMike Shemp
about 2 hours ago
Using the BRRRR method with tenant-occupied properties
Started by Mike R.
4 No avatar tiny Last post byEric Munson
about 2 hours ago
Buying Out of State
Started by Christopher Griffin
5 Tiny 1430508183 avatar bigatstyle Last post byOliver Trojahn
about 2 hours ago
Wholesale or trade equity?
Started by Jason Dillard
0 Tiny 1399671877 avatar jasondillard Last post byJason Dillard
about 3 hours ago
Escrow Company Representative Recommendation?
Started by Michael Douglas
2 Tiny 1439597031 avatar michaeld52 Last post byMichael Douglas
about 3 hours ago
Where is a good market?
Started by Amy Salzmann
7 No avatar tiny Last post byMichael Lee
about 3 hours ago
tax deed
Started by Michael Watts
2 No avatar tiny Last post byChristine Travis
about 4 hours ago
Looking to invest in multi-family outside of my market
Started by Trent Tibbitts
2 Tiny 1450229743 avatar realestatenewbe Last post byRoshard Jones
about 5 hours ago
seller financing
Started by Toria Posey
1 No avatar tiny Last post byBrent Coombs
about 5 hours ago
Brand New to This
Started by Andrew Khiev
4 No avatar tiny Last post byBrent Coombs
about 6 hours ago
New to real estate
Started by Ronald Welcome
0 Tiny 1455167000 avatar ronaldw13 Last post byRonald Welcome
about 7 hours ago
Trustee or listed owner
Started by Richard Yerger
6 No avatar tiny Last post byRichard Yerger
about 8 hours ago
Looking to buy rental in Tacoma, wa
Started by Rudy Manna
9 Tiny 1455423336 avatar rudym3 Last post byRudy Manna
about 8 hours ago
Fixer Upper in San Francisco
Started by Matt Smith
0 No avatar tiny Last post byMatt Smith
about 9 hours ago

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