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Investing in Lodi, NJ.
Started by Ergys Cavo
3 Tiny 1447125253 avatar pilialoha Last post byPilialoha Nathaniel
29 minutes ago
Moving to Detroit
Started by Dustin Zentz
23 Tiny 1449716089 avatar benjamint4 Last post byBenjamin Timmins
36 minutes ago
Pyramid up to bigger real estate
Started by Phil Sabella
3 Tiny 1448386169 avatar wexeter Last post byBill Exeter
36 minutes ago
Investors looking in Vine City, Atlanta, GA
Started by Julian Jackson
2 Tiny 1421337267 avatar julian85 Last post byJulian Jackson
39 minutes ago
Section 8 tenants, YES or NO?
Started by Yonatan Nir
2 Tiny 1448162859 avatar rnorat5127 Last post byRafael Norat
43 minutes ago
Anyone here from Colombia (South America) or with family/friends there??
Started by Juan Maldonado
7 Tiny 1454252805 avatar ak nyc Last post byAmit Kal
44 minutes ago
6 Buy & Hold or 3 Buy & Hold
Started by Jon Horton
9 Tiny 1452953038 avatar jonh23 Last post byJon Horton
about 1 hour ago
BRRR Poll Question: With break even cash flow, Yay or Nay?
Started by Ryan Rogers
112 Tiny 1434306064 avatar enowacki Last post byErik Nowacki
about 1 hour ago
A Jacksonville, Fl Portfolio Deals
Started by Carlos Toussaint
3 Tiny 1449000323 avatar willemy1 Last post byWillem Young
about 1 hour ago
Aquiring property at tax sales- Safe?
Started by Summer Segeleon
47 No avatar tiny Last post byEvan Major
about 1 hour ago
How to Structure this Deal
Started by Casey Kooiman
0 Tiny 1454687907 avatar caseyk10 Last post byCasey Kooiman
about 2 hours ago
Need Advice
Started by Lynzie Mackey
3 No avatar tiny Last post byJohn Thedford
about 3 hours ago
Looking for advice on selling rental property
Started by Jon La Rosa
18 Tiny 1448386169 avatar wexeter Last post byBill Exeter
about 3 hours ago
Need Real Estate Attorney in DFW
Started by Jon Armbrust
1 Tiny 1448398246 avatar simonc3 Last post bySimon Cox
about 3 hours ago
Credit Check
Started by Robert Rodriguez
7 Tiny 1403726643 avatar cincyservice Last post byJohn Whittle
about 4 hours ago
Still Learning!!!!
Started by Jill Williams
2 Tiny 1399704329 avatar recaps Last post byJoe Villeneuve
about 4 hours ago
Best State To Invest In?
Started by Ben Thomas
3 Tiny 1453592284 avatar stank5 Last post byStan K.
about 6 hours ago
Ready to Buy Multiplex need Broker Nash/Atl
Started by Brandon Curson
0 Tiny 1429611264 avatar expat investor Last post byBrandon Curson
about 6 hours ago
what defines a commercial property
Started by Gaston Barua
1 Tiny 1448388883 avatar tag0418 Last post bySimon Shih
about 6 hours ago

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