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Market Research: How do YOU find investment properties?
Hi BiggerPockets members!I'm a product manager here at BiggerPockets and am looking for your help by participating in our market research survey to understand how our community finds and buys investment properties to... View more
I love my Turnkey Investments. BP is skeptical. Am I just lucky?
I have a strategy I call out of state turnkey residential investing or "OOS TK SFR". We have all our properties in this model and have great experiences for several year now. When I speak to people here on BP, a lot of... View more
Should I sell now or wait
Hi everyone,I had a conversation with a lender agent today which started out discussing a refi but ended in looking to sell. I’m curious on a few more inputs from all of you. The question is do you guys think the... View more
3 Family Cash Cow with tons of equity: Keep it or sell it?
We've owned a 3 family rental for 10 years. It nets about $15k per year. We owe $113k and it's currently worth $350k-$370k. My wife and I are struggling with deciding to keep it or sell it. I'm a Realtor so the cost of... View more
How to refinance property in a right way?
Dear professional investors! I have a question. I bought a house for my own cash, rebuilt and remodelled it and now I want to get finance on this house.The problem is: the house is on my company S-Corp, it is purchased... View more
Bankers on FHA loans
Are some lenders "better" or more versed in using a FHA Loan. I already own a property through a conventional loan and I am ready to buy my next. I want to use the all to powerful method of using a low money down FHA... View more
What are some good areas or zip codes in the Reno, Nevada market?
Hello BP,My business partner and I are looking to invest in the Reno, Nevada area.We are looking for at least a 3bed/2 bath single family home in the range of $325,000.Does anyone know any good areas or zip codes we... View more
Small residential subdivision development
Hi everyone! I recently purchased 5 acres with the intent to develop a small, less than 10 lots, residential subdivision.  I am not a licensed real estate agent but have purchased and sold many times over the years... View more
Question about renting or selling in Bergen County NJ
Hi,I'm planning to move to Florida due to a job change, and am not sure whether to rent out my current house in Bergen County or sell it outright. House is a side by side in Fort Lee, built in 2016, bought for 760k. I... View more
Looking to buy my first home ( to live in) Southern California
Hello BiggerPockets community, I am trying to buy a home in the $700k-$1M range. I am prepared to down 20% but the lenders I've spoken to ( rocketmortgage, quicken) all demand 2 years worth of tax returns. My LLC was... View more
Title company missed Common Drive agreement
We have owned a duplex in our area for approximately 12 years. Our elderly neighbor moved out and sold the home to a couple that is currently renovating the property and has produced a common drive agreement from 1953.... View more
Using a VA loan a second time and restoring entitlement
I'm trying to wrap my head around the new VA loan rules, am I seeing the whole picture? Situation: I'm currently in a live-in SFR flip that I purchased prior to 2020 with a VA loan. I want to use the VA loan again at... View more
Looking for the local bank guy in Kokomo, IN
Hello BP members,  I am looking for that local bank guy in Kokomo, IN or Indianapolis, IN. I'm kinda new in BP. The loan is small, I'm investing in sub 30k properties.  How can I get a loan?  Can I get 2 properties in... View more
Question in regards to QC deeds & liens
Okay first I want to layout the situation I have questions about, questions at the end. Sorry if its long, those that read it all and respond, I thank you in advance! My husband and I have always been interested in... View more
RE investing in upstate SC
Hi BP community,I'm looking at expanding to more rental property in upstate SC.  I live in Greenville and have rentals in Spartanburg.  Seems like Spartanburg is a great investment hub considering the price to rental... View more
Selling a house within 2yrs of purchasing
Hi everyone. I am selling my residential house in Maine with a expected profit of 30-75k range. The townhouse condo unit was purchased at 430k in sept 2019. I would like to know about type and amount taxes associated... View more
Looking for experienced investors in NJ
Hey all! I am a newer investor in the north/central New Jersey area ready to secure my first BRRRR investment multi-family property. I am looking to connect with other local investors as well as real estate agents in... View more
Investment Strategy in Lakes Region NH
Hi all - Looking for wisdom of this group to Help assess some of the key investment strategies happening in the Lakes Region of NH, particularly Laconia. I've read a bit in here regarding general LTR and STR strategies... View more
I have questions regarding 1039 Exchange
We have been investing in real estate for over 20 years but always buy and hold. We are selling on our first flip and I have another house under contract. I would like to file a 1031 Exchange to differ capital gains.... View more
House hacking by living in basement in Northern Virginia (NoVA)
I am 26 year old living in NOVA area and will likely stay here for the foreseeable future. I currently pay only $900/mo in rent, but I am considering buying a townhome for $350-400k, living in the basement and renting... View more
Delayed Financing W/ Rehab Cost in Closing Escorw still allowed?
Hey BP,I have read and heard mixed things on Delayed Financing. Initially I was told that when using delayed financing that you were only able to pull back out the original PP amount; obviously not the goal when using... View more
Help me spend $50,000
So as fortune would have it I just got $50K and I would like to use it for best use. I am looking at two options and want the experience of you to help me decide.Quick Background: Its been over 15 years and prior to a... View more
Contacting a landlord through a property manager
I’m an aspiring real estate investor, and I’m interested in contacting the landlord who owns the multiplex that I currently live in. I heard he is in his late 80s and I wanted to have a conversation with him about his... View more