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Buy my parents house?
My parent's home is a custom build built in 2003 in a desirable neighborhood with above-average schools in a suburb in Buffalo, NY. 4 bed, 2.5 bath and 2,522 square feet. Unfortunately, my mother passed away a few... View more
Handling Roofing Contractors - House to close next week
This house is owned by a trust made up of 5 people.  The contract states "as is" and it is looking to close next week.  The realtors have been very easy to work with,,, do I ask them to make some concession for the... View more
Competing with local investors as remote investor
Hi BP community,  I am a California-based investor looking to execute a fix-and-flip in Virginia and a hurtle I want to tackle is to form a strategy for competing with local investors.  So, how can a remote flipper... View more
REI Nation (formerly Memphis Invest)
Does anyone here have any experience with REI Nation (formerly Memphis Invest)? We have been interacting with them for the past two months and have had the following issues :- 1. Cash flow negative - On all the... View more
How is Philadelphia for Rentals?
How is Philadelphia for rental properties? Is it a good area to invest in rental units?What’s the average rent for Philadelphia, PA? Any areas in particular I should stay away from ? Any areas in particular I should... View more
Cost Segregation for a pay lake
I was curious if anyone has ever had a cost segregation study conducted on a pay lake and if this would be something worth pursuing. I am not sure what portions would be considered depreciable. The land has a small... View more
How to handle risks associated with no contingency offer
Many realtors are suggesting submitting no-contingency offer in the San Francisco bay area: no inspection contingency, no appraisal contingency, and no loan contingency (including buyers needing mortgage). How to... View more
Cash Flowing/Up and Coming Areas in Northern/Central Jersey
I'm a new, aspiring rental property investor located in the Northern NJ/NYC area. For anyone who has experience investing in this area, more specifically, Northern/Central Jersey, do you have any suggestions for which... View more
Buying 2 properties at the same time
In Missouri - I have this "friend"... he and his Wife are looking at buying 2 houses at the same time. House #1 will have a loan in her name and House #2 would have a loan just in his name. House #2 is for them to live... View more
safe to buy fix & flips, or safer to BBBR right now?
Hi! I live in Tampa FL and I'm relatively new in the world of RE. My husband and I have completed 2 fix/flips over the last 2 years, and were considering purchasing our next flip. However a realtor friend of ours said... View more
Seller doesn't have rent roll
Hey everyone,Im currently trying to set up a deal with myself and some investors, and the agent im in contact with just told me that the seller "isn't a rent roll type of person"Im a pretty new investor, so I'm... View more
Broken Bow, Oklahoma cabin investment
Any investors in SE Oklahoma Broken Bow cabins? I am looking to invest in STR cabin. The area is about 120 miles from me in Dallas. Cabins are nice but pricy. I'm considering this area because it's not as far as... View more
Working with Lending Brokers
Has anybody worked with the lending broker Ion Capital Solutions before? Im looking for any positive or negative reviews and if they have any knowledge about the their fees compare to other brokers or lenders? I'm not... View more
Our First Possible Bulk Purchase
My fiance and I purchased and flipped our first property last year. We doubled our investment at closing (75k invested 150k sold) and realized this is something we really enjoyed doing. Another property came to us by... View more
Maryland Real Estate CPA
I wanted to reach out in hopes of gaining solid referrals to Real Estate focused CPAs working in and/or centered in the Maryland area. Looking to hire. Thanks so much!
BFRR: Build Finance Rent Repeat
Has anyone every tried a method where they build a home, finance it, rent, repeat? This could be stick built, manufactured, or prefab/modular. What kind of problems could arise?Ex. 1200 sq ft 3 bed/ 2 bath modular... View more
Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental
Looking for advice in the lake Tahoe area.We are thinking about buying either a condo in a full service community on the water or a single family home, with the intent to rent it out as often as possible and use it... View more
What is a reasonable return
I have 300k and looking to turn it into 4-5k monthly net cash flow with SFR or mulitfam rentals. Am I crazy or this a reasonable return.
What are Millennials investing in today?
I read this article that highlights, " The feeling Millennials have toward the stock market seems to be lasting side effect of the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression. Interestingly, the trend for... View more
Strategy on 1031exchange
I am in the midst of a 1031 exchange and looking for strategies and pitfalls.  If you have any tips please chime in and thank you in advance.   -270k in the identification period looking for multi or SFR. I have had... View more
Market in Syracuse NY for Flipping
Hey I was thinking of doing Fix & Flips in Syracuse NY & wanted to know how’s the market for resale once once a property has been fixed? Also if there is any Realtor’s & Contractors in that area who may be... View more
HELOC repayment strategies for investment properties
Good day, I am considering pulling out a HELOC on one of my investment properties for a down payment on another one. I was wondering if anyone has a particular strategy they've used to pay the HELOC back? Min... View more