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Air BnB Rental Anchorage, Alaska
Greetings All,I am looking at buying a condo in downtown Anchorage, Alaska to rent out as a BnB. Looking for any success stories or others who use this strategy in the area. How profitable is it? Do you self manage or... View more
New Member, plan on househacking
Hello. My wife and I have been reading the BiggerPockets Book on Rental Property Investing and wish to dip our toes in the water with a bit of house hacking. Looking for a duplex or small multifamily in our area where... View more
Need a Quickbooks Online Bookkeeper?
I am a certified Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor and I provide virtual bookkeeping. I can assist in setting up for Quickbooks if you're just starting your business, cleaning up your books so you can apply for that new... View more
Renting to temp and job placement agencies employee housing
I've fallen into a small side hustle of leasing units out for some property owners. I don't have a real estate license but in my state I don't need one. I have begun brokering leases with employers for their employees... View more
What would you do Landorld/Tenant dispute
Goodmorning, I have a situation and would like some feedback. Someone I know rented out a room in there townhouse for a little over a year. There was no before or after pictures taken, no security deposit. The tenant... View more
Out-of-State Property Management: Placing Tenant Without PM?
Hi all - I am about to close on my first out-of-state single family home and am going to self-manage the property. I am planning to use Cozy to collect payments, and am comfortable with the idea of advertising and... View more
Who pays for what? - Carpet
I recently inherited tenants and they put in a maintenance request for the carpet, the carpet separated between the seams in the living room and has a 2in gap between them (Possibly causing a tripping hazard), it also... View more
Homestead tax exemption
What advice would you give someone who owns a property but does not live in it. The owners address on their drivers license shows the property address and voting card shows that address. However, the own did rent this... View more
Renting while living
Hey all, first post!Anyway, hopefully I posted in the right section. So I currently own a single family home and just purchased an additional 10 acres I'm going to build another house on, I just refinanced the S/F home... View more
Should Realtors try to Stop Zillow from removing their rentals.
So, I am an investor and realtor. I work and live in Dallas Tx and Starting January 12th. Zillow will not longer pull rentals from the MLS and put them on their site. They will charge everyone, Realtor or landlord 9.99... View more
Building a Team: GC + Property Manager Costs
BP Fam - would love your help. I bought my second long-distance sfr investment property in Grand Rapids, MI (Creston Heights!) and it needs some  work to get it rent ready. I got a bid and wanted to gut check to see if... View more
What can i do about dirty Neighbors
How do you deal with neighbors dumping trash in your backyard. I have camera footage showing them dumping trash in my back yard over my fence, i have reported the matter to baltimore 311 but they are absolutely the... View more
HAP Contract annual renewal
I purchased a 3 unit building in Stamford, CT last year prior to the pandemic.  The current tenants have lived there for 10+ years, one was north of 15 years.  One tenant pays somewhat market rate now as I raised it... View more
Tenant with late payments
I have a tenant (Couple) for 7 years who is late 11 months or more out of a year a year. Pays late fee, is sometimes a month or more late, catches up and then again becomes late with again. All excuses heard including... View more
Property management Philadelphia
I am from New York and looking toInvest in Philadelphia. I am looking for a property manger. Any help in the right direction will be appreciated
New to self managing in Philly. Any pointers?
Hey all,So I have a few projects that are at the finishing stages in Philadelphia, for those who are familiar they’re right by Girard College. While I’m not new to real estate, I’m not too familiar with self managing... View more
Revocable Living Trust for personal residence?
Good morning! I have a rental property (townhouse), i plan on buying more, but i am currently in the process of closing on a house that will be my personal residence. Should i get a revocable living trust for my... View more
Under Market Rent in Puget Sound
I have had the same tenants in a home for 8 years. Over the years, I have chosen to only raise the rent a few times while rent prices in this area (outside Seattle) have skyrocketed. The home's value, according to... View more
Philly, PA - Out of town landlord MUST be repped by a broker?
Hi - I know that an out-of-town owner in Philadelphia has to name a "managing agent" who lives/works in the city for licensing (L&I) requirements. Does this mean an owner who wants to sign a lease directly can't do... View more
investing with friends/ family
Hello everyone, I just recently bought my first rental property and it is currently doing well. My friends and family (brothers) heard about what I was doing and wanted to invest in real estate as well. Does anyone... View more