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Abundance mindset and how to surpass your dreams!
I absolutely love positive mindset and abundant mindset individuals don't you? I would love to connect with like minded individuals if that's you or you just even aspire to be super positive and abundant in your... View more
Inauguration Reflection - for my ladies!
This morning I sat down to write a letter to my daughter (10) and niece (15) and when I finished I decided to share here with my female real estate investors because I am rooting for all of... View more
Thinking about a llc
I currently own a 2 family in Queens NY and the mortgage is almost paid off. Plus I own a commercial property upstate under a llc. I was thinking if it’s the right move to make my 2 family into a llc as well.
Unsolicited text and calls inquiring about purchasing property
I am a small investor (10 rentals) and I receive multiple calls and texts daily (even at my workline) asking if I would be interested in selling property I own. Is there a way to stop this without changing the legal... View more
Getting connected in Phoenix
Hello BP community,I am wondering the best way to get on buyers lists in my local Phoenix AZ area? To go more in depth, how do I get on buyers lists that have properties worth evaluating?
Purchasing a platform for house flipping
I almost went through with the purchase and they asked me which level I wanted. That is when I paused to research the levels and the I stumbled upon these reviews. I am not looking forward to being ripped off. So... View more
*** Find Your Joy ***
Have you heard of Peloton? If so, chances are you’ve done a ride or two and have a favorite instructor. Or two or three. Umm, what the heck does this have to do with real estate? Keep reading, I promise, it will all... View more
HOA Solar issue on residential property.
Hi All, This is off topic to bigger pockets but wanted to know the options I have an issue with HOA for my personal residence. I saw my HOA rules and it is clearly states that if there is an efficiency loss then... View more
Two story residential conversion to duplex
Does anyone have experience with two story single family conversion into duplex. In my area it might be worth it to convert instead of purchasing a duplex because of high purchase costs for rentals. 
Ryan Dossey CFF Program
Who here apart of BP has experience with this program? If you have I’d love to hear your feedback.What other programs out there would you say are comparable?
Life advice to a wanna be 19 year old Entrepreneur
So as everyones story goes they are young and want to start early with there life hearing all of the adults around them say they wish they would of done things to push there financial benefit. As I have been learning... View more
New to BiggerPockets
Hello I’m new to real estate and BiggerPockets! Excited that I found this! I hope to learn a lot through here. I purchased my first home and real estate property in February of 2020 and rented it out. Lots of... View more
America, The Greatest Country on the planet (REI edition)
Living on 3 continents, I would say I have a unique perspective that I tend to share with people. One of those perspectives is that America is the best country in the world. Now, I notice that when I say that people... View more
How to approach a non listing
I was wondering if I could get some advice from the community on how to approach this situation. I'm currently renting a half duplex, adjacent to us is a daycare, and directly behind the daycare is a retired gentlemen... View more
What are your goals for 2021?
Hello, I am new to real estate investing, but would like to know what kind of goals everyone has set for the new year? I myself am using the calculators daily to understand and get my knowledge of the numbers. I just... View more
Structuring a cost plan with your significant other
Hi! My boyfriend and I just got done with my first BRRRR which we're super excited about, I've don't have any prior experience and he helped me learn a lot along the way and even rehabbed the entire house for me —... View more
Real Estate Related Jobs (Not Agent Related)
Hello everyone. Over the past 9-10 months I have been studying real estate investing day in and day out. I’ve read countless books, listened to dozens of hours worth of podcast, and talked with others to help develop... View more
Bigger Pockets app not working for me
So I've been using the app a lot lately and i was curious why I wasn't getting any notifications ( I was answering a lot of questions and trying to connect with a lot of people). Just saw I had more than 20... View more
TRAC Vehicle Lease for Realtors
I own a family run property management business. There are 4 family members and we all put a lot of miles on our vehicles driving from showing to showing and property inspection to property inspection. If we purchase a... View more
The Power of Stories
Hey BP! I am a huge believer in the power of stories. I believe there is a part of everyone's story that we can learn from. With that in mind one thing I have considered is being a newbie is starting a blog to track my... View more
The real estate community lost a good man. Rick Jarman
Rick Jarman (realestateoldschool) passed away from covid. I enjoyed the podcast he did with BiggerPockets and loved all of his Instagram videos. Rip Rick... View more